Alexis’ Thoughts

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Alexis’ Thoughts

I was enjoying my coffee on my balcony this morning, just daydreaming of how amazing it is to be awoken by a hard cock between my thighs. I sipped at my hot coffee, letting the breeze tickle at my legs and neck exposed around my robe. The thoughts I get in the morning are always so naughty. If anyone heard them out loud I’m sure I would receive a spanking as punishment. Still feeling the warm mug between my palms, I cant help imagine it is your cock instead. So hard and warm, especially in the chilly morning air.

I dream of you being on this balcony with me, bending me over it. I grab the railing while your hand pulls my robe up over my ass. I feel your rough hands along my smooth bare rear, my breathing hiking up in anticipation. I look around at the view, trying to glimpse anyone walking around below us. The thought of someone watching as you bent me over the railing had my thighs growing hot and wet, especially as your hand started to move in circles around my ass. You could tell how badly I wanted to feel that sting from your palm against me. How badly must I beg to be spanked by you baby?

If I ever tell you to go fuck yourself please, just take out your cock and do it for me. I want you where ever you are right now, to take that soft dick out of your pants and start jacking off for me. Hurry up and get that cock hard now! I don’t want to wait, and if you make me wait I am going to have to teach you a lesson. Listen to me, do as your told and let me use that small cock however I want to. I love to push limits, see how long you can last for me. Let’s play pretend and imagine I am right next to you while you get close to blowing your load, I’m right in your ear telling you to keep going, yelling at you not to cum and not letting you stop until you have begged for relieve. I love listening to your whimpers of pleasure when we talk dirty on the phone, I giggle a little more as I order you to start beating your little cock for me again. I can’t wait to find out how long you can handle your edging.

Naughty or Nice? I’ll decide. It’s my favorite time of year and you can bet I am making a list and will be checking it twice. I am writing names down, deciding whether you’ve been a good or bad boy this year. Have you made your Princess Alexis happy all year long? I remember every moment I spend with each of my playmates, all the ways you eagerly worship me and all the ways you disobey me and need to be punished. Where do you suppose your name is written? I know when you’ve been jacking off, I know when you have Cum. I know when you’ve been bad or good when we have phone sex on the weekend. Those on my naughty list are sure going to receive more than a lump of coal from me this year. Spankings are definitely in order. Your ass will be mine, until you are begging to be on my nice list…

I love the feeling of my clothes being torn away. The frenzy to get me
naked under your hands is so hot. My ripped jeans, stripped away from my
thighs. Your hands fast and strong, busy tearing away the strips covering
my skin. I was getting wet quickly, my pussy ready for you instantly. Your
fingers gave up trying to remove my pants and found my pussy through the
holes. Your lips on mine as I felt your hands gripping at my body, your
mouth devouring the exposed skin around my neck.
I felt my tank top being gripped between strong hands on my chest. I kept
my hands on your shoulders, digging my nails into your skin as your
muscles tightened. I heard the tear and felt your hands on my bare skin,
leaving hanging strips of cotton hanging off my shoulders. You lifted me
up against you, my arms and legs wrapped around you. My mouth on yours, as
I felt us moving. Your cock pressed against me, hard as we left the
doorway and into the bedroom. My lips were torn from yours as you dropped
me onto the bed, leaving me breathless.
I’m a sight aren’t I? Laying in front of you, my hair swirled around my
pretty face. I watch you take in the sight of me, your eyes centered on
my mouth. I licked my lips, knowing your thoughts of what I could do with
my tongue. I watch your eyes gaze lower, stopping at my breasts.
Slightly exposed under my pink bra, my tank top in shreds underneath me.
My bare stomach smooth and bare until the waist of the jeans I was barely
wearing met my hips. The lace of my panties showed where the jeans had
been torn.
My smile spread as I watched you unfasten your pants. You pulled your
shirt over your head, leaving you standing in front of me, only a taunt
pair of boxers to cover your hard cock. I curled a finger up at you, ready
for the rest of my clothes to be torn away….
“Please, I’m so close..”

I love when I can hear you beg in my ear, “Please Miss Alexis, May I cum?”
But of course I won’t let you, not yet. I want to hear you spank yourself
again, the sharp smack of your hand on your ass in my ear. Tell me how
good it feels to stroke your small cock for me. My voice gets your little
cock so excited, I could laugh. So cute. You beg again to be allowed to
cum, which I deny once more. But since you can’t stop begging I tell you
to take you fingers off your dick and punish you with more spankings. You
don’t stop counting until I say your done. 1…. I remind you how rude it
is to only think about your pleasure….2….. Don’t forget how you only
want to give me pleasure….3….. If you can’t behave I will punish you
more severely….4….Has your small cock remembered its place yet?
Once you have calmed yourself and promised not to beg anymore I allow you
to play with your little cock again, my voice edging you to cum again.
It’s not long before the precum is dripping off your cock. Lick it up for
me, like a good little boy. I hear your whines as your balls tighten,
straining to shoot out hot cum. But I order you to restrain yourself. I
have had enough teasing you. You are dismissed, maybe next time you can
I love when I can hear you beg in my ear, “Please Goddess Alexis, May I
cum?” But of course I won’t let you, not yet. I’d much rather hear you
spank yourself again for me. This is what you wanted when you called for
adult phone sex isn’t it my little slave. You wanted me to make you beg
for your release. Show me much punishment your ass will take before I let
you cum. You beg more to me, pleading that I let you finish, but I just
force you to stroke your dick harder. I tell you again that your not
allowed to cum and I tell you your punishments for disobeying your
Should I allow you to take your hands off your cock for a quick break if
you start squeezing your balls nice and hard for me? I know how full and
heavy they must be now, full of cum that’s trying to pour out. How about I
give you a choice? I will give you two options, and only one will let you
blow all that cum….but can you handle it? I’ll show you what xxx phone
sex really means. This Goddess knows how to make you beg.
This princess is hungry and all I can think about is how I want you to
devour my body. How I want you to suck on my sweet little nipples like
ripe cherries, biting me gently and letting that scrumptious taste fill
your mouth. I see how hard your cock gets when I bend my ass over for you,
why not take a big bite, just as you would a sweet red apple. But be
careful baby, I bruise easy. And since you are eating so healthy why not
have a little treat? Suck on my succulent pussy, its way better than any
other sweets I could give you. Let me just bury your face between my
thighs and let you have your treats. After you have had your fill then its
my turn. But where will I start?
I hear a lot of guys telling me that they love the thrill of masturbating
in public. The most common scenario I have heard has been in a car in a
public and trafficked parking lot….so naturally I had to give it a try!
Wow, my callers were not kidding about the rush. I was parked up front in
a big department store parking lot and pushed my hand inside my tight
leggings. I watched as people went around my car into the front doors of
the store, most never knowing what I was doing. I enjoyed the thrill
every time I made eye contact with someone, and wondered if they suspected
what I was doing. My pussy got so wet watching everyone looking at me,
possibly wondering why I had been sitting in my car so long. my little
finger played on my clit faster and a sweet moan escaped from my lips, I
didn’t think I could get even this close to cumming with all these people
around. I couldn’t keep a straight thought as my fingers found my sweet
spot inside my pussy and I didn’t care about anyone else anymore. The
thrill of getting caught sent me over the edge and I saw a few heads turn
as I moaned. It was such an amazing feeling but there was one thing I will
add next time. When I find myself playing with myself in the parking lot,
I have to call one of these sexy ladies here so I can try public phone
sex! To hear her moaning in my ear, reminding me of the passer byes as I
am sitting there my fingers playing on my sweet pussy, when send my over
the edge over and over. Telling her about my own dark and erotic sexual
desires…. Well lets say I can’t wait to do it again
Phone sex is the best when I get to play too. I want to play with my
pretty pussy for you and fantasize you with me now. How would you like me
to play? With my toys or only using my fingers? Do you want to really know
what makes me cum fast and hard, pushing my little pussy to its limit?
Tell me your desires, I want you as hot and ready as I am. I want your
moans to envelop over mine as we cum together. I want to hear you telling
me all the crazy ways you want to fuck my tight little holes, making me
into your deepest, hottest fantasy. Don’t stop until I cum over and over
into your ear…
One of my favorite holes to be stretched is my ass, Watch how I ride you
and take that big cock nice and deep, my moans growing louder and my
breathing turning to panting. I love to be bent over spreading my ass for
you as you drive that thick cock inside me, holding tight so I cant move.
As your fucking me don’t forget to give my ass a few hard slaps. Turn my
skin bright and hot to touch, don’t worry my ass can take the punishment.
I love to get my ass gaping from your cock, stretching and filling me
completely. I can’t wait to have your cum dripping from my ass soon.
Watching you suck on my toes is such a delicious treat. Having you rub the
balls of my pretty little feet is a treat that this princess adores. Tell
me how much you love to pamper my little toes. How would you like to be
able to paint them pretty for me. Give my feet the pampering they deserve
and show me how you love to worship them. Rub them with rich oil to give
them shine and make them buttery soft. After your worship I would be happy
to give you a sweet little reward.
Kneel on the floor for me, and pull out you cock. My oiled up feet want
the chance to rub up and down that ready dick. Watch my feet my sweet
little worshiper, see your cock perks up between my feet. Let me push my
toes onto your tight balls, give you a little massage with them. How long
can I keep my perfect feet on you before you explode.
What could be hotter than having two girls having phone sex? Let’s turn
this threesome into a foursome! I want one of your friends to join me and
one of my friends, I can already feel my panties wet from the
possibilities. What I really want to do is play Truth or Dare, and ladies
always get to go first. What will you pick? Truth… I want to know how
big your friends cock really is. Dare….. I want you to grab his cock.
Your choice tells us girls how much fun we can all have, so choose wisely.

Your turn to give us a choice, I almost always choose dare. What should I
do to my sweet little friend? Or would you rather have her try something
with me? Tell me exactly how you want us to touch each other, listen as we
start to moan and giggle at our racy little game. I want your cocks hard
for us, maybe stroking to our sexy sounds. Give me all of her so that I
can make you take all of him. Or I just might make him take all of you.
The only rules during our adult chat is Truth or Dare. Tell her to taste
my pink, wet pussy and tell me how your friends precum tastes. I want you
to hear my fuck her, which ever way you dare.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I cant wait to put a
thick, juicy sausage in my mouth. I have such a big appetite in the
mornings, a hunger that gives me the most incredible urges. The idea of
having your cock inside me makes my pussy so wet. I want you to use that
big cock wherever it will fit. I can never get enough of you driving down
on top of me, pushing that thick dick so deep. I want to suck on you and
taste my sweetness, try and take every last drop. Phone sex for breakfast
is my favorite way to start the day.Give me that husky voice in my ear
whispering every way you want to take me. I love the places we go before
noon. How just saying “your desires” makes my nipples hard and goosebumps
rise. My sweet little pussy is begging for me to play….how about you?
I get so hot when you tell me to take control of your girlfriend. When you
just sit and listen to the ways I pleasure her. I hear you stroking that
cock as I eat her sweet pussy. Her body tense beneath me as my hands play
with those soft breasts, my fingers tickling her nipples. Her clit hard as
I suck and lick on it, her eyes watching you. I bring my finger to her
pussy and feel just how wet and ready she is. I push inside her as she
grabs my hair pulling my face harder against her. I can hear your excited
breathing over her sweet moans. I know just how hard you are now. How
close you are to exploding all over us. I pause on her and your surprise
brings you both from the edge. I pull my mouth off her and slowly play my
fingers in her. Her breathing is still hard and we watch as her breasts
slightly bounce with each breath. Your stroking starts to match mine. I
spread my fingers inside her, stretching her like you would. Her hips
starting to grind against my hand. You hand starts stroking your cock
faster now….. How will you cum on us?
When you call and ask for phone sex I can’t help but giggle. I know what
you want and I love to give it. Tell me how hard your cock is for me. I
want you to stoke it while we chat. Hearing your breathing always causes
me to slip my hand under my panties, feeling my pussy get wet from your
excitement. Tell me how you like it babe, soft and sensual or hard and
Tighten that hold on your cock for me. How do you think my hands would
hold it? Tight and slippery I would need to use two hands. I want to play
with that sweet spot on the underside of that cock, maybe suck on your
sensitive head. How long until I could get you to cum that way?
Today was so good baby. I love hearing you on the other end of my phone.
Tell me what you want. I know how you love me talking dirty. Did you
expect phone sex to be so real? I wanted so bad for your face to be buried
between my thighs, my pussy dripping and engorged. Giving my orgasm after
orgasm, Oh yes. Did your cock stiffen as I called out your name over and
over? What went through your head when I licked my juice off my fingers?
mmm i needed that today baby and I love when you call. I get to be all
yours for however long you want. When I hear you call for me I get so wet
with excitement I cant wait to play under my panties. I see all the other
girls smile when I close my door, they know how I play and how loud I can
be hehe. I am never done cumming for you baby, I can go forever. Playing
with you is exactly what I crave.
I know I have a sweet tooth, but I just cant help it, I am a princess
after all. I love to treat my tongue with sweet and salty flavors. But my
favorite? Cock and Chocolate… Mmmm the best taste in my mouth. Why don’t
we just pour some chocolate syrup onto your thick cock, and give me the
treat I have been craving? You’ll be my new favorite sucker hehe.
How many licks does it take to get to the center of my little tootsie pop?
How many licks until I can have my mouth filled with your cream? I hope
sucking counts, I am too impatient to just give little licks. oh yes cock
is my favorite thing in my mouth, the best taste…..aside from pussy that
is. oh how I want to wrap my hands around that big cock and have it fill
my mouth. How my tongue slides across that drop seeping out your head.
Mmmm yes give me more. I can’t get enough. Every taste drives me faster to
the center, motivates me towards my prize. Feeling your cock tighten
between my lips as you give me what I want, the first taste hits me.
That’s right baby, give me so much cum it escapes my lips and drips down
my chin, I want it all. I won’t stop until your shaking beneath me,
I love when you get a good spanking and your skin is all pink, hot to the
touch. You need your punishment. I want you bent over behind the chair
with your wrists tied to the the arm rest. Your ass expectant of my touch.
Let me decide what I should use with you today….a wooden spoon, my
paddle, my crop? Your disobedience wasn’t too severe, a paddle should do

I will spank you fifteen times. I hear you count each one carefully until
I stop at five. I kneel down to see your erect dick at full attention,
droplets dripping off the head. I take my finger and wipe up as much as I
can and bring it to your mouth. You lick my finger clean. You do well and
I reward you with a sweet kiss before returning to your ass, less pink
than before.

Count with me love, 6…7…8…9…10..11. Should I let you lick more
precum? Even better, I lean over to stroke stroking your dick. Your
breathing is heavy from my touch and your spankings. The tip of your cock
getting wet again, each time I wipe it up and offer it to you. Such a good
slut always cleaning up your mess.

I continue to stroke until i see your legs shake, as you know I will not
allow you to cum until I say. I reach back to your ass to deliver the rest
of your spankings. Stroking your dick I want to you to keep counting your
spankings. 12…13…14..15…16…17..18. I stop the spankings and focus
on your cock again, listen as you start to beg for me to stop. I won’t.

I deliver the last of your paddling and feel you come onto the floor. You
know what to do next so I’ll untie you to lick up your mess. My good
little cum slut, what should I do with you now?
The Magic on Halloween:
I put a spell on you
Because you’re mine
You know I can’t stand it
You’re runnin’ around
You know better daddy
I can’t stand it cause you put me down
Oh ooh

Oh how i wish Daddy would pick up his phone and remind me what a naughty
girl I am. I want you to dress me up tonight. What should I be? I could be
a sweet little princess or angel, a wicked little witch or a sexy nurse?
What would Daddy like? I want you to kiss me all over and have some fun
removing my costume. Sucking on my hard nipples, hands roaming up my
thigh. To feel my sweet wet pussy against your fingertip, my hands rubbing
the mound inside your pants. We don’t have to be quiet Daddy, nobody
around to hear me. Chase me and pin me down. I love the chase. lift my
skirt and eat me the way only you know. Suck on my clit until I come all
over your face. Take my head and push your cock right into my mouth Daddy,
there are no limits in pleasing you. I am sitting, waiting for my
Halloween treat….
Give me a reason to rub this oil across your skin. To restrain you on my
table and quivering at my touch. Let me run my fingers down the inside of
your thighs. Dance around your sensitive skin and listen to you beg for my
touch again. I will wait until your breathe turns ragged while I cover
your eyes, completely at my mercy.
Beg for my touch, my sweet little slut. Let me hear just how much you need
to be punished by me. Let me punish that slick oiled skin and show you how
I punish my sluts…
The rain hardening my bare little nipples, the goosebumps rising across my
skin. I have always wanted to be taken in the middle of a storm. I want
your body to cover mine, shield me from the wind. Bend me over like the
trees in every way imaginable. Taste the rain mingle with my own wetness.
The heat of your tongue on my cold, little pussy is almost too much to
bare. As your tongue moves I try to grab hold of the grass, not caring of
the burn from the cold anymore. My moans drowned out by the thunder
crashing around us. My shivers turn to shuddering as you enter inside me,
Your thick hot cock warming its way deeper inside my pussy. Lightening
highlighting your face above mine. Coming over and over to the rhythm of
the crashes around us out in the open…..