Tessa’s temptations…

My little sex toy is kneels naked and facing the wall with her hands on the tops of her thighs. I stand behind her with the crop smacking against my thigh. She flinches every time the leather of the crop snaps against the leather of my thigh high boots.  I step up behind her and know she is anticipating the sting of the crop and jerks as I trail my fingernails across the nape of her neck making her shiver. She isn’t expecting the crop when it slams against her right ass cheek and screams when she fills the sting. I follow with a nice hard smack to her left cheek. Beautiful red welts appear in vivid detail on her white ass cheeks. I follow with 10 more to each cheek and her ass is glowing with fire from the punishing crop. Would you like to join me in punishing my toy? What fantasy whets your appetite? Call me today to help me finish this beautiful little fantasy.

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