Plugged For Me

I love knowing that you get all dolled up just for me. Smooth, shaved, and ready while you’re filled so deeply with that thick and glorious plug. Teasing you and watching you squirm will always be my favorite way to spend the day. Beating that sissy clit into submission while I drive your body wild. Promise me you won’t quit when I dig my nails into you deep. Let me see your pain. Let me be what gives you pleasure. Show me your inner desperation. I’ll be waiting….


Please Insert Here!

I have a brand new toy! It is pretty and sparkly, with a pretty diamond on it and it vibrates at several different speeds! I love wearing it under my pretty panties, secretly hidden away and tucked nicely in my tight little ass where no one can see it! The way it makes me feel when I am walking around really excites me! I would love to bend over and shake my pretty bare bottom in your face and show it to you! ;-)

OxOxOx  Lennox


Naughty thoughts

I am badly in need of a butt plug and prefer to get it in a set of varying sizes so I can start stretching my tight little asshole so it can be better at handling hard cock!!!  And even big, hard cocks!!!  If it were to vibrate, I think I might cum so fucking fast, I’ll be in seventh heaven.  Who wants to be my knight in shining butt plug armor????  Send me a nice vibrating butt plug set for a nice tip after one of our conversations as a thank you for helping you cum really hard.  I’ll save it to be opened and used when you call next.  Let’s create some lasting memories and long, intense orgasms!!! Amazon is fast and our mailing address is on the website.  Just add attn:  Ella and I’ll be ecstatic!!!!  And oh so thankful!!!