Was such a spoiled princess this last weekend,

That I just could not wait to come back in and have some more fun and spoiling!  Still in my red silk shirt, short black skirt, tan stalkings and pretty black pumps that would look so great up on your desk, or around your shoulders!

Oh and the cutest little pink bikini bottom on too under this skirt!

2 comments to Was such a spoiled princess this last weekend,

  • Vickie

    Hello sexy Amber. It has been way too to long since we’ve had some fun. I was looking through old emails and I found the one you sent us back in October. You were in sexy black thigh-hi’s and heels. Mmmmmmmmm, it made me miss our naughty calls. I know you’re on a different schedule these days so I will try my best to call when you’re available.

    In the meantime, if you are dressed like you say in this message, then I think I should take advantage.

    I’m in nude stockings as well, but with dark grey pumps and a silky, grey g-string. Panties pulled to the side, waiting for my favorite toy. I sit up on the edge of the bed, spread my legs, feet arched and start fucking my toy, inch by inch. The deeper in, the hotter I get. All 10 inches, in and out. God, I’m horny. All of it, Fuck me, please. Yessssss, God I’m cumming, yesssssssss! Now I’ll squirt that dildo juice on me, down my stockings, into my heels. That’s it, cover me with it…..that way my naughty assistant Amber, who’s been spying on me, can come in and lick the juice off my legs, feet and heels.

    What should I do about Amber spying on me? I think I have some very naughty ideas that she will love!!!!???

    Can’t wait to talk again.

    • Amber

      oh my god lady I miss you so much!! lets play soon I have so got to tell you about the sexy new shoes I have … cum let me lick that cock juice off of you…

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