Whipped cream isn’t the only thing I like whipped

There’s some things I’ve always wanted to try. I have always been a fan of eating pussy. I love the taste, but why not add some sweetness and really make a cream pie? Gentle licks and finger flicks to her clit can make any girl I know melt. What a sweet treat!  Do you want to watch? Or join in on our fun?


Penny penny penny, 9 hours to go~

who wants to be frustrated?


This lucky Penny’s going down on the dirty South,

and today’s the last day for you to use this pretty mouth!

I’ll only be gone for a week, don’t fret.

But call my phone sex line to tell me you’ll miss me, my pet!



What sounds better..?

The squeak of new leather gloves sliding over my skin?

Or the squeak you’ll make when they touch yours?

Call this xxx phone sex line, let’s compare…

If you’re louder with leather or if my fingers are bare?