Alexis’ Fantasies

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Alexis’ Fantasies

*Daddy’s Home*

I had so much fun this week, and that didn’t make Daddy very happy. He had
questions about the pictures I had taken. Who was I with? Where did I
escape to? I hadn’t thought about the pictures I had shared when I had
taken them. I was having too much naughty fun. The ocean was the perfect
sexy getaway for this little princess to get naughty and make risky
The message I received this morning was exciting and nerve-wracking, my
panties getting damp and the muscles in my stomach tightening as I read
it. I had just got into my car from shopping all morning. The message only
said to be at his place before he got home, nothing else. I knew better
than to keep him waiting, his dominance never questioned.
It took me a few moments before I could start my car, thinking about
Daddy. My fingers instinctively slipped down under my jeans, instantly met
by my hot, wet excitement. I reminisced about the last time I had seen
Daddy, my fingers circling my clit. How his thick arm wrapped around my
neck as he took me from behind, punishing me for being a slutty brat
again. My breath was raspy and labored then, I couldn’t even cry out as he
drilled his cock into my tight pussy. Fast and hard with out any reprieve,
my orgasms soon became torturous. Wave after wave of ecstasy caused my
legs to attempt to buckle under me, but as I begin to fall his arm around
my throat grew unbearably tight, painful even, forcing me to struggle to
remain on my toes….

The slam of a car door startled me out of my fantasy and I quickly pulled
my hand out of my pants. I looked at the time and realized I had just
enough time to get to the house before he did and left the parking

I ran to greet Daddy and just got to the door as he opened it. He took me
into his hard, thick body and kissed me with enough force and hunger I was
left dizzy and wanting for more. He pulled back and told me, “You smell
like cigarettes and bad decisions.” I opened my mouth to explain but was
cut short by his mouth returning to mine, exploring every taste and
He spun my back to him and pushed me over the back of the couch, my toes
barely touching the floor. He examined my new jeans, his hands inspecting
the way the material hugged my curves. His stronger hand was on my throat
holding my face into the cushions, the other spreading my legs apart. I
whimpered under him as his hand suddenly made contact with my ass.
Deliberate, hard smacks before lifting one of my legs over the couch next
to my head. I was uncomfortable all folded up, completely at his mercy. I
felt his cock hard through his jeans rub against my thigh. He knew I was
trapped too, and if I tried to resist he would just get more strict in
punishing me. His hand left my throat and grabbed my wrists, holding them
high between my shoulder blades. If I squirmed just a tiny bit it would be
His fingers grabbed roughly at my thighs and ass, testing my reactions
with each slap and grope. My excitement was noticeable now through my jeans
and his fingers closed around my pussy, pressing the wetness against my
sensitive skin. I groaned as his fingers rubbed through my jeans to my
clit, the pressure so hard that it was almost too much. My body betrayed
me by cumming almost instantly for Daddy, which he rewarded by spanking
me again.
His hand was back on my pussy, racing for me to climax again. I cried out
as my orgasm took me in, Daddy’s hand never stopping. I tried to move
away, just for a moment but Daddy held me down fast. He told me to stop
fighting, to just take it. He always asked me to stop resisting, but it
was such an amazing torture to be completely restrained by Daddy’s hands
and mouth. “Just take it.” His words pushed me over the edge again. I
cried out in ecstasy, my body giving up completely as I fell into the

I was pulled back up by my wrists and rushed into his bedroom. He held me
to him, gentle but still in control. He lifted my face to his kissing me
softly. He asked me if I was done being bad, his face straight and
serious. I giggled and told him I was never going to be done and there was
nothing that could change that. His arms around my waist grew tight and
his voice growled at me deep and domineering. He took up the challenge and
decided to remind me how much I really missed his cock. He pushed me down
onto my knees in front of him, the back of my head resting back on the
mattress. His cock was pressed against my face, my arms restrained by one
of his hands above my head, keeping me trapped without options. Daddy was
in control of my body as his other hand forced my mouth up to meet his
cock, looking me in the eyes. He told me to open my pretty, little mouth
and to take Daddy’s cock like a good girl. I tried to get my hands free,
to fight a little more, but was like trying to escape iron in his grip. I
opened my mouth to tell him what I really thought and his cock was forced
deep into my throat. I choked, gasping as he pulled out of my mouth. My
silent submission was what turned his light eyes dark as his grip
tightened even more on my body.
My mouth was filled with his cock, my tongue trying to force him out of
my throat. The pressure of my tongue kicked up his desire, as he grabbed
the back of my head and fucked my mouth relentlessly. My world was
spinning, my pants soaked from how wet Daddy made me, my body begging for
more. The fast pace made me moan, the vibration against the head of his
He pulled his cock completely out of my mouth, releasing my hands. My
instinct was to wrap my hands around Daddy’s cock, stroking just the way
he showed me. His hands caressed my hair. He started encouraging me to
stroke his cock faster. He asked me to tell him how it felt to have
Daddy’s fat cock back in my hands. I shivered thinking of how good it
felt, how I wanted so much more of Daddy’s cock. I was about to voice my
request when his cock was put back in my mouth. Daddy pushed the head of
his cock into my throat and grabbed my head, mouth fucking me with short,
deep thrusts. His body tightened against me as he got closer to his
release, driving me to want to fuck him faster. My tongue pressed the
underside of his cock, starting to milk his cock. Daddy pushed harder,
making it hard to breathe, his hands on my head holding me still, nothing
more than his sex toy now. My mouth still full of him, his cock started
to squirt cum into the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly, focused as
Daddy exploded in my mouth. He tried pulling me away, but I clung to him,
sucking until I was satisfied I had taken every drop….

When being punished for being bad is so very good why would Daddy’s little
girl ever want to change…..
The sweet age of twenty-two. Twenty-two breathes soft, glowing skin. As
smooth as butter, even to the most calloused hands. Delectable skin,
smooth over every curve. I love when I move, my blonde hair tickles my
bare back and across my collar bone. The lightest touch sends electricity
burning through my body. Run your hands down, brushing my hair behind my
shoulders. I’ll stand perfectly still in front of you, my eyes following
your movements.
I just watch, my breathe quickening slightly as your fingers dance ever so
lightly down my breast, lingering at my nipple. You notice the muscles in
my chest tighten as I struggle to remain still under your touch. I manage
to stay still as both of your hands are at work massaging my tits, testing
their weight. My “C” cups fill your hands nicely, as your fingers squeeze
and play.
I exhale as you move down along my stomach, your hands caressing the
curve of my waist, testing your grip on my hips. You pull me closer then,
your fingers digging into my hip as my body is forced into yours. Your
lips take mine more suddenly than I expected, but my surprise was
swallowed in the desire rising. I pushed in closer, my body now driving me
forward. I wrap my arms around your neck, straining on my toes to press my
lips harder into yours.
My body has a mind of its own and I pull you down under me. Your pant are
gone quickly, You didn’t waste time. I take your cock in my hands and
start pumping my hands around the length, excited to see you already so
erect and hard for me. I stroke gently for a few moments until I see the
beading of pre-cum start to coat your cock and know that it is time to have
my mouth of your cock now. I lean down, your hands already gathering my
hair in your hands, my mouth already watering at the thought of you inside
my mouth.
The head of your cock fills my mouth forcing me to open my mouth as wide
as I can. You take your hands to force my head down onto the base of your
cock, thrusting your hips more as you start to hear me gag. I love to feel
you stretch out my mouth, the taste of your pre-cum making me even more wet
than before.
Your ready now, I know as you lift my head. Using your hand in my hair you
guide me up to kiss your lips. My legs on either side of your hips, your
stiff dick pressed against my pussy. I continue to kiss you as I grind
back and forth against your cock, my clit rubbing constantly against the
head of your erection. I lift myself slightly only to guide you inside me.
I can barely contain myself as you stretch me. My pussy getting more wet
with every thick inch inside me. Feeling so full with your extent inside
me, the muscles in my thighs and ass are burning to ride you. To feel you
buried deep inside me as I fuck you. I feel my hips start to roll faster
as I begin to feel the build to my first orgasm of the night. My moans
come quicker as my nails bury into you chest, the muscles inside me
clutching at your cock. You hands on my hips guide me home as I cum on top
of you. My cries quiet for a moment, as I slow down to collect myself. I
lean down on top of you, kissing your lips as I start to move again
against you…….
I have been craving the opportunity to fuck a man in his ass lately. I
fantasize about how I would stretch and dominate him all day long, given
the chance. Oh how I long to see how far I could push, see how far I can
take you. I have a few dildos I keep close just for my more kinky moods.
How should I have you wait for me?

Maybe I should have you kneeling down on the bed. Your hands tied to the
posts, your face pressed down against the sheet. Yes, I like you just
like this, vulnerable to my every touch. Now I can properly take your ass
and do whatever I please. Spread your legs for me now, let me see how
being at my mercy has you already so excited.

Do you like how I run my fingernails across your thighs, barely grazing
your balls? How I grab fistfuls of your ass spreading your cheeks open and
wide? Your expected panting gets me excited to go faster, but I want to
wait today, I want to make it last. I laugh in delight as your body gives
me the reaction I have been craving for.

I feel you shiver when I spit on your asshole, getting it all nice and
wet. That is going to be the only warm up you get today baby. I push the
head of my dildo against that tight little hole, and hear you gasp as I
force my toy inside you. You cry out, begging for me to fuck you, to be
nothing other than my little slut. I penetrate you faster, pushing deeper
each stroke. How long can I fuck you before you are begging to explode all
over this bed? I can tell you want to to cum, that you want to touch your
little cock and make a mess. But you try and contain yourself. I hear you
start begging me to stop, that your are close and I fuck you harder for a
minute longer before pulling my dildo out of your ass.

I love being able to tease you, to start pushing my toys inside you
whenever I feel the urge to hear you panting again. I get so wet when you
start to beg for me to let you come. You are such a good fuck toy for me.
Always letting me use your body for whatever I desire. I can’t wait until
the next time we play…
I love having my pussy sucked on and played with by your tongue. Her mouth
lightly biting my nipples, so sharp and sensitive. I watch as you raise
your mouth to hers and she tastes my pussy on your lips. She leaned down
to push your cock into her mouth and you go back to teasing my clit. I
watch you as you push your fingers inside me, stretching me out and
filling me all at once. My breathing was getting faster, I could hear my
own moans start getting louder as your tongue brushed my clit back and
forth, your fingers curling intensely inside my pussy. Just as I was about
to reach my breaking point you stopped and flipped me onto my stomach. My
friend sat back in front of me and I buried my face between her thighs. I
felt her fingers grasping at the back of my head, pulling me closer into
her. She was so wet already, my tongue couldn’t get enough of her.

Keeping my mouth working I felt your hands on my hips, my ass being pulled
into the air. My breathing turned to panting as I felt your cock push
against my tight little hole. My face was hot buried against her and I
felt you push your way deep inside me. I instantly got even wetter, my
moans drowned in her pussy. My hips hurt with how hard you were holding
me. My ass arched in the air as far as I could. I could hardly keep myself
together, about to cum when she came with me. She cried out, back arched
her pussy contracting around my fingers.

Her orgasm triggered my own and I collapsed in our puddles. We got on our
knees and started cleaning off your cock, tasting each other on our
tongues. My hands grasped around your balls, rolling and massaging with my
fingers. You took your cock in your hand and starting stroking quick. We
both got close tougher and opened our mouths, excited to get our prize.

You cried out as you finished, your cum shooting onto our faces and
chests. You sat back in the bed, your cock slightly less hard than before.
You watched as we licked and sucked your cum off each other. Swallowing up
as much as we could. I started rub the cum on her tits, I licked it off
her little nipples. She was kissing my faces, wiping your cum from my

As I looked up I saw your hand on your cock again, stroking soft and slow.
Your cock was hard again and I knew you wanted more. I looked over and
watched as she came over and sat right in your lap, facing you. My pussy
started getting moist again watching as she pushed her breast into your
face. I watched as you pulled her nipple into your mouth. I knew you could
still taste your cum on her as your tongue lapped up the last remaining
streams from her chest. I watched him Lay back down and I sat next to

He picked me up and lowered me onto his face. His mouth latched onto my
clit as his hands spread my ass apart. I leaned forward, and felt my
friend bend down to lick my ass. My moans turned more into panting again
as their mouths opened me up. Her fingers started to push against my ass
and I knew she was going to make sure my ass got filled.
Everyone knows I love being fucked in front of you. How I tie you to that
chair and force you to watch me stuff all my holes with a big cock. I see
your excitement grow as I tie you making sure you can barely reach the
growing dick in your pants, You know by now this is the only attention I
will give you and you crave more. I know it gets your dick dripping
watching my mouth filled with a big cock. Watching how I gag on it in the
back of my throat. By now you can lightly touch the head of your dick, as
hard as it can ever be. I know your watching me suck on his cock, one of
my hands on my pretty little pussy. I know you can see how wet this cock
makes me already. My moaning around his cock raises one of your own and I
know its time to stuff another hole..

He makes the choice to bend me over across the bed, and slams into me
without any hesitation. I cry out in surprise at the sudden fullness and
adjust to the stretching of my tight pussy. I can’t help the moaning
already as his cock drives into me, each thrust seeming harder and deeper
than the last. You watch my hand moving around my clit, his cock pushing
in and out of my sweet hole and begin to touch the head of your cock, your
excitement barely contained. My ass is lifted his hands as he drives his
cock back inside me. His grip leaving light marks on my fair skin. He
starts moving faster as my moans get louder and faster and he know I am
close to cumming. I tense as my pussy tightens and I cry out through my
first orgasm today, leaving me temporarily breathless.

I straighten and I push him back onto the bed. I crawl up on top of him
and lick my sweet nectar off his cock before guiding it back inside my
sweet pink pussy, I know how you love to watch my ride. My hips rolling on
top of that cock, grinding the head across my sweet spot. You watch him
take hold of my hips and push me faster, forcing a quick race to my next
climax. You watch as his thick cock disappears under me, your dick
throbbing as my moans grow loud again. My hands are on my breast now,
groping and pulling at them as my body starts to shake. My pussy tightened
as I came again now. You watch as his thighs and cock are now wet, your
finger frantic as they struggle to stroke your own cock.

You watch as he grabs my and flips me on to my back, staying deep inside
me. You watch as my hand grip at his shoulders as he fucks me, My moans
and breathing exhausted. You watch the muscles in his ass and thighs tense
and his thrust become more strained. Your own dick is so close now to
cumming and you try to race his climax. I feel his cock harder than before
about to fill my now stretched pussy and now look over to you to see who
will win…………
I love the fantasies we play when you call my phone line. How you want all
my playmates together watching you fuck me. I love when you have me at the
end of the bed legs spread wide so that your face can be buried between
them. When your face in against my pussy, tongue on my little clit, I
can’t help but pull your face closer.

Knowing we are being watched makes it so much hotter as you eat my pussy.
Every moan from me is greeted by sighs or moans of their own. You look
over to see their cocks growing in excitement. Few have their dicks in
their hands lightly stroking. Your tongue never wavering from my pussy,
you make me cum twice before you stop.

You stand and the entire room can see that your cock is ready to be inside
me. Thick and so hard in my hands. I pull your cock to my lips and take
you in my mouth. All my play mates watching how I suck and pull on your
cock gets the room excited. Everyone just imagining my mouth was on them.
I glance to see their hands working those dick hard, pumping fast.

You pull my ankles to bring me back to the edge of the bed. You lift my
feet and kiss the arches before resting them on your shoulders. You lower
your hand to my pussy and slip a finger inside me. My pussy tightened
more when your fingers start to fuck me. Already excited and wanting for
more I could tell it wouldn’t take long to get me back on edge. My moans
are loud against the panting of our watchers. You pull out your fingers
to replace it with the head of your thick cock. You press against my
pussy stretching me as you go deeper. I cry out from the sudden fullness,
my body sensitive.

You drive deeper inside of me, harder with each thrust. My breasts
bouncing as you drive into me, bringing me closer and close to yet another
orgasm. Our observers are so close to exploding now, can’t contain their
desire much longer. Their envy of you driving their hands faster and

I clutch at the sheets as I climax, you body still powering over me. You
thrusts turn more aggressive. You grab at my hips to fuck me harder. You
are getting very close and the force of you sends me into another orgasm
before your cum fills my pussy. Our playmates follow right after you,
cumming wherever they could.
Our panting the only sound now.
I love it when you wear my panties. Its how I love to start our time, I
always want you dressed up. When I have you kneeling under me, worshiping
my toes and calves. You are so sweet when I reward you. Continue to
worship my body today, you have so much to prove. I want you to do this
for my, be my perfect slave. Show me just how much you crave me. Tickle my
skin with your lips, run your fingers up my thighs.

I want you to get those panties wet, show me just how excited you are.
What toys did you bring me to play with? A feather to tickle you, is my
paddle there to spank you? I want you to tell me everything you have to
play with, so I can imagine how I want to play with you.

I want your hands restrained, maybe your feet too. I want you open for me,
your only protection is my little panties. I want to get you all hard and
wanting for me before my fun can start. I start by tracing the little
bulge through my panties. Slowly moving and watch it grow before me. The
panties outline you so that I can see every ridge and crease. I get
excited to see how ready your are for me.

I pull the panties aside and tease you with my hands until you get to the
edge. I wait for you to beg to cum before I stop moving, keeping you at
the edge. You want to cum, but I don’t want you to so I pull at your
nipples until you calm down. The sting of my pulls bring you back down
enough to play under your panties again.

If you are a good little slave I will let you take breaks to pleasure me,
to make me cum, but I wont stop teasing you. You have to focus on me only
when your on the edge. I untie you hands during this first break. You will
first only be able to use your hands to make me cum. If your a good little
slut then I will bring you back to the edge. If you cant then I will
punish you.

After you take your punishment we will try again. This time you can only
use your mouth to make me cum. So I will tie your hands back up and sit on
your face, giving me the perfect position to tease you properly. Lets see
how long we will last here. Will I be pleased or are you going to make me
punish you?
Oh Baby I love when you put on a show for my friends. How you throw me
around on the bed and get me all hot and wet for you. I don’t think she
was expecting you to say yes. To let her watch you fuck me, who was more
turned on? You, me, or her? I could see her panties getting wet as you
held me down and shoved your face between my thighs. Oh how she grabs her
breasts with every moan I let out. Oh baby that show you gave she will
never forget.

You moved like a shadow over me, that sweet dark ebony covering my light
skin. How your face was buried in my pussy sucking and licking every sweet
spot I had, sucking up all my wetness, oh give me more. I loved to watch
her every time I came, just over and over while your fingers were inside
me. Every time I felt your fingers curl inside me I got closer and closer
to cumming again. Your teeth grazing my clit sending me over the edge.

How much time passed baby, 20 minutes? 45? I glanced at my clock and
realized your head had not moved in 55 minutes. I grabbed your face to
taste myself on your lips. Moist and sweet like me I felt my huger rise
again as you climbed over me. I felt my legs spread wide for you as you
lowered into my pussy. My gasp so loud in the sudden quiet. Oh baby did
you see her bite her lip? How her hand moved over her panties?

I love to be stretched by you. I have never felt so full. So deep and hard
I couldn’t catch my breath. Over and over you fell into me giving me what
I had needed all day. I could hear her breathing next to us rising faster
just like my own as another orgasm took me. It didn’t take long for the
next one. My breathing was ragged but I didn’t care. The euphoria of what
you gave me was worth the high.

Before I realized I was on my stomach, my ass at your mercy. But your
fingers found my pussy again and started to play at my sweet spot. Your
fingers curling and pulling so fast you make me cum twice, three times
before you let up. I feel your lips as they kiss my ass, your hands
spreading me open. My body reacts arching my hips back to you as you lick
the remaining juice from my engorged pussy. I don’t know how much more I
can take baby I am exhausted from the show. But you lay over me and push
your cock inside again.

As your cock is pushing inside me, you grab my ankle to turn me over, your
cock never slipping out. I am on my back again convulsing with every
thrust now. I feel your hands on my wrist as you bring my arms around your
neck. I hold on tight, my legs wrapping around your hips as you lift me.
Your holding me as I ride you, gravity helping to bring you deep inside
me. I come over and over onto you but you never let up, never giving me
one minute to collect myself.

How long are you going to keep this up baby?
Light As A Feather

Lets see how obedient you can be for me. I want you standing hands tied
with my thick rope braced by the ceiling. Be a good slut for me and stand
very still. I want your naked body fully accessible to me, nothing to
protect your skin from my touch. Just for fun let me blindfold you, I cant
have you seeing my next move. Let my fingers graze your chest and circle
around your hard little nipples. Flick them into stiff peaks. My feather
might play with them a little too.

I think I will run my hands up and down your sides, lingering on your
ribs, exposed. Your blindness and nakedness is making you on edge but you
want to please your Master, don’t waiver. Lean into my touch, as I let my
fingers trail between your shoulder blades down to your open ass. I feel
you clench slightly. Is that from excitement? Let my fingers lightly trace
shapes across your skin, let me watch as the goosebumps rise.

Listen to my soft words as my hands wander my sweet little slut. How good
and obedient you have been for me lately. Let my words shake away the
slight fear of punishment. today I will only torture you with pleasure.
Today will be about my white little feather.

First I need to get that little, soft cock stiff and hard. Once you have
given me enough to play I can begin. I want my little feather to trail
across your ribs and follow the line of your hips. Is it sensitive? Even
at the beginning of my tease your jerk away from the touch. Your breathing
hikes up as I continue this endless stretch. I watch your toes curl when I
bring my feather around the base of my little cock, round and round. Your
body is so tense beneath me, If only you could see how happy it makes me.

I bring my feather up the shaft and back down. So softly and quick you
don’t know which way to move. Your breathing has escalated to quiet
whimpers as my feather rounds your head, already dripping from the
excitement. I grab hold of your dick to keep you still and relentlessly
bring my feather across your head. Your body jerking whichever way it can
trying to escape.
Oh but it feels so good, doesn’t it? Making me happy this way….seeing
the way your little cock gets wet for more.

What reaction will I get when my feather spins across your balls? I want
you quivering under my touch. Spread your legs wide for me, let my feather
glide across your ass. What if I could play my feather across your little
balls as I stroked your dick? It wouldn’t take long before you would beg
to cum I’m sure.

I can hear you now, thanking me over and over as I torture and please you.
I love hearing those words and they fuel me to tickle your skin much more.
I never waiver with my touch and you know I will not release you until I
am satisfied…How can you satisfy me now? You are the smartest little
cock I have and you will find a way to sate me.. even in your current
condition. I feel your cock getting stiffer as you grow closer, but not

How long can I torment you this way my little slave?
Talk dirty to me. I am just the girl next door that has no limits. Call me
on the phone and get me all hot for you. This little slut wants to give
you what you want. Tell me how you want me to bend over for you so you can
fuck me so deep. Tell this freaky girl all your fantasies. How would I
fuck you? My mouth, my pussy, or my ass? I will make that cock feel good
wherever you put it. Let me suck that cock while you grab my hair in your
fist. Let me see how far I can take you, I want that cock to choke me. Let
this slut suck on your head and drink up that pre-cum.

Will you let me push that big cock inside my tight, wet pussy? The Magic
that happens will push for me to ride you harder, faster, longer. Why
don’t you push my against the wall and fuck me from behind, until my legs
shake. I don’t want to stop cumming all over that cock.

Show me how far you want to take me baby. Claim my ass as your own. Fuck
me until I am gaping. Waiting for that cum to fill the void. Fill my ass
baby, let me show you how hard I want to be fucked. Let me force that big
cock as far as my ass can take it. Fuck me until your cum is dripping out.
I reach behind and try a taste of that sweet cum.

Oh but we are not done are we. Let me fuck your mouth again. I know how
sensitive you are not and it wont be long until you explode. Let me suck
on your sack as I stroke that cock. You can push my head against you as
much as you want. I will keep that pattern, stroking and sucking on you.
Cum on me baby. Prove that you like what this slut can do. I will hold my
mouth open baby and you cum wherever you like. I will lick every last drop
up baby.

When you have been sucked clean baby its time to put you to work. I want
your mouth right on my pussy and you know what to do down there. I knot my
fingers in your hair, pushing your face harder against my pussy. flick my
clit with your tongue, purr against me. Push your fingers inside my pussy
baby and don’t stop when I cum over and over on your face

I get so wet when I hear your voice on my phone baby. Telling me the dirty
ways you could fuck me and I can please you. What should we explore baby?
Where can I take you? Phone sex is great, but with us its hotter.
Let’s start with the longest kiss beginning at my neck and across my
collarbone down to my sweet nipples. Watch my back arch as you suck and
bite them, my fingers on your back. Work you mouth along my body stopping
between my thighs. Listen to my moans as you bite the inside of my thighs,
leaving marks on my skin.

Work your tongue across my sweet clit and feel my hands push your head
closer to me. How long can you make me come this way? once…twice…four
times? I lose count as your mouth sends my body through wave after wave of
orgasms. My moans turn to panting, I start begging for more. My pussy
dripping wet and ready for that big cock to fill me.

I sit up to push you back down taking all that hardness in my hands. I
caress the head so gently and stroke your entire length. My mouth waters
at the images in my head, this big cock in the back of my mouth. I lean
down and wrap my lips around and pull you as deep as I can on my tongue. I
feel your thighs clench as my tongue dances across the under side of you
dick, encouraging me to take you deeper…faster. You hold my head between
your hands and thrust against me. You take control and fuck my mouth,
hearing the resistance in my moans as you push your way deeper down my

Faster, I hear the excitement in your voice getting louder. We adjust so I
can kneel in front of you, You still driving that thick cock inside my
mouth. Your thrusts getting faster and harder each time I know your
getting close. I look up at you, tears in my eyes from your cock choking
me, and watch as the deep growl deepens and gets louder.

I feel it before I see it on your face, the sweet cum filling my mouth,
pouring out and dripping down my tits. You take your cock and empty your
cum across my nipples. I swallow what I can and take my fingers to scoop
up what I can from my chest just to taste more……

But we are not down yet are we? I still needed my tight pussy to be
filled. I know what will come next, how do you want to take me?
Feeling the roughness of the felt covering the table, I couldn’t remember
Who’s idea it had been to play strip? It had to have been yours, I thought
As you were still dressed from the waist down, while I had only my
panties between me and complete nakedness. I bent lower on the table, my
breasts pressed hard between me and the table and adjusted my line of
sight once more. I grazed my hand down the length of my queue, feeling the
smooth, hard length of it. I could feel your eyes on me as I pulled back
to take my shot, trying to ignore all of the sensual feelings building up
Inside me. I pushed forward and sank the 13 into the side pocket.

Pulling myself back up I knew I had a triumphant smile on my face,
challenging you to make your move. Seeing how close I was to losing, you
bent over the table and lined up your own shot. You missed your intended
mark and the 6 went spiraling across the table. I giggled knowing the next
piece of clothing you had to remove would be your pants. As gracefully as
you could I watched you slip your pants off and underneath your excitement
was hardly contained by your underwear. I giggled seeing the effect I was
giving you and walked to the other side of the table to find my next shot.

I was bent over, entirely focused on the line-up of the 9 when I felt you
come up behind me. The shock of your touch quickly fell away as you
wrapped your arms around my waist, pushing your hardness against my
backside. I adjusted once more, determined not to throw this shot, even
with the distraction. Trying to focus I could feel your hands exploring my
ass through the panties I still had, trying to ignore the heat of your
hands through the lace. I inhaled deeply in an attempt to refocus and
caught your scent instead.

With your hands and scent taking over my consciousness, I could feel the
wetness grow inside my panties and instinctively pushed back against you.
Feeling your hardness against my body I knew I would not be able to win
this game, but my competitiveness wouldn’t allow me to not finish this
shot. I leaned over, determined to ignore your distractions and felt your
fingers start to run across the underside of my panties, now past damp.
Trying to focus and enjoy your fingers playing with the sensitive areas
beneath my panties, I drew a steadying breath and cocked back to take my
shot. I focused and vaguely felt my panties move to the side. Pushing my
arm forward I scratch, knowing I lost this game.

I turn to face you, running my hands lower to your hardness.
“What’s next?”….