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Age: 21
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Likes: sunsets, the stars, the sky, and the moon, reading a good book all cuddled up in your arms, being pampered and pleased and told I am a good girl, and so much more! Call me!
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I'm Adrianna, and getting under your skin is just one of my favorite hobbies.

Just think about it: my silky brunette hair that cascades down to my waist, perfect to fall down around us when I'm on top of you, or to grab a handful of, if you prefer (maybe both!). My toned body in front of you, built for sin and perfect for wandering hands and mouths. A smile that could stop traffic - or a pout, if it helps me get my way. I'm the embodiment of your most tantalizing fantasies and you better bet that I know it.

Dressing up and feeling sexy as Hell is one of my greatest pleasures, whether I'm draped in lacy lingerie or strutting my stuff in a teeny-tiny dress. I absolutely live for turning heads and leaving a trail of stunned admirers in my wake. I do adore being pampered, praised and utterly spoiled. But don't let the pretty packaging fool you -- I've been told I've got a feisty streak. Oh, let's be real: I'm unabashedly bratty when it comes to what I want... and what I want is a vocal man who can handle me, one who isn't afraid to tell me what he likes. One who relishes being in the presence of a strong-willed, passionate woman.

I like to think I'm pretty experienced for my age, but I'm sure I have a lot to learn from the right man too. What I do know is that I can get off in loads of ways! Want me to take control? Perfect. I'll get you desperate in a way we'll be fantasizing about again and again in the future. Or do you want to take me roughly, with both our primal desires in play? I'd love to be your little toy. But I'll push back, so be prepared to put me in my place when I act out. Go ahead, try me. I dare you.

When I'm not turning heads (or teasing them...), you'll find me outdoors losing myself in nature. I love reading side by side in the warm glow of the sunset or getting cozy together underneath the moonlight I adore so much, asking you what your favorite constellations are. I guess I'm a bit of a free spirit... Yes, I love being spoiled and pampered, but I also think the best days can be just existing in the presence of the world's beauty.

Sensuality is like a sixth sense for me. I crave intimacy, heated whispers, sultry embraces, and the delicious sound of your moans or breathless gasps. And I won't lie... Even if I have a taste for rougher passions from time to time, I am always dreaming of cuddling up with you at the end of an incredible time together.

So, are you the vocal, appreciative partner who can match my fierce desires? The one who will shower me with praise one moment and unleash my wilder side the next? I'm a rare prize, but for the right man, the rewards are worth it... Believe me, I'm young, energetic, and more than ready to drive you wild.

So send me a message. Give me a call. Tell me about the prettiest places you've been, your favorite reads, and then tell me exactly what you want me to do to you... Or vice versa.
Whether you like it slow and sweet or hot and heavy--
If you want to make me beg or be kneeling at my feet--
If you feel like you can keep up with me and even teach me a thing or two, or if you need a (mostly) patient Pretty Young Thing to show you how a girl like me gets things done--

Whatever it is, I'm up to the task and simply can't wait for you to get in touch. Remember: I want a man who knows what he wants. And hey, I'll take over, because I already know how it starts: what you want? What you want is Adrianna.