I was stripping off my clothes before I even shut the front door, leaving
a trail behind me as I made my way into the bedroom. Work had been very
stressful, but it had not stopped Sir from using me early in the morning
and at lunch. He had, however, been distracted by a last minute conference
call just before his end of day rituals were to begin, so he sent me home
to prepare for him.
Naked now, I knelt in front of the full length mirror in the corner of the
master bedroom. As instructed, I placed my left thumb in my mouth. As I
gazed at myself in the mirror, I became flushed. Anticipation, desire,
embarrassment coursed through me. I was sucking my own thumb as if it were
Sir’s thick cock. He was not even here to check to make sure I was doing
it. I was doing it simply because the power of his will compelled me to be
good for him.
My other hand grazed down my naked body, briefly pausing on my erect
nipples before traveling down towards my already aching pussy. Sir likes
to keep me on edge all day, and today was no different. I have been
yearning for an orgasm for days now, he told me tonight would be the
night…if I was good.
I will be good, Sir! I am good, Sir!

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