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%author%     Status: Online
Age: 39
Cup Size: 36dd
Trillian: WanderWithAlice
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Likes: Toys, nipple play, choking, gagging, pegging, knots, ties, oral(giving and receiving), submissive cucks, cages, controlling and being controlled.
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Hello, I'm Alice.
Would you like to come to wonderland with me?
Take my hand and lead me down the rabbit hole of your desires.
Or, shall I lead the way??
I'll be the sweetest girl you'll know, unless you call me Mistress.
Then we can play that way.
I've always been a curious sort and have found that experimentation can result in ultimate satisfaction.
I'm a great keeper of secrets, so don't be afraid to tell me whatever is on your mind.
I'll never judge you.
I'll never tell anyone.
I'm probably just as dirty minded and deviant as you are, maybe more.
If you met me on the street, you'd never know I was a freak in nice clothing.
I love seeming innocent when I'm very far from it.
I don't wear panties, unless you want me to.
Then maybe you'd like to have them.
That can be arranged.
I have no limits in life or play.
Spanking, paddling, nipple clips, and clothes pins are some of my favorite things.
I love fucking and being fucked.
Choking on a cock gets me wet and ready.
I love pussy just as much as cock, so I'm definitely into multiple girl calls.
Like family play?
I do.
Need a daughter, sister, or mommy?
I'm your huckleberry.
Want to be my brother and do all the things we were told not to do?
Playing with Daddy is a natural instinct for me.
Big, strong Daddy teaching his little girl how to please a man... Yes, please!!
I'm really am a good slutty, girl.
I am horny so often and my imagination is boundless.
Can you show me something new?
I'd love to go exploring with you.
We could have all kinds of fun!!

Thanks for reading my bio,