It’s My Birthdayyyyy

Hello lovers!

Today is my birthday and i’ll be here to play ALL NIGHT LONG! You can catch me from 10pm-6am tonight so i hope to hear from all you perverts! Come help me make my birthday special and ICE MY CAKE!


Sexy Travels

Hello Lovers,

I just got back from a lovely vacation to Austin TX and BOY DID I HAVE FUN!

Call me and I’ll share some of my naughtier adventures with y’all.



An Offering

I want blood offerings, pets.

I want you on your knees ready to please me in any way which could mean tasting my delicious nectar from the spring between my creamy thighs. It could mean that I take your riches and leave you poor and hanging on my every word. It could mean that I take your heart and mind and make you so addicted to me that life becomes meaningless unless you are pleasing me. It could mean I hurt you in delicious ways just to hear the whimper of a man under my control. It could mean the best orgasm of your life. The choice is yours…are you feeling lost? More importantly…are you feeling brave?


Fuck Me Daddy

I try to be a good girl, I really do!

It’s a real shame that being a bad girl is so much more fun! I want to disappoint you daddy. I want to disappoint you because then you’ll punish me but I won’t make it easy for you. I’ll scream and yell and beg and plead and try to trick you into doing what I want because I am a brat! I don’t want to be good daddy, I want to be your bad little girl. Punish me with that hard cock and make it worth me breaking your rules again!


Devil Woman

Hello lovers! I’ve been feeling quite naughty lately and I really want to make you cum in some frighteningly delicious ways. It may hurt in the beginning but worry not my little pets, the reward is worth the torment. ;) How about you give me a call whenever you feel that dark hunger set in. I long to hear you scream.



You Can’t Wait

I love being dirty with you while you’re at work. Something about the fact that you can’t wait till you’re off to talk to me really drives me wild. I imagine you locked in a bathroom stall, hard as a rock, aching to hear my voice and all the nasty things I want to do to you. If you want to hear my voice deliver you the hottest XXX phone sex whether you’re at work or at home give me a call. I can’t wait…can you?


Bow Down

Give me your tiny cock and let me make you into my sissy slut! It’s such a joy for me to dress you up in frills and silky things and make you prove
your worth to me as a filthy slut! I’ll make you take my giant strap on cock in all of the holes I can stretch if you just surrender! I look
forward to this moment of submission. Give me a call, whore. I’m waiting to be your XXX phone sex DOMME! BOW DOWN!


What Would You Do?

As you all know I love to fuck day or night. Can you even imagine what I could do to you if you had me all to yourself? The places I could take you and delicious ways I could make you shudder and moan and cum? Why don’t you let me take you away? I love everything. I love surrendering to a big delicious cock or if you have a small cock i’m really good at getting you to submit to me and all of my nastiest desires. Maybe you could be a good slut and take my big strap on while I sink it deep into your ass. Maybe you could show me what a good girl I am and fuck me hard into submission. Whatever strikes your fancy. Give me a call for some hot, steamy XXX phone sex.


How to

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I’m going to tell you exactly how you can make me cum. Are you ready for it? First things first, I want you to kiss me deeply on the mouth and hold my body very close to yours. I want to make out like this for awhile while our hands delicately, but feverishly explore each others bodies. Move your kisses off of my mouth to my face, trace my jawline with your tongue and move down to my neck. Gently kiss across my neck to my earlobes and pull them into your mouth to nibble. I love the feeling of your tongue tracing behind my ear too so please don’t forget to do that. This will surely cause my instant arousal and my hips to start moving against yours.
At this point you should lay me down somewhere and get up close to me still paying attention to my neck. Go from the back of my ear and start moving down my neck with alot of tongue and gentle suction all the way to my collarbone. There is a spot at the base of my neck where it meets my shoulder that you should bite gently and that will cause me to start grinding against you and beckoning you to take me. Dont. Not yet. Let your hands move up my stomach framing my chest and gently caressing my breasts while your mouth moves from that delicious bite spot down to my cute little pink nipples. Pull one into your mouth and suck it gently between your teeth. Move to the other and do the same. I will probably try to move my hands down to you and if this is the case, take my hands in yours and keep them at my sides while your mouth continues it’s journey south.
Kiss down my soft stomach maybe stopping every couple inches to swirl your tongue around especially right below my navel and across my hip bones. Move to the crease where my legs begin and lick that spot. I will positively be moving my delicious pussy right in line with your tongue but don’t give it to me yet. It’s all about the build up. Hold my hips down with your hands so I can’t move and lick me everywhere but my pussy. Lick my lower stomach, my inner thighs, my hips, but make me wait for your tongue where I need it the most.
Now if you were to look up at me I should be flushed, panting, and wiggling with a needy expression on my face. This is when you need to spread my pussy out with both hands like you’re framing a piece of art
because…well…I am. Stiffen your tongue and place it gently against my swollen clit. Then run your stiff tongue up and down the sides of it against the delicate folds of my inner lips and then pull my labia and clit into your mouth with suction and pretend you’re kissing me again. Use your tongue and sucking to take all of my beautiful pink pussy into your mouth at once and continue this until my hands are buried in your hair and I am crying out in ecstasy.
At this point you need to take your index finger and push it up into my tight opening. When you get it in all the way start making a “come here” motion with it and I will explode almost instantly. You can prolong my orgasm by letting up a bit with your mouth but fingering me harder. This has proven to send me into multiple orgasmic bliss almost every time.
If you want to give me a call and hear all about this from my lovely voice please do. I love dirty chat almost as much as I love the real thing.


Cum with me

I can’t stop thinking about how hard we make each other CUM when you call me. I love hearing you struggling to get words out, gasping, moaning…I imagine your body shaking and your toes curling up as I speak. I love telling you all my sexy secrets and hearing about yours. I can’t wait to hear your voice again and feel all the lovely things you do to me. I want to get nasty with you! XXX Call me, darling. I’ll be waiting for you. ;)