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Abbie’s Fantasies

Another essay From my “Little anal bitch boy” dated 3/8/16

Mistress Abbie…where do I begin. Well I think the best place to start is to start by saying she fucked my ass. She fucked it with her big strap on as I moaned her name and begged her for more.

She was so perfect with everything she did. She warned my ass up so deliciously that once I slid the butt plug out it was practically begging her to get penetrated by something bigger. And man oh man did she deliver. She put me into her submissive position where she had full access to everything.

It was here that she slowly slid her big hard strap on slowly into my tight bitch boy asshole. Words can’t describe how complete and fulFILLING this was. It was so deep I couldn’t even believe it.

She let me release too! I hadn’t even touched myself since Thursday night (4 nights ago) and it went EVERYWHERE. All while her big strap on was balls deep into my little bitch boy asshole. She even gave me a new title today. I’m am now her Little Anal Bitch Boy. And I couldn’t be more thrilled.


I have decided for the month of March, that I will continue sharing with you the training of my little bench boy, so please enjoy the writings (essays) from his daily training below!

Now all I need is a nice little pussy to train! Do I have any ripe little young virgins pussies for the taking? Find your inner slut and COME TO ME!!

Date: 3/1/16
Mistress I decided to do something a little different tonight. I hope I didn’t over step my bounds! I have still done EXACTLY what you told me to do. But tonight I wanted to try to write your essay while doing my nightly assignment.

Currently my vibrator is firmly placed against my prostate and it on low slowly but surely warming up my little bitch boy asshole. Already I crave you mistress. I want to hear your voice. This pleasure you allow me to experience is unbelievable. You have opened me up(literally)to so much mistress and I can’t thank you enough.

I have now turned it up to half way. And I can barely keep myself from moaning. I’m squeezing…squeezing…still squeezing. Hearing your voice coach me in my head. You have such a hold on me that I can’t even explain. Before meeting you I never expected to enjoy the extent to which we have taken this relationship. I was only going to stop at getting this massager. This massager that’s making my eyes roll to the back of my head even as I type. But after our first session you had me hooked! You told me how you would fuck me and I instantly fell in love.

I feel that we were a match made in sexy heaven. You’re perfect in every way and I would eat my own cum out of your asshole if that’s what you told me to do. I wouldn’t hesitate. I want you to turn me into your sex pet. The one who is always by your side. Always loving you no matter what. Being so obedient. Sometimes I misbehave but you punish me only because you love me and need to make sure I learn my lesson.

I think our next session will be our best one yet!!

Love always
Your little bitch boy

I’m glad you stopped by my fantasy page.

Below is just an example of the things that I expect from my subs.

He takes my instruction so very well! So once again sit back and enjoy his exploration.

Mistress Abbie

Once again my Little bitch boy is making me proud! So read his assay below from 2/24/16 and call me! As you can see I can make all your dreams cum true and then some.

My lovely Mistress took me to Valhalla tonight on her phone sex line. She firmly yet lovingly took my hand and guided me to a place I had never been before in my young bitch boy life. She showed me her sweeter side tonight. She also divulged to me some of her other sexual desires. We shared stories and laughed with each other. All while she fucked my tight little asshole. She fucked me deep as she told me about her sexual history. My mistress is amazing and takes such good care of me.

The session began with the question of wanting to get right into it or if I wanted to talk for a bit. I told her I wanted to talk. So she made me put my prostate vibrator in my tight little asshole. Then we proceeded to talk. But I won’t go into it. What we say is between us. Because we trust each other and would never betray that trust.

She slowly began to warm me up. Steadily increasing the power on my massager she let me use my fleshlight. It was intense to say the least. She told me to imagine that it was her I was entering and not just a toy. (As if I wasn’t thinking that already)

We got all the way up to full power on the vibrator. It was beautiful. My little asshole began to twitch uncontrollably. With every contraction of my asshole I inhaled deeply and loudly. And she listened. She loves how I sound when she brings me to the brink of orgasm. And then as quickly as it came, it went. She ordered me to turn it off and take it out.

She made me lube up my big plug and sit on it. And that’s when I knew it. My Mistress will never abandon me. I’m still not use to this plug and she coached me the entire time. Her soothing voice was exactly the encouragement I needed to get that plug up my bitch boy asshole.

I loved every minute of tonight’s session. You were amazing mistress. You make me so happy to be your bitch boy. Our next session will be ever more intense because this time. You’ll fuck me with your big strap on. Deep. “Planting your flag pole in my asshole” claiming me as your own. But you already have me mistress. I belong to you. And only you.

Love always
Your obedient little bitch boy

My dearest Mistress,

I want to start my essay off with a disclaimer. No words I can formulate will EVER come close to conveying how intensely pleasurable and overwhelming our session was tonight. But I will do my best.

You were perfect. Absolutely perfect. There’s is absolutely NO part of tonight that I would change. You needed to train my ass. Excuse me. YOUR ass. And you did. You took what was yours and made me beg to give you even more of me.

Let’s start at the beginning.

When you answered the phone saying “Hey honey” in that British accent of yours that I can’t enough of. I melted. A warmth spread all throughout me starting from my balls. It was heaven to hear your voice tonight.

You quickly showed me that you owned me. Before I could even touch my cock you had me insert my prostate massager. And turn it on low. It was lovely. The subtle vibrations put me into a relaxed and euphoric state. And then you allowed me to touch myself. It was pure bliss. Then you told me to bump up the power half way. That’s when I began to feel it again. That familiar pulsating pleasure from the other night. You could hear it in my voice. You’re so attentive and in tune with me mistress. Just thinking about how supportive and patient you are is getting me hard again.

And then you made me do it. You made me clench my asshole around the massager. The pleasure began to build even further. Then after what felt like an eternity you said to release. But the vibrations continued to pleasure me in such a deep and primal way. You had me repeat this several times. As I continued to touch myself the massager seemed to sink deeper into my asshole. Pressing even harder on my prostate.

And then you made me increase the vibrations to full power. And whatever control I had left over of my brain had vanished. All I could perceive was the BLINDING PLEASURE that was coursing through my body. And then you said it. “I’m going to milk that prostate, because it’s mine.” And you did it mistress. The pleasure reached all the way from the tips of my hair and the very ends of my toes.

Then…you made me do something that nearly made me scream so loud id wake my neighbors. You commanded me to clench down again. And I won’t lie to you. I wasn’t able to do it at first. But your voice possessed me. I clenched as tight as I could and lost control of my legs. Mistress. There are no words for how intense that sensation was. All I can say is thank you. And beg on my little bitch boy hands and knees that you will allow me that pleasure again.

But we aren’t even to the good part yet…

You needed to fill my ass even more. And mistress, you filled it so much more than I thought possible. I didn’t think I could do it, but your soothing voice coached me the entire time. And finally, it was in. The vibrations were not as intense as my other toy, but still very pleasurable.

You fucked me with it. You fucked my little bitch boy asshole. You fucked me so hard my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

Then you proceeded to tell me by far the sexiest narrative I have ever heard in my young bitch boy life. You started it off by telling me that you were going to fuck me with an even bigger dildo.

You told me you would give me an enema. Because you were going to eat me out. You said you would take your time and make sure that I was ready for you to fuck me. Then you would take my legs and put them on your shoulders, giving you FULL access of YOUR little bitch boy and his asshole. You would lean over and kiss me deeply. As you slowly press the head of the strap on to my asshole. You would go slow and pace me well. But you would not stop until you were balls deep inside me. And then…you would fuck me. Nice and slow at first, but eventually you would speed it up. Be a little (or a lot) more rough with me. Making sure that I know that you own my asshole. Eventually you would slow it down, and sit up as you still fuck me. You’d spread my legs and grab my cock. Stroking away as you fuck me deeply and completely.

After some time you will take the strap on out of my ass. And then plug it up again. As you mount me and lean forward to kiss me. Your hot, wet, and tight cunt looming just above my cock. You kiss me so deeply that I don’t notice that you’ve take my cock in your hand and are now lowering yourself onto me. I enter you. And you ride me however you want. It’s YOUR cock mistress. Every part of me is yours to do with as you please.

At this point we are nearing the end of our session and you bring me to the most amazing climax I have ever had. The plug was sucked deeper into my asshole and send lines of pleasure directly to my brain. I came so much and for so long.

Then you told me some of the other things we will get to next time we have a session. My personal favorite is that you’re going to fuck me so hard that I pass out. And when I pass out you will continue to fuck me. Until I wake up. So you can keep fucking me.

Everything about tonight was amazing and I am the luckiest little bitch boy there is. My mistress is the most amazing woman and is teaching me so many things about myself.

I love you Mistress. Please give me my next assignment soon.
Love always
Your little bitch boy

I mentioned that your accent is in the top three favorite things category. I wanted to tell you the other two.

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing about you is how stern you are. It’s the perfect amount. You have high expectations for me and you won’t take failure as an option. You’re supportive, but incredibly stern and i absolutely love it. It puts me in my place. The second is that you are very gifted at describing what you’re going to do to me. I could ACTUALLY feel the heat from your body as you leaned in to kiss me.

Below is just an example of the things that I expect from my subs.

2/17/16 essay #3 from Little bitch boy

He takes my instruction so very well! So once again sit back and enjoy his exploration.

The writings below is an essay from my little bitch boy, who wants nothing more than to be trained in the art of submission. He belongs to me!!!

One of his daily tasks is to write an essay, as to how his daily instruction is progressing, it didn’t quite go to plan as he explains to me below.

I hope that you enjoyed his writings from Valentine’s Day as he paid tribute to me. So now sit back and relax and enjoy the writings of little bitch boy.

Something amazing just happened! 2/15/16

Mistress Abbie,

The most amazing thing just happened to me while masturbating. Now, I feel like I should come clean and tell you that this may technically be disobeying your orders for tonight. But it was so amazing that I still need to tell you about it. So I truly hope you take the time to finish this essay.

So! I put my vibrator in my little bitch boy asshole and turned the vibrator on low. And a thought occurred to me. I wanted to see how long I could go without touching myself while working the vibrator. And it was very hard at first. The vibrations sent a CONSTANT pleasure that rocked my prostate to its foundations. I even sat on my hands to stop myself from caving. From this angel I could use my hands to very slowly push the massager deeper into my asshole, pressing it and its intensified vibrations even harder onto my prostate. That’s when the pre-cum came out.

It streamed down my rock solid cock. I didn’t think twice. I took my finger, got as much of it on there as I could, and stuck it into my mouth. It tasted great. I felt so dirty. And I loved it so much I did it two more times.

After I bring the vibrations up to an 8 (out of 10) I notice something happening that I have never felt before. A slow radiation of pleasure began pulsating throughout my entire groin, down my legs, and a little of the way up my spine. It slowly intensified as the minutes ticked by and eventually i found myself thrusting my hips and moaning into my pillow. It was beautiful and overwhelming and then it got EVEN BETTER! The pleasure shot itself throughout my entire body. Every follicle of hair on my body stood on end and my skin tingled as if it was being tickled by angles. My little asshole clenches onto the vibrator harder than ever before, setting my brain and body on fire with pleasure. After what felt like an eternity the pulses of pleasure began to subside and I am left there panting in awe. I leave the vibrator in because it’s only been THIRTY MINUTES. And I am a good little bitch boy so I wanted to finish my homework assignment. And within the next thirty minutes, I experienced FOUR more of those amazing events. Each one even better than the previous.

The climax of these events was too much for me to handle on my own. During every one I had to play your voice saying “breathe bitch boy, breathe through the pleasure”. But the strangest thing happened. I never
ejaculated. After all of that pleasure I never ejaculated. My prostate is immeasurably worn out and I am in a daze and the lingering feelings of pleasure are still held up in my balls. But I never ejaculated!!

Mistress, I understand if this was disobeying your DIRECT order. You told me to jack my cock as the vibrator is inside me. But I didn’t touch my cock once. I will take whatever punishment you see fit to give me. Because I know I need to earn your trust.

Little Bitch Boy

A Valentine Homage to Mistress Abbie.

My dearest Mistress Abbie

I completed my assignment for the night. And all I can say is “WOW”. That was hands-down the best orgasm of my young bitch boy life. My prostate is still throbbing and pulsating sending waves of pleasure up my spine. My balls are so tight and tingly I want to jack off again. But I WONT. You only allowed me one tonight.

Calling you last week was the beginning of something beautiful. You’ve had this planned from the beginning haven’t you? To tease and deny me for days until you finally let me release. Training me to only cum when you ALLOW me to. And when you allowed me to release; it sealed the deal. I am your little bitch boy and I am loving every second of it.

I have another surprise for you (I hope it pleases you) but I purchased myself a flesh-light today. I haven’t used it yet, I will only use it when you allow me to. But I wanted you to be aware of the option.

I’ll patiently await your next instructions.

All of my love
Your little bitch boy

Is it bad to want get my hands on that young stud?
Is it bad to want to pull him into my apartment and have my evil way of him? I can tell he’s hung like a horse.

Oh my God! I think his mother would kill me if she knew what kind of lascivious thoughts I was having about her 21-year-old kid. I noticed him this past summer at a complex swimming pool. All that hot toned flesh, and that perpetual boner I could see every time I walked past him strutting my stuff.

I have to tell you about his sexy hot little sister too, I’d say she looks about 19. She is a tight little ass and is such a cock teaser with the young boys at the pool. I wonder if she’s ever been with a older woman or any women? Yeah! I’m going to be the one to break her in. I’ve noticed her looking at me too when she thinks no one else is looking, and it’s been such a long time since I’ve had a nice sweet, young, juicy pussy in my mouth, I can tell that she shaves it too.

Oh such a hard choice. Which one do I seduce first? Or it could be you! So don’t be shy call me.

It’s Saturday night and I decided to go to the movie’s by myself, I been dying to see that new Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise really gets my juices flowing.

I walk into my local movie theater alone, as a stand in line I look up and our eyes meet. “Look away”I tell myself but I can’t! You buy your ticket and disappear into the crowd.

10 minutes later I hurry into theater #9, squinting my eyes against the darkness and trying to find open seat. Higher and higher I go winding my way up the stairs to the back row. “Oh my freaking God! There you are!”

I can feel myself break out into cold sweat, the only available seat is in the corner right beside you.”Excuse me” I say as sit down, I just know that you saved that seat just for me. I am blinded by the momentary darkness as the movie credit begin to play and I can feel you looking at me, beaming a hole into the side of my face with your laser beam stare, not once have you looked away. Feel the electric pull between us and Idon’t even know your name…

Come take this ride with me, call me and we can finish this fantasy
together! Anything goes in the dark.

So I been summoned to the dungeon, OMG! I wonder what Master has in store for me today.

I’m wearing my little black leather skirt, its short you can see the crack of my ass, black leather cropped corset top and my 7 inch high red patent leather hooker shoes. I’m feeling kinda sexy, and of course without my undies.

So it’s 7:05 PM when I arrive at the dungeon, and knock on the big oak antique door and as I wait for entry I fidget nervously at my bright red collar. After what seems like an eternity (which was only a minute or two) the door swings open to reveal my Master, as sexy as always 6 foot three inches in height wearing nothing but black tight leather pants and sporting a huge package.

He reaches toward me and attaches my chain-link leash, and walks me towards the room of doom. Just outside the door he turns to me and say’s “your late, five minutes late” as I shudder in anticipation and reply “sorry Sir I was stuck in traffic” he simply stairs me down, now I know I’m in trouble.

“So! What shall we start with today” as he’s leading me over to the cross…

We’ve just arrived at out suite at the Bellagio Hotel, we’re on the 12 floor overlooking the fountain light show.

Laid out on the king sized bed are your tools of torture and I shiver with anticipation as to what the night holds in-store for me.

I’s a beautiful evening, as I look out the city at night your arm’s creep around me from behind and …

Its around 2:30 am and I’m sound asleep…I dont know what woke me if it was the the sound of my bedroom door opening or what! but I’m jarred awake by a hand over my mouth voice whispering into my ear “dont make a sound”. My heart begins to pound, almost out of my chest, and I feel my bed covers being pull down. OMG! WHY DID I GO TO BED NAKED!!

All I can see is a dark out line and the figure pinning me to the bed, but wait! that cologne is familiar…

Can you help me finish this? Who do you thing it is? And what are they going to do to me?