My 1st day!

Wow what a wonderful day, looking to play and have some fun!!

4 comments to My 1st day!

  • gt

    Your Eyes
    With your hair tousled and thrown to the side
    Thoughtfully brushing shadows over your eyes
    I find myself struggling for every breath of air
    Wondering if somehow my soul will be spared

  • Amber

    Only if you deserve it to be, should call and find out it I will allow it.

  • Amber

    Only if it needs to be spared, should call and find out again. I would love to make each of your breaths meaningful.

  • gt

    Measured Time
    Time is evenly measured and somewhat elusive
    Sometimes it paces and can often be intrusive
    While other times it is methodical and minute
    But now it quietly lingers and appears resolute
    Neither moving nor standing yet well defined
    Because what is deserved and what is crucial
    Are equally divided and become instrumental
    Until silent lucidity is achieved and understood
    What has begun shall end unless it is withstood

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