oh sweet heaven

Ok so as I walk in to the house to be a lunch time treat today- Little did I realize I would be here with  Jordan,  Perci, and Angie! What is this sweet little fledgling demure Domme and sadistically sinister  seasoned submissive supposed to do????   Yes that is right—  enjoy every damn minute of it!!

Now we just need some more willing players (victims) to have some fun with us! xoxoxoxoxoxo

2 comments to oh sweet heaven

  • Vickey

    Hi Amber, it’s Vicky. Hope you and your and girls are having fun tonight. I’m out of town for a family wedding and unfortunately won’t be able to play for a couple days, booooo!!!! I just wanted to say hello and I’ll be thinking of you when I get a chance to be alone for a minute or 2. Thinking about our phone calls and your sexy picture is all I need for a quicky with my hands?

  • Amber

    Hi Pretty lady! have blast at the wedding and I’ll see you you soon darling! xoxoxoox Can not wait to hear about those sexy shoes and stalkings

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