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Age: 38
Cup Size: 36c.25.37
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Likes: Creative, hot sex with men and women, fantasy role play, going on new sexual adventures with you, throbbing dicks and pulsing clits and orgasms all around.
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Hey guys and gals! I am Adrian, and back for a one night, New Years Eve, Encore Performance.

Let me introduce myself.
I have been called a cocksucker. I am, however, no ordinary, garden variety, standard pricklicker. I am a Cocksucker Extraordinaire! I have been told by cocksucking connoisseurs that I am a World Class Cocksucker, and that if there were a Cocksucking Olympics, I would GOLD MEDAL in it. Bring me your cock. Let me show you what I am talking about.

Chant of the Phallic Priestess

I've sucked the dicks of hypocrits,
and licked the balls of know-it-alls;
I've tongued the ass of the highest brass,
and held some cock that felt like rock...

I've licked and sucked, stroked and fucked--
all and one, I helped them cum.
No matter what sort of men they be,
I know their dicks, and they



As you can see, I am a lover of the almighty Cock, as well as Mistress of the Orgasm. Men make me happy, orgasms make me happy, pleasure makes me happy.

Be my Cock. Let me whisper in your ear how to take me to orgasm and drench my panties for you. I'll even send them to you, full of the cum I spilled during our play so you can experience for yourself my taste and my scent.

I do so enjoy a high hard one! Let me hear you stroking yours and I'll let you hear me finger my deliciously wet pussy.

I know you want to bounce your balls on my juicy pussy lips while you slam your stiff staff into my perfect pear-shaped ass, raised high in the air in front of you. Come on, give it to me! Right here! Right now! I want you deep inside my hot ass. And when you are done with me, I'll return the favor by ramming my own hot rod of a strap on up your mangina. I am an excellent fuck, both in giving and receiving.

Be forewarned, however, that when I strap it on, I can get very primal, loosing the out-of-control bitch in heat that lurks deep inside the dark places of my aching cunt. When I go there, you are Mine to take, to fill, to use, to enjoy in whatever way pleases Me at the moment.

Trust me--any pain, discomfort, or humiliation you go through to get Me to that place of Wild Abandon will be more than worth it for you in our experiences together.

Perhaps you will rock Me to the point where I will even write a poem about you, a sonnet about us, an Ode to your submissive journey as it coincides with My Dominant one. Perhaps I will immortalize the adventures we take, make mythic and stunning our journeys together. Cum play with me, and enter a storied place where we wander in worlds of our own choosing, playing whatever games we deem cum-worthy.

I am back for an encore New Years Eve performance.