Getting Attention Where I Can

I’m starting to go a little stir crazy here.  I’m so used to getting so much attention and now there’s nothing.  I’m doing the safe thing and staying away from people but it’s very difficult.  I’ve started turning my normal routine into some teasing time.  My bathroom has smallish window and if I’m not careful neighbors walking through the alley can get a bit of a peak.  With a lot more people doing a lot more activities outside I’m using that window to my advantage.  My showering has turned into a full strip show experience for anyone on their morning walks.  I casually open my robe, pretending I don’t even notice the window being open.  My nipples are hard before I even glance to the window to see who might be seeing.  I step into the warm water and somehow “forget” to close the shower curtain all the way.  I know the man walking his dog is enjoying me lathering between my thighs and opening my legs just a little too much.  We’ve all got to get through this how we can and I hope I’m at least providing some entertainment.  I can’t wait until someone else’s hands are between my thighs.





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It’s Swimsuit Season!

It’s starting to get warm enough here for me to get out my favorite bikinis.  I keep them locked away in storage so it doesn’t make me too sad that I can’t wear them, but now it’s time!  I love exposing all of my sexy skin while feeling the warmth from the sun.  I’m imagining all of the fun times I’m going to have lounging near the lake or the pool.  It’s going to be a lovely summer and I can’t wait to tell you about all of the adventures I’m having so stay tuned…


Autumn Loves Autumn

It’s finally September. That means two things.

1. Our favorite season Fall (or Autumn as some like to call it) is just
around the corner. Snug sweaters and silky tights are one of my favorite
combinations. There are so many textures to play with when the weather
gets a bit chillier.

2. It’s time for this little slut’s vacation. I’ll be out adventuring
from September 13th-19th. I know this means you will miss me, but it also
means I’ll have some hot stories to share and will be in serious need of
some hot aural action. When I return I’ll be back to my normal playtimes.

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Fridays 8am-5pm
Saturdays 11am-pm
Mondays 8am-5pm


Rest On This Hot Day

The news tells me that it’s sweltering all over the country except for here. It’s actually almost chilly where I am. It must be so difficult to get all hot and sweaty playing with me when you’ve started out all hot and sweaty.
Why don’t you just get all comfy and let me do all the work? You can lay there with the fan blowing on you while I start to slowly undress in front of you. Each item of my clothing will start to come off while you get harder and harder. Imagine how erect you’ll be when you finally get to see my glorious big tits right in front of your face. When I crawl onto the bed, kneeling right between your legs I’ll be so close to your throbbing dick I’ll be able to see the precum starting to leak out. How could I not bend over to just lick that clear drop off? My ass will go up in the air and you’ll feel my heavy breasts against your thigh. Look into the mirror behind me so you can watch my fingers sink into my wet pussy while I take you into my mouth.
What better way to “beat” the heat than by feeling a cool breeze on your body while your dick is in my warm, wet mouth?


Red Hot Heat

This summer is shaping up to be a hot one and I’m not just talking about
the weather. I spend most of my day at a desk job, but at night I get to
play! It’s been warm enough that I can change into my most revealing
outfit and hang out on the patio of my favorite bars. I usually go alone,
but I rarely leave alone. After a couple of happy hour beverages I’m
feeling nice and loose. That’s when it’s time to find my prey. I check
out all the packages coming to see which one looks the yummiest (this is
why all men should wear skinny jeans or gym shorts). Luckily I’ve had
lots of practice teasing and talking dirty so it doesn’t take long to get
him where I want him. Usually it’s the alley or a car, I don’t even care
if the sun is still out. That just makes it naughtier for me. I just
love being a summer slut.
What’s your favorite summer activity?


Saying No Makes Me Wet

As you know, I love so many things about sex. Sex is one of the most
wonderful things in the world. What a lot of people don’t understand is
that an orgasm is not your right. Sometimes (especially when you talk to
me), you have to work for it. Male orgasm denial just makes my pussy
tingle. I love hearing you get closer to that edge and wanting it so bad.
I’ll bet it’s so difficult to hear me fingering my perfect cunt to orgasm
over and over again and knowing you have to wait. You might not even get
to at all.