Mark your calendars early boys and girls..

Because Tuesday, November 10thРthere is gonna be a heck of a party here at the house and you all are invited to call in and have fun  with me !!!

I know for sure there is gonna be cake and frosting– and frosting in places that will need to be licked clean baby!! Yummmy…. Nothing like a sweet soft warm pussy full of frosting just waiting to be licked to celebrate the turning of the clocks and adding one more candle to the cake !!

2 comments to Mark your calendars early boys and girls..

  • Felicia

    How many Seductive Scorpios do we have in this house? A celebration to lick your lips for, to wait with bated breath for, to open up your wallets for, in admiration and worship of your superior – Ma’am Amber <3

  • Amber

    hummm I have a feeling our house is full of them darling! You should stay over and play with us ladies that night :) would be sooo fun to watch them serve YOU also!

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