The most amazing day and some really amazing news for ya’all

Oh my gosh, you all have to go over to my page and look at the new picture!! I had the best time with the photographer this last week and boy does it show!!!

He caught my personality just perfectly and I love it!  I am sure once you head over there and see- you will so agree, and just think- if you call and ask me nicely, I can send you some more that are even hotter!!! I don’t think that man will every be the same !!!!

Now for the really amazing news!- Ms Amber is gonna be here more during the week to play!! No – I am not leaving the Business world, but I am gonna be here more for those after work quickies before you head home, those evenings when you are sitting on your couch thinking “oh my god a hot red pair of tight lips around my cock would feel so amazing right now- I should call Amber”!!!

Come find me and let’s have some hot sexy fun!!!

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