Scratch and sniff stickers

My naughty panty slut asked if I would make scratch and sniff stickers from my juicy pussy. Wouldn’t that be fun? How about lick and sniff stickers that taste like my sweet cunt too?

Yes, salivate for me, slut, stick out your tongue, and lick my stickers!

Where are you gonna put your stickers, my slut?


3 comments to Scratch and sniff stickers

  • sam

    Oh yes Mistress Nikki, please figure out how to make ‘lick and sniffs’ for me. i have a huge smart TV that You know i use to put up life size naughty pictures of You and well…You know ;)Then i could stick them on Your naughty parts right on the TV, lick them and savor the taste and aroma of You anytime You allow me. It gives a whole new meaning to the term smelevision.

    Maybe You could make multi-packs of different scents and flavors. i’m hard just thinking about it but i promise not to touch it until our next call. Thank You, Mistress!

  • sam

    Ahh Mistress Nikki You are so creative. i wish i had a slut emoji to put here.

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