Getting Attention Where I Can

I’m starting to go a little stir crazy here.  I’m so used to getting so much attention and now there’s nothing.  I’m doing the safe thing and staying away from people but it’s very difficult.  I’ve started turning my normal routine into some teasing time.  My bathroom has smallish window and if I’m not careful neighbors walking through the alley can get a bit of a peak.  With a lot more people doing a lot more activities outside I’m using that window to my advantage.  My showering has turned into a full strip show experience for anyone on their morning walks.  I casually open my robe, pretending I don’t even notice the window being open.  My nipples are hard before I even glance to the window to see who might be seeing.  I step into the warm water and somehow “forget” to close the shower curtain all the way.  I know the man walking his dog is enjoying me lathering between my thighs and opening my legs just a little too much.  We’ve all got to get through this how we can and I hope I’m at least providing some entertainment.  I can’t wait until someone else’s hands are between my thighs.





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Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex???

Now that I’m asking you all where the craziest place you’ve ever had sex, I have to ponder thru the fun times I’ve had to pick the craziest place I’ve had sex . . . hmmmmm!!! This is super fun because all these fun and crazy memories are flooding thru my brain. What day, place and space will I pick??? I think it has to be the greens on the golf course. We were outside and wide open for anyone coming by to see us. Yes, it might have been dark out when we started but that sun was surely coming up and it was bright light enough for anyone to see us if they happend to be coming by at 6am at the golf course. I didn’t think anyone walked by but the thrill and possibility of it was exhilerating.  I had never had outside sex until then.  I had no idea that I would enjoy this exhibition stuff, but I really did a lot. Like a lot more than I thought I would. I’m a pretty easy to cum girl to begin with if you know what you are doing, but adding the exhibition stuff in, I was very easily stimulated and got off over and over again out in the open with bare ass for anyone to see. It was liberating to say the least. Titties, ass and vajayjay wide open for the world to notice if they wanted to. I think this is when I first realized how much of an exhibitionist I was. Well even though no one walked by that I noticed, I must have wanted to be seen pretty bad because just before we finished, I heard a noise in the underbush of a low overhanging tree nearby and sort of froze and clung tight to my lover as we both stopped moving and looked over to the tree. We couldn’t see anyone so we kept going and finished. Well promptly after we got done and were laying back basking in the sun rising and the immense and multiple orgasms we both just had we saw a guy climb out from the underbrush of the nearby tree we heard the noise from prior and just walk on by with the biggest shit eating grin on his face. He had quite a show watching us that late night into morning. I’m not sure how long he was there, but talk about funny. Holy shit, that will forever be in my memories as one of my favorite places to have sex!!!! Call me and lets have some damn good phone sex talking about this in more detail and you can tell me your favorite place to have sex. I’m waiting . . .


Early Bird

Hey there!

I came in a bit early tonight so all of you naughty boys that don’t get to play with me because of my schedule here is your chance! I hope you cum and play with Me ;)


A Valentines special!

Tonight I am running sexy little special! I am giving an extra 5 minutes free on every 15 minute call or an extra 10 minutes free on a 30 minute call!

I wore my best lingerie and some sexy cum fuck me red lipstick, let me make this the best valentines day yet!


Soaking Wet

I have been so horny today!

My panties are soaking wet.

I know you want to taste Me.

I’ll have my way with you and gag you with them.

It will be fun Darling, cum now lets play.


Cum with me.

I want you to cum with me.

I’m feeling so horny after being away for a few days, so lets start my week off right!

Let me drain every last drop of cum from those tight full balls.

I am going to lick the pre cum off the head of that throbbing cock before sliding it down my throat.

Then I want you to fuck me, make me cum all over that cock.

Cum now Darling, lets play.


Please Fuck Me Daddy

I’m craving that rock hard cock Daddy.

I want it deep inside me, buried up to the base.

Please fuck me Daddy and make me cum all over your cock.

I want you to spread my bright red lips and make suck my cum off.

Please fuck my throat Daddy.

My body craves you like a drug.

I need your cock Daddy.


Hungry? Need A Late Night Snack?

Tonight Hollie’s on the Menu!?

Want the Main Course


Something Special  for Dessert….
Cum to the Table and ENJOY!

Who’s Eating Hollie?

Grab Your Credit Card & Call

Hollie @ 405-366-2187

Where would You Like to SPRAY Your Whipped Cream?!


Give Hollie A Try- She’ll Drain Your Balls Dry! 405-366-2187


Diary of a Phone Sex Addict: Food For Thought:


Tonight is all about you

I want to touch and tease every inch of you.

I want to make your cock hard as a rock until you’re begging to be inside of me.

I want to milk every last drop of the cum out of your balls.

I want you.


The Energizer Bunny AKA Hollie

Last Sunday during my Gang Bang Sunday fun time one of the many guys told me I was “Better than the Energizer Bunny!”

how am I better that bunny keeps going and going and going?

Your BETTER  cause every time we FUCK You ,


And we never even have to stop to change your Batteries!!”

Another guy says…”No Because She’s CUM Powered!

So after that when a guy was CUMMING they would  shout out -“RECHARGE

“I had enough CUM Recharges to last through next year!

Wanna Cum  Recharge me too?!

“Give Hollie a Try- She sure to Leave Your Balls Dry!”

405-366-2187    Hollie aka The Energizer Bunny



“Diary of a Phone Sex Addict”