Two Girls ONE YOU!!

Miss Amber and I are here tonight….her pussy wet, my pussy aching. I’ll bet your cock is hard….Call us… let’s have some fun and cum together tonight.

<3 Maggie

3 comments to Two Girls ONE YOU!!

  • Vickie

    Hello sexy Maggie, how are you darling? I see you are working with my other favorite YD girl Amber tonight. I have to tell you that I have been thinking about both of you since our sexy call last Sunday. I hope I didn’t scare you away with my naughty behavior. I was a bit tipsy when we talked but you turned me on so much I just couldn’t stop myself.

    I’m with family this weekend so unfortunately I can’t call in for you and Amber tonight. Maybe you two could tease me a little if your up for it?

    Imagine you 2 catching me in my office after hours. I’m down to my lingerie, stockings and heels. My legs are spread and I have my panties pulled to the side. I am fucking all 10 inches of my favorite dildo, waiting for the perfect time to cover my sexy legs and feet with dildo juice………..

    Would you girls like to catch me in the act? I just know we would have sooooooooo much fun together.

    Xoxo from your naughty office milf Vickie ???

  • Amber

    Ohh Miss Vickie, you naughty naughty girl! I think it is time to show darling little sister just what it is we do with these shoes do you not? Oh I so knew you would agree!!!

    • Vickie

      I could not agree more, I just know she will love our naughty fetish. I wish I was alone so I could be my little horny self tonight. Can I pay to have fun messaging you and Maggie? I have to be on the quite side tonight so it wouldn’t be quite the same. But I know you and Maggie would having me cumming in no time.

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