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Odessa’s Thoughts

I can’t stop thinking about how hard we make each other CUM when you call me. I love hearing you struggling to get words out, gasping, moaning…I imagine your body shaking and your toes curling up as I speak. I love telling you all my sexy secrets and hearing about yours. I can’t wait to hear your voice again and feel all the lovely things you do to me. I want to get nasty with you! XXX Call me, darling. I’ll be waiting for you. 😉

Hey! Did you guys know about what I used to do before I got involved with XXX phone sex? I’ll give you a hint…it involved my hands, your body, and maybe if you were lucky a happy ending. 🙂 Want to find out more? Give me a call. This nasty phone girl knows how to tell a great story.

Sometimes I like to see how many times I can CUM in a row without any breaks. Without including those delicious multiple orgasms that kind of happen all at once, my record is 18 times in about 45 minutes. What’s yours? I would love to hear about what kind of magical stimulation caused yours. Call me for some XXX fun! Maybe we could have a contest. 😉

I love feeling a hard cock teasing me from behind. When you press it right up against my wet pussy lips and rub it up and down it makes me crazy! I start to ache with anticipation of feeling it slip inside and go really hard and deep. I actually ache just thinking about it…even when I talk about it on a XXX call I can’t help but use my toys to mimic that wonderful sensation.

Sometimes I have a XXX fantasy about getting fucked by several men at once. I can just imagine having every one of my tight holes stuffed full of hard cock and filled with CUM. It gets me soaking wet every time I think about it and I just have to play with myself until I CUM hard over and over. What’s your dirtiest fantasy? Would you like to be part of that gang bang? Give this filthy phone slut a call and let me know.

I absolutely love being a sexy phone girl! Having sex on the phone is so enjoyable and deeply erotic for me because I know I can get you off hard with just the power of my sexy voice. I’ve been called a cock witch before because of the trance I put men under with my hypnotic voice and nasty imagination. Want to give me a try? I guarantee you’ll be sweating and frustrated beyond belief, but your release of hot cum will be immensely satisfying for both of us. 😉

Just sitting here thinking about how much I love the taste of cum. It’s so satisfying to feel a hot load explode into my mouth and dribble out down my chin and onto my perky tits. I love sharing the perfect way I suck cock on my XXX phone calls. Being a sexy phone girl has it’s perks because I get to hear you get off to what a nasty cum slut I am. I can’t wait to share my sexy ways with you!

I often wonder about people’s favorite times to have sex. For me it’s always been the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get XXX sexy anytime of the day, but there’s something special about really going hard right when you first wake up. I love the rush it gives you and the memories you get to replay all day! Often times I get so worked up thinking about it all day that I end up fucking all night too! I get so inspired that it makes XXX Phone sex so much fun!

Where is your favorite place to fuck? For me, it’s always been outside in the woods. I love hearing the branches crunch under our feet, the sound of a cool breeze fluttering through all the leaves. Maybe there’s a river or stream nearby and you can hear the water coursing down it’s path. Maybe all you can focus on are the primal sounds our bodies are making as we get back to nature and fuck like the animals we are.

One of my favorite sounds in the whole world is an orgasm. It’s not always loud, but I find myself getting so turned on and excited when I hear your breathing spike and get heavier. I love hearing you growl, grunt, moan, call my name. There’s nothing hotter to me than knowing you’re getting so aroused by my voice that you can’t take it anymore and then IT HAPPENS! You cum. Whether it’s a hoarse whisper, or an earth shattering scream I’m always able to tell that you aren’t even a part of this realm anymore, and that you are completely mine for the time being. What’s your favorite sound?