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Likes: Corsets and Sexy Little Panties, Role-playing, Switch Play, Cream pies, Toys, Being Stuffed, Light Spanking, Threesomes, and Bondage Play.
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What turns you on? I really want to know! Tell me about your kinks, your fantasies, your desires! Tell me every little detail, I want to eat it all up, digest it, and grow with you. I love to learn, tell me where to learn about what turns you on, or just instruct me and teach me the ways of your kink. Whether it’s edging, cocktease, sissification, femdomme or something completely “off the wall” to a normal person… I want to hear it, I want to SHARE it with you and explore the reaches of your mind and interests.

My pussy gets instantly wet when I think about your cum. I want it on my breasts, on my ass, across my back. I want to watch you blow your load across my body top to bottom, back to front, the idea of your load spread across my skin is so hot to me.

I want to hear you moan and cry as I hold fast to my resolve. You can’t cum yet. Maybe you can’t cum ever. Only I know as I hold the key to your cock. With my voice I control you. Struggle as you may my little pet you’ll just make me giggle as I imagine your pulsing hard cock swollen and aching to blow. I love the way you moan and plead with vigor, it empowers me to flirt more with you, to guide you to the edge and deny you again. Cum call me and entertain me my dear, we could flirt all night long.

I love a man that pulls my hair when he fucks me from behind. The way he pulls himself in closer by yanking on my long brunette locks is so sexy it gets me soaking wet instantly. I love to feel the tugs increasing and getting rougher as he comes closer to climax. Theres something so primal about it all that sets me off and makes every inch of my body feel like it’s on fire as I orgasm with my head pulled back from the pressure of his grip on my locks and his cock thrusted deep inside me… I’m wet just thinking about it. Will you be the one to fulfill my deepest desires?

I love to hear a man beg to cum. Give me the power to deny or allow you pleasure. Isn’t there something thrilling about that to you too? Let me direct you as you cum for me my dear I know you will enjoy it too! 😉

I want to roleplay with you today. Can I be a young aspiring actress and you be the casting director for a new primetime show. I would be perfect for the lead role, but I know I have to convince you of that still…. What do I need to do to get the part baby?

I have always wanted to have a threesome where I can be stuffed in both my tight little pussy and my ass at the same time by two big thick cocks. I love the feeling of being filled to the brim by your throbbing cock while someone else works the other hole with their throbbing dick. Synchronizing your motions, you would both cum and shoot your loads into my pussy and ass at the same time, allowing it to drip out of me and down my legs. Do you share my fantasy?