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Hold me, hug me, make me cum

I could really use some snuggles tonight. Hold me, squeeze me, late into the night- I promise you’ll be glad you did!

I Have Arrived

Your little blonde is here for the night and her pussys extra tight! I cant wait to get kinky until the sun comes up. Call Me (360)709-0100.

Did you miss me last night?

I had so much fun when I popped in last night, the time just slipped away from me. I wish there had been two of me to catch all the naughty boys and girls that wanted to play. I was teased and tortured in so many ways…..

I am here this weekend, catch me before . . . → Read More: Did you miss me last night?

Midnight Surprise!

Surprise! I was able to sneak away from my usual Friday night to get some fun in with Kennedy tonight. Catch us together before the sun comes up.


xx Alexis

Sweet, Sexy and so slippery

I’ve been thinking about tonight all day long. I couldn’t get here fast enough! I’ve been so slippery wet for hours thinking about all of the great calls I’ll get tonight. Fill me up from 6-10!

Body Worship

I have a new subbie that I have added to my fold recently. 405-366-2187

He is doing very nicely- His biggest desire was to totally worship[ my body!

He is learning well…. he strokes me up and down, rubbing and kissing my ass licking my asshole…

all the way down my long, long legs (all . . . → Read More: Body Worship

Horney? Balls Full of CUM? Hollie's R.A.W.

Hollie + R.A.W. =

Ready to FUCK

Able to take you in the Hole of your Choice

Willing to Cum & Repeat the Step Above!


Sometimes you just need to let your hair don and FUCK! Hollie

Call Hollie Direct 405-366-2187

Call me baby {405}-366-2187 That number rings directly into my room . . . → Read More: Horney? Balls Full of CUM? Hollie’s R.A.W.

Call Hollie and Succumb to Your Desires 405-366-2187

ROLEPLAYS – I Love “All kinds,” including age play, mommy/daddy, brother/sister, being slut, Domme Pain, pain and more Pain and Sensual Domme, Guided Masturbation, nurse/patient, CBT, Sissies, making you my BITCH and so much more. ROLEPLAY: I can be your mommy- change your diaper, nurse you, rock you, sing to you, Mother you.. Your sisters . . . → Read More: Succumb to Your Desires Call Hollie @ 405-366-2187

All Alone & Oh So HORNY!

Must be a full Moon cause I’m in a real BITCHY-MEAN-mood! 405-366-2187

I either need a several BIG FAT COCKS to FUCK ME or………

I am going to put on my strap on and FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ONE OF MY little P.O.S. Bitches!! 405-366-2187

I know a certain bitch I fuck that is . . . → Read More: All Alone & Oh So HORNY!

Cum out Cum out Where ever you Are

All my dirty little boys need to call me so mommy can clean you up and empty you out! Call Mommy Hollie 405-366-2187

I’ll make sure I get Every Single Drop of that Cum from you…. And Then some! I want to drain your balls dry and make you hurt while I do it!

Your . . . → Read More: Cum out Cum out Where ever you Are

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