23 Years of greatness

I can’t believe tomorrow is going to be our 23rd Anniversary as Your Desires girls. I’m so ready to celebrate all the years of amazing calls and gorgeous women. And of course having a little special treat for all of you who call and tell us Happy Anniversary tomorrow!! Come and help celebrate the best in phone sex, and cheers to another year of blessing and multiple orgasms!! xoxo


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet N

N is for No Limits
Think you’ve heard it all? You probably haven’t. It’s really hard to believe, but I am a pretty perverted girl. The dirty thoughts going through my head would blow your mind. I love EVERYTHING. Very few things get me hotter than the taboo. When I say “no limits” I also mean that as a submissive. Believe it or not, I can be quite a good one. I get a little bratty, but I’m sure you can handle it. It’s a pretty fun game to see if you can break me or beg me to stop. You probably can’t, but you can try. In fact, even if I beg to stop please don’t believe me. I really don’t want you to. If you need me to have a safe word we can play that way, but I promise I don’t need one. Breathe play? Totally! Knife play? You know it! Piercing? Oh yeah! Torture of any kind? Please! Especially on my tits. Fisting? Yes! I even know the perfect girls to do it to me. I do have two holes. You can tie me up and fuck me until I can’t even hold myself up. It can be human, animal or mineral. It all feels good in my tight cunt.
I really only have two rules. 1). I don’t call just anyone Sir. You have to prove it to me. 2). I will need to cum