Let’s play a game!

Let’s write a fantasy, one comment at a time! Just add on….leave it open ended or wrap up a particular topic so a new one can be added!!!!! I will start!

It was really hot that afternoon. The weather forecast had said sunny with cool a breeze but there was no breeze, it was just hot. That morning I decided to wear a light green cotton skirt that started snug at the hips but flared out as it went down and landed mid-thigh. It reminded me of the dresses I wore as a little girl that would fly up if you twirled around fast! I matched it with a form fitting, spaghetti-string, white tank top with lace trim at the top and bottom. I grabbed a cute little 3/4-sleeve, button down blouse to go over the tank, put on my tan, high-heeled, strappy sandals, grabbed my purse, my sunglasses and my car keys. It was my day off and it was just beginning…


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  • Bella

    A cool iced coffee was the perfect way to start the day so naturally my first stop was my favorite local coffee shop. As I entered the door clutching my laptop, I couldn’t help but notice the muscular build of a young man standing in line at the counter. As I walked towards the counter, I admired his toned, lean body, the contours of his shoulders, his bulging biceps, triceps and his perfect shaped butt as he paid for his coffee. Lost in a daydream, I momentarily forgot why I entered the storefront as the clerk repeatedly asked me what I would like to drink. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’d like a Frap, a Frappuccino please” I stuttered as I regained my composure.

    Frappuccino in hand, I found a sunny table to place my lap top on to begin planning my day of fun. Was it going to be a day of sight-seeing, clothes shopping, or maybe a road trip across town to see an old girlfriend? As I logged in, I peered over the top of my computer to notice the intense blue eyes of the young man I had been admiring earlier staring straight at me. A slow, sensual smile began to form on his lips and I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I returned the gesture. He stood up from his chair and walked towards my table, and asked “Is this chair spoken for?”

  • Serena

    “You have just spoken for that chair, it belongs to you now,” I say with a smile as the breeze blows my green skirt up exposing a little more of my beautiful sunkissed thigh. I notice my new tablemate excitedly smile as my skirt lifts so I flash him a little smile. There’s that breeze I was waiting for! A message pops up from my friend across town – she wants to meet for lunch and drinks… but what about this tall drink of water? Just as I’m trying to figure out whether to take the lunch date or stay and flirt with the cutie he extends his right hand to introduce himself. “I’m John. It’s a pleasure to meet you….?” He’s fishing for my name… I never introduce myself to strangers using my real name. “Call me Kitten,” I tell him with a wink as my hand reaches for his and he brings it to his lips to gently kiss my soft skin with his perfect Cupid’s bow lips.

  • Emma

    “Kitten? Like….” he starts, but is too shy to answer. “Just like that,” I finish for him. I take a long, slow slip from my drink as I watch a coy little smirk spread across his lips, and a playfulness spark in his eyes. “Have anything exciting planned for today, John?” I asked him, still trying to decide if I wanted to reschedule with my friend or not. “I was thinking about heading to the beach with my buddy, Max…” He kept talking about his beach plans while I unintentionally started fantasizing about what an amazing three-way that would be, big hands all over me, his lips on my skin, and the warm sand on my back… Mmmm I was already getting wet thinking about it. It wasn’t until my laptop dinged again that I was pulled out of my daydream. Luckily for me, he hadn’t realized that I had gotten carried away with myself when he invited me to come with him. An idea sparked in my mind before I answered: “I’d love to! But would it be alright if my friend came too?”

  • Odessa

    “The more the merrier!” John replied with a perfect boyish grin. My head was immediately flooded with so many fiery images of my last encounter with this “old friend” Her name was Mary and I had done just about every unspeakable act there is to do with her at my side. We’d met my Freshman year of college, she was a party girl just about 2 years older than me and immediately showed me “the ropes” of college partying and social events. Mary was tall, about 5’10 and had a body I would’ve killed for. Her long, auburn hair was perfectly highlighted by the sun and her skin was smooth ivory. A set of incredible green eyes sparkled right above her rosy cheeks and her mouth was always either in a perfect pout or an infectious grin.

  • Emma

    But the story hasn’t gotten there yet! Why don’t you add to it? ;)

    • sam

      Hahaha, I would but the orgy got to big. I am a simple man and with so many sexy ladies…so many choices…I honestly don’t know where to start! 😎

  • Serena

    Mary lives a few blocks from the beach so I arrange to pick her up on the way. John and I decide on a meeting place at the beach and part ways. When I get to Mary’s place I fill her in on all the details about this hottie, John, while we go through her bikinis for something that’ll fit me. We devise a plan of seduction that gets us both worked up and horny… we better do something about it before meeting him, otherwise we’ll ravage him instantly. Mary pulls her sundress over her head exposing her beautiful naked body then slides her hand up my thigh, under my skirt and into my wet panties. Her fingers explore the crevasses of my dripping cunt as she slides my panties down my thighs and drops to her knees. She looks up at me with those huge green eyes as her fingers slide out of me and into her mouth. She moans to signal her enjoyment of my honey. I grab her free hand and lead her to the bed….

  • Jesse

    Mary was always the leader in college, always the dominant personality. People gravitated toward her, everyone loved Mary. But today was going to be different. Today, I would be the leader, I would dominate over Mary! When I led her to the bed, I told her to lie down on her back. She looked at me quizzically but I just made my gaze into her eyes that much more intense. She did as she was told. I grabbed four scarves off of her coat rack and tied each limb to a bedpost. I then slid her sleep mask over her eyes…

  • Jesse

    Hi Sam,
    Of course you can comment on any thread! But THIS thread is for the CONTINUING fantasy we are all contributing to….please feel free to add to the story!

  • sam

    Climbing on top I kiss her neck and throat gently as I grind against her. Painstaking slow I suckle each breast. Gently biting and licking at her flesh as I finally reach her sugar packet. I’m dripping with with anticipation as I inhale her sweet aroma and tease her unmercifully with my tongue. Stopping abruptly, I jump off the bed and hurriedly dress for the beach. “I’ll be back in a few Mary,” I declared leaving her stunned as I shut the door behind me. I could hardly contain my excitement as I ran off to collect John.

  • Bella

    Slipping into my tiny bikini was a bit tricky in the front seat of my car, but luckily the beach was uncrowded today and no one noticed. I grabbed my towel and sunglasses and walked barefooted through the warm, inviting sand. It wasn’t long before I saw John waving at me by the ocean’s edge as I caught the attention of the tanned, muscular figure standing next to him. Oh wow, I thought to myself, what a babe, that must be Max! This is most definitely going to be an interesting day to say the least.

    As I got closer to the water’s edge I couldn’t help but notice both men approved of the skimpy bikini I was wearing. After a brief introduction I realized I hit the jackpot this morning as my imagination ran wild. Impishly I giggled to myself at the thought of Mary laying naked on her bed, restrained by the scarves I tied in double knots. What a perfect scenario I thought to myself, returning to Mary’s bedroom with these two studs in tow to rescue a damsel in distress! After a brief swim and soaking up some sun rays on the beach, I thought this would be the perfect time to rescue Mary.

  • Amber

    I told the boys that I had a wonderful surprise for them back at my friend’s place. I could tell they were excited at the thought by the way their cocks became rock hard and filled their swim suits.

    We walked in and you could hear a pin drop when they saw Mary. They both looked at me with eyes full of surprise and questions as I told Mary we were back. She softly moaned as she smelled the smell of the men with me and such a wicked smile came over her face.

    Both John and Mike looked back and forth from Mary to myself and John started to pull his shorts off. I put my hand on his should and said, “No not just yet” I have something I need to finish before this party starts.

    The men both watched with lustful eyes as I slide on top of Mary’s body to kiss her hard. My hands running down her body to spread her legs just a bit more. I could hear the men moan as I licked my way down her body and slide my face between her thighs.

    I softly licked her sweet clit until she was moaning wildly and begging for more, looking up at the boys to lick my lips. I smiled and bit down hard down on her thigh as I slid my fist deep inside of her wet cunt making her scream in delight and gush her sweet cum all over my wet fist.

    I let her ride my hand like the dirty little bitch in heat she was becoming until her body started to slowly tense up and lightly shake. I nodded over to men to come join me on the bed, told John I wanted to see his hard cock in her sweet mouth fucking it like a dirty slut and he was only too happy to oblige me by pulling her face toward him and forcing his rock hard cock between her only-too-willing lips.

  • Pablo

    Mary started to suck his cock, and then instinctively channeled her inner slut, employing her expert skill to perform what I am sure, was the best blow job John had ever received. She knew how to bring a guy to the edge, time and time again, without release, making the inventible climax mind shattering. Mary withdrew his cock from her mouth so that she could lick and suck each of John’s balls. She ran the tip of her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip and then along each side. She made circles around the head as if it was an ice cream cone melting in the hot sun as her free hand tugged and twisted John’s balls. Mary knew exactly when to deep throat him to heighten the ecstasy and increase the torment. John was moaning softly, lost in the intense pleasure as well as the excruciating sexual frustration.
    She engulfed his cock, holding John’s swollen member in her mouth and throat for several seconds before releasing it, gasping for air, and then doing it again and again. Her hands grasp his firm ass cheeks, pulling John toward her famished mouth. She moved one hand towards his divide, rubbing her index finger up and down the crack, before rimming his puckered hole. John’s moaning got louder as his hips moved, fucking Mary’s mouth. He let out a guttural groan as first one, and then a second finger entered his ass. Within a few seconds his whole body spasm violently, his cock jerking in Mary’s mouth as she pushed her fingers even deeper.
    Mary let the glistening cream dribble out of her mouth onto her ivory breasts. She manipulated the soft flesh spreading the sticky candy over her nipples. Looking John directly in the eye, she lifted first one and then the other nipple to her mouth for a second taste of her special treat.

  • Exhausted, John fell to the bed… and Mary, now loose from her restraints, fell atop him. Their loud, heavy breathing was quiet compared to Kitty and Max in the other room. It sounded to them as if Kity was bent over the couch and Max was plowing her from behind. Each thrust bringing a loud whimper of pleasure from Kitty, and then the creak the couch moving on the hard floor too.
    John was exhausted, but Mary was just getting warmed up. “Thank You Mary that was wonderful!” he sighed… out of breath.
    “Awwww. You sound about done little man?” Mary purred… caressing John’s chest. Suddenly pinching his nipple, and quick as a cat She was on top of him… Sitting on his chest, his arms pinned at his sides by her strong thighs. She leaned over quickly and stuffed her breast in his mouth before he could complain, and in a delicate, but stern voice whispered “Suck them clean.” and grabbed the back of his head, stuffing his mouth.
    He obliged, not because he wanted, but rather he felt compelled; surprised by Her.
    Mary could feel the flush of exxcitement.. the rush of blood.. She missed dominating a strong man and could feel her wetness dripping across his chest, soaking both of them. Her moans only increased, louder and higher. She was close…
    he was trying to talk and She didn’t want to hear it. “Shhhhhh..” she crooned between breaths.
    With one smooth move John felt her release her arms and her now cum-cleaned breast “popped” out of his mouth. But before he could finish his first big breath She was on him. Smothering him with her hot, wet, pulsing sex.
    She gripped his head with her thighs and sat down hard. Gazing lustily into his wide eyes She felt the power of his mouth sucking Her clit and tongue in Her sex.
    She was lost and started screaming……

  • …Her moans filled the room for what seemed like hours. Squeezing his head She bucked and squeezed his head, pulling him into her.
    John coud not breathe, but he didn;t care. All he felt was Her sex… Her spasms over and over again… Her muffled screams and whinnying… Huffing and goraning…. Then it all went black.
    Mary slumped back, exhausted by the longest, body-crunching orgasm of her life. Her legs tingled, and her body was shaking. She felt John take a great breath underneath her and She rolled off. His breathing stabilized, but he was out cold, passed out from Her smothering orgasms. A wicked smile crossed Her face as She got out of the bed. It had been a long time since She’d taken control of a man. She missed it.
    First a stretch, like a cat getting ready to hunt, and a quick drawer search before She padded back onto the bed. Undistrbed She placed the hasp of a lock around his cock and balls. It was tight, and it was’t going to come off without Her key.
    And now, with her hands bringing John and his cock back to life, there was no way it was going to come off. She knew she could keep him horny all night. Aroused, teased, Hard for Her.
    She could do this and he’d do anything she wanted.
    Ohh it felt so good to be in charge again.

    “Good morning little man! Ooooooh (as She caressed his growing member) How do you feel?”
    John shook his head and blinked, groggy and waking, “Woah Baby! What happened? I must have passed out, i was having trouble breathing.”
    “You, lover-boy gave me the best orgasm of my life. I’ve never cum so hard. Now let me repay You. Let me give You the best time of Your life too!” Mary’s devilish grin went unnoticed as he rolled His head back in pleasure…..
    She had plans…. He was hers for the next few days, but he didn’t know it… yet….

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