cold cloudy evening…

Just perfect for staying in doors, starting a fire, a nice small dinner and maybe a glass of wine or two. Come share some quiet slow time with me tonight- with deep kisses and soft touches… Until it is time for the toss me to the ground and take me hard time later please….

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  • gt

    Endless Hunger

    I quietly lurk in the shadows in pursuit of the beguiled
    It’s the endless thirst and hunger that drives me wild
    The night is restless and the stars remain undeterred
    While my heart softly thunders and longs to be heard
    Oh, are the sounds drown out by entrancing thoughts
    Let me know if subtle movements will soon be caught
    By the moons light that weaves in and out of your hair
    My eyes, oh my mind mounts the naked truth and bares
    Every curiosity that drips from beneath your wanting lips
    I can hear the deep yearning climb from beneath the glow
    That radiates in your eyes from the unveiling of your soul
    But alas, I will linger in the shadows until you call me in
    My breath will absorb your beauty; your promising scent

  • gt

    A Moment of Reflection

    Even though my nights have become days, and days, nights
    My most intimate thoughts have not strayed far from you
    I find you in a moment of reflection when I feel all alone
    And have even awaken from dreams when I felt you near
    It is your voice, the soft whispers that linger in my mind
    Quietly leading me through to the most perplexing time

  • Amber

    Ahh gt. I love your poems so very much; they are very very special to me !! Thank you sweetheart

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