Abbie’s Thoughts

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Age: 34
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Likes: Everything about sex, oral, anal, fisting, using my Strap-on, being paddled, sissy boys, other girls, DPs, group sex, fantasy play, big hard cocks, public sex, bondage and a masters control
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Abbie’s Thoughts

I truly believe that phone sex is my calling!! Maybe it’s the fact that I just got off an hour long call and came 9 times, maybe it’s when I hypnotize my little sissy callers into doing what I want them to do, or maybe it’s the simple fact that very little is taboo to me. I can be your Mistress, or your Sub, I’m a natural at both, and it doesn’t matter what sex you are, I love it all.

I’m sure that there’s a little girl locked in a grown man body just waiting to morph into that butterfly, And I’m the one to show you, your true potential.
What’s your favorite color honey, pink?
And are you leather or lace?
Damn! I think it would be fun to find out. So come and talk to me and tell me your deepest darkest secrets.

Would you like to hear my sultry English accent I’m told it’s really hot! Have you ever had phone sex with a Brit? Didn’t think so!

Specializing hypnotism and forcing you to have multiple orgasms, but you won’t know that unless pick up the phone and call me. Role-playing is my forte, I can be your mother punishing you because you didn’t finish your chores, the girl next door who’s had a crush on you for years, even the hot sexy stepsister but those are just a few and I’m not about to share all my secrets with you, but anything goes with me, I’ll even let you choose and in the words of Donald Trump “come grab me by the pussy”.

I’m looking for a new pain slut! Is that you? I need to abuse some cocks and balls, and what I could do with a hairless pussy! I have a lock and key and the need to use them! So don’t be shy cum out and play, and the name of Mistress Abbie to you!

I love the way you touch me, from the inside of my ankle all the way up to my lower ear. That smooth slow touch of your finger tips running up my leg, lightly over my hip bone, up my tone belly- pausing a moment to tease my belly button making me giggle. I love how your finger tips leave a tantalizing trail of sparks as they glide over my hard sensitive nipples, sending thrills down my spine as they softly touch my neck and your lips replace them on their trails back down my body.

I love to feel your warm lips shadow your fingertips slow path over my body and the way they leave me begging for more. More touches, more kisses, more …

Do you want to shopping for the sexy lingerie that you promised me? We can invite that sexy little sales girl in to help us again! Mmmmmm Yum!

How many licks would it take to get to the Warm, Wet, Juicy & Honey SWEET center of an Abbie pop!!? And who wants to call and find out?


1)So its 11:00 pm and you hear a knock at your front door. You open it to see me standing there wearing a trench coat. So my question is….What would you do?

2)Mutual Enema’s I have to tell you I love them, and holding all that water as you cum is mind blowing

3)Every day I sit on my deck soaking up some rays, and I can FEEL my neighbor from across the way staring at me. What should I do about it? I know what I want to do! Whom ever gives me the best suggestion I’ll write about next month, deal?