My New Best Friend

I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring my toys since I’ve had so much alone time.  My current MVP is one my most favorite fuck boy got.  It has a silly name, but Tracy’s Dog is really getting me through this lonely time.  The first time I used it I literally came in less than a minute.  It rubs my clit in the most sensual way while also going just deep enough inside me to make me feel full.  It’s a good thing I work from home so I actually have something to do so I don’t just lay around in bed, watching porn and making myself cum ever 3 minutes.



Twitter:  @SuperSexyAutumn


It Does A Body Good

Science says it’s true so it must be. According to an article I just read, talking to me can boost your mood, help you last longer in the sack with your lady, increase your immune system, help prevent cancer, and make your cock even harder. Of course, the article doesn’t mention me by name. It mostly just talked about masturbation in general. However, I think you get the point: jerking off with Autumn is good for your health. It doesn’t hurt that I look super hot in a nurses uniform.


It Sure Is HOT!

We are getting to the hottest part of year. It’s that time of year where
it’s so warm I don’t even feel like putting clothes on when I’m at the YD
house. During the whole month of August I tend to just lounge around in
my sexy, little panties. It’s just too darn hot to wear much else. My
big tits are out on full display and get instantly hard whenever I walk by
one of the fans. The cool air from the fan hitting my pink nipple sends a
nice tingle all the way down to my pussy. Not thinking about my pussy is
almost impossible when it’s the only thing that’s covered up. Sometimes I
try to tease myself by not touching the panties at all and only playing
with my exposed nipples. Can you imagine how long that lasts before I
have to spread my legs and slide my hand in and play with all of that
yummy wetness? I can give you more examples of how I tease myself and get
my panties soaking wet. Summer can get pretty long so I have to entertain
myself or I’ll just get myself into trouble. Maybe you’d like to
entertain me?


It’s Always Playtime

There are thousands of things I adore about being one of the elite girls of YourDesires. Since changing to my new schedule I’ve discovered two more to add to the list. I work towards the end of the week as most of you have noticed. That also happens to be when I do most of my fucking and playing. This means that it’s pretty common to get here and get settled and start making you men hard while there’s still cum leaking out of my pussy and into my panties (if I haven’t left them somewhere!). How hot is that? Also, it means you all are my foreplay. I get to spend all day finger fucking myself, cumming, and doing all kinds of sexy things before I head out on the town to fuck, cum, and do sexy things. Can you imagine how worked up this little slut is by the time I leave here? I love being such a dirty little bitch.


I Deserve To Be Spoiled

You know what they say about April Showers bring May flowers or whatever.
That saying just makes me think of all of the things I love being showered

Hot juice from a squirting pussy
Cum all over my face and tits

With all of the “showering” I have planned for this month it makes me
excited to see what fun stuff May has planned.


Sweet Celebrations

Me being the princess I am, means I completely adore being adored. There are some nights that I get absolutely pampered for no reason. Nights much like tonight. Following an amazing dinner I got pretty pink cupcakes and yummy red wine. When I arrived here, I got to take a nice steamy bubble bath while massaging my hands all over my soaking wet body. Then, my brand new toy got quite the workout while watching videos with one of my naughty boys. I got to tease a sweet young thing with an even sweeter young thing in sexy striped panties. Of course I was nice enough to let him cum right in the crotch so she could walk around with a creampie leaking out of them and down her thighs. There was a nice role reversal of me getting to play with my cunt while a sexy man talked dirty to me. Sometimes it’s nice to just lay back and let someone coo filthy perverted things in my ear. I can’t forget about my time watching my shiteater jerk off his big dick. It’s been one of those weekends where I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet is jealous they aren’t me.
Happy Fourth of July everyone. I hope it’s filled with lots of banging and explosions.


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet Q

Q is for Quiet Time
There are some men who wait until they are completely home alone, put on some porn, and then pick up the phone. Then there are others who are just so horny they can’t wait to be alone. They have to wait until their wife hops in the shower and then quickly call me to rub one out. There are others who sneak into the bathroom at work to unzip their pants, pull their dicks off and jerk it while just listening to my voice. These times are very, very hot for me.
You don’t always have to be alone to enjoy my company. Just because you have to be quiet doesn’t mean I have to be. I can do all of the talking if that’s what you need from me. I have lots of fun stories that I’m sure can get you off. Sometimes I don’t even have to talk. You can just listen to me rub my sweet little pussy while you stroke and stroke until you explode. Sometimes I actually enjoy being able to say and do whatever I want without you telling me no. No can be such a gross word.
It feels so naughty to know you can be caught at any moment, doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s so difficult to stay so quiet, isn’t it?


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet D

D is for Dirty Panties
Pay close attention, boys. You’re about to hear some juicy details about me. Some of them you might already know since I readily share my masturbation habits to just about anyone who will listen. Consider this a refresher course. For those of you who don’t know, you are about to find out. I have a particular way that I like to play with my pussy. I have toys which I do use. Some of them vibrate and some of them don’t. My favorite toy is and always has been my hands. My fingers always know just the right places to touch and with just the right amount of pressure. With my fingers I get to feel how wet I’m getting. I get to feel how warm I’m getting. I get to feel how tight my little pussy hole is and the way it clenches when I’m having that much needed orgasm. Not only do I use my fingers, but I also like to keep my panties on. I don’t slip them down around my knees. I don’t pull them to the side. I keep them just where they are and slide my hand right down the front. It always feels so much naughtier and more secret. It’s like at any second someone could walk in and see me laying there on the bed. I’d have to make the choice to either pull my hand out quick and pretend I wasn’t doing anything but staring at the ceiling or I’d let my guest watch my hand wiggle inside the fabric. Even if I did try to hide what I was doing the wet spot in the crotch would be the dead giveaway. When I’m playing with myself the panties catch all of my delicious cunt juice. Absorbing the flavor and the scent of me. Holding it right there for you to enjoy. Can you imagine how soaking wet they get? How yummy they smell? How could you not want a freshly worn pair for your collection?