Sofia’s Fantasies

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Sofia’s Fantasies

Vanilla is a flavor, right? Let’s be honest, some vanillas are tastier than others. I’ve been dying to share my vanilla fantasy, hope you eat it up!

It’s around 8am and no one is home at your place. You send me a text to come over before you head out to work. You have less than an hour, but we can do a lot in a short amount of time 😉

Never wanting to miss a chance to feel your hands gripping my hips (among other things..), I’m at your door in just a few minutes. I am wearing a long gray jacket with nothing underneath but soft pink shorts and a little cream colored tank top. No bra or panties. Easy access for our quickies, just like you like it. You can see a perfect outline of my pussy lips through my shorts. And of course, my light brown nipples are poking through just enough. I’ve never been known to leave much to the imagination.

You take me by the hand and lead me to the couch in the living room. No one is home, remember? You start tweaking my nipples through my thin shirt and you see them getting harder and perkier. You open my thighs and slide two fingers over the crack of my cunt. Can you feel me getting wet, making my little shorts just a little damp for you? With one hand, you slide my shirt up and off, while the other is still rubbing me over my shorts. I moan and sigh until you give me what we both know I want: your teeth nibbling on my hard nipples, your tongue going around in perfect circles over each one. With a mouthful of my tit, you guide my hand over your pants. I can feel you rock hard right under your zipper and I rub you up and down right over your pants. I quickly unzip you work slacks and pull your thick cock out with just one hand. I start to rub just the tip of your cock, using all of your pre-cum as perfect lubricant. When we both know you cant stand it anymore, I grip the head of your swollen shaft and glide my hand downwards, right to the base of your cock. Can you feel my firm grip, my warm hand? As I stroke your shaft, up and down, and up and down, you FINALLY push my shorts aside and slip a finger right into my tight wet little slit. You start with one finger, but I shove my hips forward, and you know that means I need three finger deep inside of me.

Time is running out baby, and I want you inside of me. You stay seated on the couch, your works slacks around your ankles. I stand up and over you. Sitting on top now, I straddle you, your hands on both of my thighs. I slowly lower myself over you, and you fill up all of my little hole with your cock. Now you are in and I am moaning, softly in your ear. I rock back and forth, feeling every inch of your shaft grinding back and forth in my pussy. Can you feel me, dripping wet and tight? Feel me clenching your throbbing dick? I go faster and faster until l know we both cant hold it back any more. You blow your entire hot load in my gaping hole and it drips down on the couch. When I can finally move my legs again, I hop off you and you quickly pull your pants up. You have to be to work soon, and before I know it, you are running out of the door. You are on your way to work, with my pussy juice still on your balls to remind you of me all day 🙂

Lately I’ve really needed to be punished. I’ve skipped classes, lied on tests, and shop-lifted my fair share of useless shit just for the fun of it. I’m used to punishment, because I’m used to being bad… doing whatever the fuck I want. But lately, I’ve been craving a different kind of punishment.

Yes, I love to be shoved against the wall, fucked until my pussy is raw. I love to be whipped and spanked, prodded and choked.

But,what I have not had in TOO long is slow, inch-by-inch cock denial.

You start by handcuffing each of my wrists to your bedpost. I want you to lick my throbbing clit, bite my tits. Stick your tongue into my tight cunt and lick upwards, until you are circling my nipples and I am moaning for more. Bite my lip, tug my hair, and feel my wet pussy drip on your hand. Keep talking dirty to me, telling me all of the ways that you wanna fuck my cunt. Then, instead of giving me the cock that I so desperately want, I want you to punish me. Deny my warm cunt. Stand over me, so I can take in the sight of your huge hard cock. Then slowly guide your fat head towards my pussy. But instead of ramming yourself inside my tight hole like we both know I am craving, I want you you tease me. Slide just the tip in. Then maybe one inch — we both know you have a lot more to offer. But before you go too deep into my pussy, pull out. Deny me the pleasure of stroking my deep g-spot with your thick cock. Look me in the fucking eyes and tell me that I’ve been a rotten girl and I do not deserve the full length of you, that I need to be punished. Glide your hard tip in again, feel me thrusting for more and begging you to please go deeper. Then pull out.

By now, you can bet I’ll be begging for you. My wrists are red and raw from straining to get out of your handcuffs, trying to grab for you. My twat is wet and pulsing, but you know I don’t deserve your cock or your load. You leave the bed, cock still rock hard and wet on the tip from my cunt. You walk over to my head and quickly shove yourself down my throat. I take every inch of you, as you trust long, hard, and deep. You keep fucking my gaping mouth until I’m choking on your fat load, until you see it running out of my stuffed mouth.

But remember: never, ever, let me cum. I don’t fucking deserve it.