Foot rubs?

There has to be some other foot lovers out there besides myself. Come rub this cougar’s feet and make me purr..

4 comments to Foot rubs?

  • gt


    Ah yes, you my dear are beautiful, shall we play a little chess
    Let us slowly dance from square to square until nothing is left
    Thirty-five has never looked quite so good; check me please
    And your elegance is succulently befitting of a kings queen
    Checkmate, but only our pawns have been quietly removed
    So I will give you my bishop if you share with me your dew

  • Amber

    GT your words make me melt.

  • gt

    The Potter
    Then know that I will be standing there
    With my hands open knowingly aware
    And when I have captured each drop
    I will mold you with my every thought

  • Ah yes you my dear are beautiful

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