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Hello Sweetheart.

I am Alexis, but I prefer Princess, Miss Alexis, or Goddess. And just like any good Princess I know how you much you love to give me everything I want and deserve. How will you serve me? Will you bow down and worship my body like a good little slave? Or will you put me back in my place and punish me for my spoiled ways?

I love being taken in public, the thrill of being caught always gets me soaking wet. Oh how I would love to make you go to different places and to have you stroke that cock for everyone to see. How hard would your dick get waiting for my instructions, maybe looking out your car window and watching strangers walking into the store next to you.

If you catch me in one of my more devious moods perhaps I will just tease you endlessly, forcing you to touch, pinch and stroke your body in different ways to please me. How long will you last my obedient servant? Will you beg me for your release? Nothing makes me happier than having a slutty, little slave who want to please me, who will do anything I ask.

Being spoiled does have its privileges and I relish in them daily. But I am always begging to be punished for my wicked ways. A real man could get me down on my knees, force that big cock in my mouth. Punish whichever of my naughty holes he sees fit. Will you push me back and fuck me like a real man? If I had been extra naughty you would want to give me a well deserved spanking, can you imagine how pink my fine ass would be? I can and I love to beg for it.

I'm that sweet little neighbor you've had your eye on for months, always walking around in my skimpy outfits to your house to bring you the mail that is always delivered to my house instead. When I end up on your doorstep I wont be able to control my desire anymore. Let me pull that cock out of your pants and push it into my mouth right there, on my knees, my mouth forced wide around your dick. How long can you watch my head bobbing up and down on your fat cock before you have to feel how wet and tight my pussy is?

How about you let me play a realtor and have you in the house I'm showing? Lead you through the rooms like a little pet. When I lead you upstairs I can hear your breathing getting more husky, trying to catch a glimpse of my pussy barely covered by my skirt. I'll Show you all the potential these rooms have. Kneel down and beg me to sell you on this house. I will reward you with taking the tie around your neck and restraining your hands to the stair railing. pull down the slacks your wearing showing me your ready cock. Let me stroke and suck on that cock, as long as it takes to get you to sign on the dotted line.

My mind is full of nasty little thoughts and fantasies, why don't you take a look? Call me and I will make a fantasy just for us to play. My panties are soaking just waiting to hear you on my phone. Would you like them? I can send you the panties from our time together for a hot price!

Email me at so we can get all the steamy details out of the way for our time together. I am also on AIM and Trillian ExploreAlexis and now on Twitter @explorealexisYD so you can check on my updates and little thoughts.

Hear from you soon, Love Alexis XX