Can I come in?

[knocks the door]
P-Come in…
G-Hi professor, do you have a minute?
P-What did  you need?
G-I just wanted to talk to you about my brother
P-Have you come to talk about your brother? Sorry, I don’t know who your brother is…
P-oh… *That* guy…Tell me what’s wrong…
G-I just think you’re attitude towards him is unfair
P-My attitude….My attitude was wrong [almost laughing]
P– You are not my student but just you came here to tell me that I was wrong…
G-Well, I just think that people shouldn’t be afraid to talk to you
P-I understand, the difference is that as a teacher, I know how to treat my students while you, as a student, do not know how to treat your teachers…
G-What do you mean?
P-What do I mean?
You came here only for me to apologize for what I said to your brother and if you know how I act, you shouldn’t have come alone. Although there is also another option and that is that your brother is a coward and needs you to protect him … Which seems strange to me because in class he doesn’t seem so weak, trying to challenge me whenever he has a chance …
G…Like I said, I just felt like someone needed to say something, and I think you should apologize
P-[Trying to relax] I’m not going to apologize because I’m not mistaken, and stop repeating it because I’m not going to agree. If anyone has to apologize here it is him for disrespecting me in class or you coming here without even having witnessed it and demanding that I apologize for something I have done well
G-But don’t you see where I’m coming from, that you were in the wrong!
P -I’m not seeing that I was wrong, I can only see that you are a *brat* like your brother ….but cuter
G-That’s completely inappropriate…
P– [laughing] Oh god… WHAT.DID.YOU.JUST.SAY?…..Don’t be shy now, A second ago you were able to tell me everything, I’m only asking you to repeat it
G….you’re being a real dick
P-Oh, wait [laughing, you can’t take her insults seriously.]  I know what happens  [lock the door to the office]
G-What are you doing? Why are you locking the door?
P-There we are. Now nobody else except me can hear you [She is getting more and more nervous with each word, almost crying]
G- I…I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I should go
P-No [laughing] you are not going anywhere…  I’ve had to deal with many spoiled brats in my life and I know how to do it.
G-What are you talking about, I’m not spoiled, I’ll just go
P-I’m only going to teach you a lesson, relax… [So confident]
P-Good…. [You approach her and grab her by the neck, when she tries to run away and scream, you put your hands on her mouth and lay her on the table ] Shh…Don’t panick…
G-Wait, no, stop!! *mmph*
P-I hope you don’t forget this moment and that you remember who is in charge for the next time. You look like a good girl, and I was surprised that you came to tell me those things but on the other hand, you found out very quickly what had happened, which leads me to think that surely the idea that you came, was someone else’s. Am I right?
Your eyes answered me.
I think I’ll use the phone cord, no one calls landlines anymore * rip the cord *
Give me your hands….Give.me.your.hands [Losing patience] [ties her]
G-*shakes head no*
P-Oh poor little girl, she only wanted to do justice and now she is tied with her skirt raised on a teacher’s office [Fake sad voice] life is so cruel, don’t you think?
At the beginning of this conversation I thought, “She is adorable and she is asking politely, I’m not going to apologize but she will at least have a good time, something to remember” and I was about to eat your pussy. I’m so talented at that.
But when you insulted me, I thought that a lesson would be enough …
Your behavior has not been the worst of all, I am understanding, you just got nervous …. I understand … I am double or triple your size, my reputation precedes me and you were alone with me in my office .. You may know what I had in mind or you may not. But you have to learn to hide fear and to think and then act. That will be today’s lesson and perhaps the first of many …
Let me turn you around … don’t bother screaming, with the gag it just sounds ridiculous…
[take ofF her panties and put them in your pocket]
Oh, such a nice ass …. It would be a shame if someone screwed it up … I’m going to give you seven spanks. One for each insult that has come out of your little mouth towards me … or better two for bad word? yes, two ….. you said very ugly things, my heart hurts …. then 14 spanks for you …
[spank] [spank]
P-Yeah, yeah, I know, it hurts….It’s too obvious
[spank] [spank]
Poor damsel in distress…You look at the door as if someone was going to come looking for you [laughing at it]
G-*soft cries*
P-Now you can think about what you said
[spank] [spank]
Were you right?
[spank] [spank]
Should those words come out of a little cute mouth as yours?
[spank] [spank]
Will you do it again? will you respect me?
[spank][ spank]
Good girl…
Wait, I’ll help you turn around … [laughing] No! It’s not over, that was the warm up, you can’t go yet…
Oh, are you crying? You are right…I’m very very bad…now open those fit legs and let me touch you…. [sigh]
As I said before, two of the things that I most hate in this world is people making me wait, and your behavior, if you don’t improve that, you will sleep tied to my table….will you like that? Are you still being bratty because you want me to punish you??
No? Then stop crying and do what I said…there you are…such a pretty pussy, that makes me think that you don’t fuck so much or that your partners don’t know very well how to do it.
I’ll touch this swollen little clit….Oh….that cute reaction….I’m sure those assholes you’ve slept with don’t have a clue what this is or how to find it …. You look so surprised, I like it …
Don’t make that face, sweetie …. [fake sad kiss ] do you want a kiss? I have begun to believe that it is going to be much harder for you, your reactions are too virginal … or that or you are so scared that you even have trouble breathing. No, lovely, don’t say anything…. I wont understand you
[Take off your pants]
I’ll go *soooo* slow…[moaning as enter in her]
Oh fuck! I thought I could hold back and go slow, but …. you’re * so * tight …. I’m not going to be able to precious … [you fully penetrate her and grunt, hitting the table, it startles her a bit ]
No, no, don’t worry baby, you are doing so good… You are taking your lesson like a good girl….I just… didn’t expect you to feel this fucking good.
I’ll move….[moaning and grunting as you begin to fuck her]
shh love, don’t be afraid. Are you okay? Nod with your head…Okay
Your skin is too soft, I wonder how it will feel on my tongue, your neck, so exposed will be the first thing I will taste of you * moans * fuck fuck fuck and your breasts … This was going to be a lesson for you but I can’t resist …. so perky and …. firm …. I have to taste them mmph * licking her nipples and groping her tits while fucks her * I hope you don’t mind if I bite you a little ….
[Fucking her faster]
Oh yes baby….you are doing great, just relax….
[Cum but not too loud, you in a school office]
I’ll take your gag out…There you are…
Are you okay?… yes?… Good
[You untie her and throw the phone cord into the trash]
You were the best girl [kiss her forehead] I can give you a reward if you want, just come again another day
Or maybe you are more interested of being my little pet
Yes, the teacher’s pet get their teacher’s phone number….
Deal?…Yes?…then you should climb to my lap and kiss me for close the deal…. [kiss]
The last thing you should know is that I love gifts….so these panties are mines now. [Taking them from his pocket]
And if you see the guy who sent you here, tell him that he is a coward and that he can come talk to me …
There is my number…See you later

Can You Guess My Favorite?

At least once a day someone asks me what my favorite type of call is. I
couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. My tend to swing more dominant, but I
can be a submissive little slut when the mood strikes me. I never know
when those urges will hit, but if that’s how you’d like to play with me my
email inbox is always open for you to ask. Maybe it will be your lucky
day and I’ll let you use some of your toys on me.
Sometimes I even swing just to the middle and want to have my brains
fucked out. You can pretty much guarantee I’ll be in that mood. This
pussy and mouth are always ready to be filled with something hot and hard.
You know where else I can swing? Right into a wet, juicy pussy. I have
so many sexy ladies prancing around here at the house it always gets my
mouth watering. Is there one of my sexy friends you’ve been dreaming
about joining us?
These are just the things I’ve thought about today. Every day is
different and every day is a different way for us to play.
What are you in the mood for?


Autumn Is The Best Time For Phone

I guess it’s the time of year when things get super wet around here. It
makes me not want to leave my bed and stay snuggled in my warm bed. There
is nothing better than the feeling of clean, warm sheets on my soft, naked
skin. The sheets we have here are silk so you can imagine how incredible
it feels to slide into them with your voice on the other end. You can get
all snuggled up on your end with my sexy voice in your ear and we can play
out some hot fantasies that leave us both satisfied. I’m sure you could
use a little warming up too. Now that’s what I call real phone sex.


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet R

R is for Roleplay
We all know that I’m a kinky bitch. It’s pretty difficult to hide. Just because I love the dirty, nasty, taboo and filthy doesn’t mean “normal” roleplays don’t get me off too. I think sometimes I scare people off by my perverse stories, but to most most people I’m not scary. There are some men who would disagree, but I just don’t use them as references. Just the other day I did a super hot roleplay where I got to be the hot sexy coed and he was the first year professor. I got to distract him with my big tits in tight sweaters until he couldn’t stand it anymore and had to fuck me over desk. That one made me cum so hard. A few weeks ago I was a bitchy neighbor always complaining about the noise coming from next door. It turns out that all I needed was a good fucking to turn my frown upside down. I can’t forget about the one where I’m the nurse who can’t help but get all weak in the knees when I see that big package you have in the front of your thin gown. You can tease me with it a bit before I beg for a quickie before the doctor comes in. I find it all so fun and sexy that I can’t just be summarized in one word. I’m a complicated girl with complicated needs and desires. I have so many fun thoughts up my sleeve and I’ll bet you and I could think of a couple to try out. What’s your favorite roleplay?


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet P

P is for Pervy Pop Culture
There are two things that I absolutely can’t live without. One of them is sex obviously. The other is pretty much anything media related. I’m talking books, movies, music, games, and everything else. Even when I was much younger I would combine the two. All little girls fantasize about Charlotte tying them up in her web, right? Of course that dirty, nasty pig Wilber is watching while Charlotte pokes and prods and teases my hot body. I guess you could say I have (and had) a very active imagination. As I grew up, my fantasies became a bit darker. A lot of them involved me being tied up (see a theme?) while Wolvervine from X-Men practiced his knife play on my delicate skin with his giant Adamantium claws.
To this day, most of my fantasies and ideas for roleplays come from movies and books. There are thousands of ideas floating around in my head all of the time. My brain is constantly taking in information and turning it totally filthy.
Since I just shared some embarrassing things to you, it’s only fair that you share some with me. I can’t be the only one who masturbates to cartoons and comic books.