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Age: 25
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Likes: Body worship, ass play, rough sex, showers, spanking, teasing, deep throating, sucking on fingers, foot worship, face sitting, outdoor sex, sex in strange places, riding cocks, the soft curves of other women, watersports
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I'm young but I've always been mature for my age. I'll never forget my first orgasm, the shivering ecstasy I could either coax or demand out of my dripping warm cunt. I crave attention and when I started using my delicious curves and warm sun-kissed skin to get it, I knew I had an instinctive talent and an insatiable thirst. It's just nature.

I need attention, but I love to give it too. I love to see fire in your eye, hear the train in your voice as you try to hold back the overwhelming urge to just bend me over the table and pound your cock deep into my inviting, tight pussy. I love how hard you get when you think about me and rewarding that desire makes me so so wet.

I love my body and I want you to worship it. I'm only a little shy but teasing excites me. I want to work myself up while I drive you crazy. Caress my body, trace my soft parts until its too much and you just have to pin me down, pump in and out of me until I'm shaking. Slow down. Exercise control and choke me so I'm gasping for breath and begging for that next thrust. Or let me choke on your throbbing cock. I love to deny my gag reflex and have you so deep down my throat that my eyes tear up, but you have to make me need it first. Maybe spank me, tease me by running your tongue ever so gently over my clit, circling my asshole. Draw out the anticipation for your fingers inside of me. Which hole will it be?

Even though I love the thrill of losing control, I like to toy with dominance. Sometimes I might steal back that power, see how much more I can make you need me. I love to get pounded from behind, your hands gripping my strong hips, before I pull away, push you down and ride that cock until you come inside of me. Or maybe I'll stop just before you explode and slide slowly off. I love to decide when and where you can release your stick warm load. I love the taste of cum but I also love to feel it dripping all over me.

I like playing with my own cum too. Grinding my cunt on the hard edge of a chair or the soft expanse of my pillow. After all that action, I get even more turned on by smelling my own panties. You could too if you ask me nicely. They'll even get extra juicy if you beg.

I can come so many times, all I need is someone to give me release. No one can ever seem to keep up. Can you?

If you wanna find out, email me at quinn@yourdesires.com or shoot me a quick n' dirty text at Quiver4Quinn on AOL or Yahoo messenger.

xoxoxo Quinn