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Serena’s Thoughts

The warm scent of cinnamon and vanilla hits your nostrils when you open the door. You unbutton your shirt. As you walk down the hallway you notice the beautiful fresh dahlias in their mason jar home. You remove your shoes and step into the bedroom. The red light bulb in the nightlight signals you to grab the paddle. A pair of my stockings lay on the bed. Your pants hit the floor. You grab the stockings and make your way to the basement. Clothed in just your socks, underwear and unbuttoned shirt you make your way down the stairs. You hear my sexy voice but cannot find me in the darkness, “It’s not nice to keep your mistress waiting…”

You’re craving my sexy voice. It’s been too long since you’ve submitted to me. It’s time to surrender yourself to your Goddess. My voice will be your beacon, guiding you through the darkness. No need for fear – let me take the reins and drive you closer and closer to the desires that reside so deep in your heart that even you are unaware of them. But I know what they are. I know you need to be humiliated, tortured and mindfucked into submission before you will accept your fate as my slave. Get on your knees and pray to your queen. Pick up your phone and call me. I need to know you are committed.

You thought I’d be out for a while with my friends, the gorgeously chiseled men that the Greeks would have modeled statues after. You thought you’d have time to sneak into my lingerie drawer before I came home. You didn’t think I was going to lead those men right into my bedroom to catch you in my pink panties. You didn’t think we would make you watch, unworthy of participation. You most certainly were not expecting to be instructed to clean up the cum from inside me with your tongue. I knew you would love it and I was right!

You deserve somebody who is going to listen and engage with you. Stop chasing women that waste your precious time and cum to me instead. I understand that your time is valuable and appreciate every second we get to spend together. I love how relaxed you are at the end of our talks, whether we are connecting after a long week or having fun talking dirty in each other’s ear.

You’re right. I’ve been naughty and deserve the punishment you’re going to give me. Laying over your knee, my ass in your face, your hand up in the air. I feel you inhale. As you exhale your hand comes down hard on my left cheek. It stings at first, concentrated in a single impact point, then gets warm and begins to spread. The warmth taking over, “Thank you, Daddy!” I gasp. You wonder out loud if I know what I’ve done to deserve such strict punishment. “Yes, sir. It was my mouth, daddy, and the dirty things that come out of it.”

You finally got your dream car! Leather seats, moon roof and awesome Bose speakers… we’ve been having phone sex for months, chatting about all the things we would do once you got the keys. It’s time to make your sweetest dreams cum true!

You look like you could really use some special attention! Let your favorite sexy phone girl take care of you.

Kick off your shoes and sit back on your bed. Let’s leave this place and go somewhere else. How does Italy sound? It’s beautiful this time of year! We can spend the morning wandering down the cobble stone streets, breezing into sexy lingerie little shops, and sipping cappuccino. I absolutely LOVE the little negligees you picked out for me…

You look like you could really use some special attention! Sit back on your bed with your headset on and both hands free. Let my sexy voice take you on a XXX adventure! I know just what you like and how to take you there. Close your eyes and picture me straddling your legs in my little blue dress….

You’ve lived your life as a closet submissive – unhappily stuck in a vanilla life. But you crave flavor, CHOCOLATE to be specific. You’ve been searching for the Goddess who will show you the way. I’ll guide you all the way down that 12″ chocolate cock until your nose is buried in the thick hair covering his balls. Yes, there are tears running down your flushed cheeks but you are not sad… you’ve never taken a cock that big in your pretty little mouth. I’m so proud of you, slut!

You look so sexy tonight, relaxing in bed while talking dirty with your favorite phone girl. Your cock swells as you begin to stroke it. As you relax your legs fall open, exposing the little secret you’ve got hiding. You’ve been stretching for me, I see. Well, daddy, I’ve been stretching for you too. As I bend forward to pull my little gym shorts off my cheeks spread and you can see the base of my purple butt plug hiding between them. I’m glad we’re on the same sexy page tonight!

Oh darling! You look so sexy in your black lingerie and heels! Those lips are painted the perfect shade of cock sucking red… they really stand out against your blonde wig. You’re going to drive the men crazy at the bar tonight! No small cocks for you, only the biggest will do. Let your nose guide you to the most dominant man you can find – you’ll know when you inhale his masculinity. Will he follow you to the bathroom and use his body to push you inside? When he tells you to “get on your knees and suck [his] cock” will you listen like a good little slut? You better obey your daddy… he knows best.

How would you react if I told you that I have the good fortune of sexy phone girls are housemates? Between lingerie parties, sexy conversations, and play time there is never a dull moment! Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on our wall? Our days start with coffee and cannabis (what is it about that plant that gets our panties dripping?). Now that the weather is warming up we have been taking advantage – sipping and smoking on the deck in little lace negligees or silk tap shorts and little camisole tops. The boys living in the house across the street always seem to be out when we are… I can’t say I blame them. Maybe soon they’ll be brave enough to say hi! If you lived across the street would you cum over? If you were brave enough to knock what would you say when the door opens? Would you be able to speak or would you be rendered speechless by the vision of three lingerie clad goddesses?

It’s so much fun having sexy phone time with you! Hearing your voice when I answer makes my pussy swell in anticipation. It’s hard to concentrate as you give me your information because all I can think about is your cock, growing as you try to focus on answering my questions. My voice is driving you wild, will you be able to hold on until I come back? It’s going to be tough for me too… As soon as I click back to your voice I gush, soaking my little panties. I can hear the excitement in your voice as we start to play… where will our fantasies take us today?

“Do or do not, there is no try.” Star Wars day is fast approaching… Anybody else as excited about it as I am? I’m going to cosplay Leia this year but I need a Luke. Give me a call, let’s act out a sexy Star Wars fantasy together. My “cinnamon bun” covered ears are waiting…

It’s been in the 70’s all week! I’m so excited to spend the afternoons tending my garden in bikinis and sun dresses. The sun warms my olive skin while the cool breeze ensures my nipples stay firm, a nice reminder that it’s spring. The flora and fauna are reproducing – all of the new life gives me energy and gets my panties tingling. Are you tingling too?

It’s finally April! You know what that means? One of my favorite days is around the corner! I love to start and end the day with a little cannabis – it opens my mind and gets my panties so WET! Let’s get stoned and do some sexy chatting! Who knows, we could discover some new fun or just expand on those kinks we already have. Either way – it’s bound to be a chronically good time 😉

Your body is a canvas, my tongue the brush,
each soft stroke painting you with my desires.
Warmth from my cinnamon breath grazes your cheek,
you inhale.
My lips wrap around your earlobe
as a sigh slips past your lips.
teeth and release.

My mouth is talented beyond giving GREAT phone sex. Don’t you want to find out all the ways my soft, pink mouth will bring YOU pleasure?

Imagine that you are at your desk. Cock tingling against your leg. Nobody is around so you decide to rub it a little through your pants. It feels fucking so good, doesn’t it? You start thinking about how good it would feel to finally cum and releave those aching balls. Just as your eyes begin to roll to the back of your head you hear the unmistakable sound of high heeled steps… two sets of heels, two sets of steps. Slow, methodical. Coming for you.

Any comic fans out there with a mind as dirty as this sexxxy phone girl? Anybody who watches super hero/anti-hero movies and can’t stop thinking about all the dirty things they want to see happen between the characters? I LOVE how sexually fluid and flirtatious Deadpool is, even in the midst of a mercenary mission where bullets are penetrating his mutated body. Oh the things I want to see penetrate that body… He will be perfect to play little subbie bitch to a big, strong, sexy man… His constant banter and lack of filter would ensure his Dom will have plenty of opportunities to discipline. And who is this no-nonsense Dominant who will show Deadpool how to be a perfect subbie bitch? Bane. (I know, I know, they live in different universes… but their worlds are about to collide!) Give me a call, lets plan this together and see where it goes! Between my phone sex expertise and your kinks and fantasies we will write a masterpiece.

Do you enjoy blowjobs as much as I do? Do you like the way my sexy phone girl tongue slides over your head and down your shaft until my lips meet your pelvis? How about if I sink my pearly teeth, ever so gently (at first), into the base of your hard cock and graze your shaft with them on my way back up? Leaving a trail of saliva mixed with your sweet pre-cum all the way up your shaft. I know you like it when my velvety soft tongue reaches your corona, swirls around that swollen cock head before I swallow you whole. My mouth has many talents: phone sex and blow jobs are my favorite!

I’ve been thinking about anal a LOT lately. I love the idea of a big hard cock stretching my little tight asshole… burning as it glides deeper and deeper between my cheeks. I gasp as I feel your pelvis come in contact with my ass and I know you are all the way in. It’s so fucking good to have you this deep inside of me. Thrust and pump, use my little ass for your pleasure. The pain is just a reminder to relax and breathe… so I breathe and you thrust. And right when I think I can’t take it anymore you whisper in my ear, “Here I cum.” I feel your cock thrust deeper into my little fuck hole and I squeeze… every last drop of your cum belongs inside of me.

This romantic season really has me feeling extra sexy… I love all the red, lace lingerie in the store windows. I just can’t resist – I keep buying sexy little negligees and panties! I bet you’d love to see them, hold them, smell them and maybe even taste me on them. It’s your lucky day! You can… email me to find out how.

American Sign Language and Phone SEX are two of my passions. I would love to bridge the gap between the two and do a hot sex call with an ASL interpreter and their non-hearing client. The thought of the interpreter’s hands coming together to sign as I beg for “more” while your hands are working overtime on your cock gets my panties SO wet… rub your chest to say, “please” and I’ll sell them to you to prove it!