Alli’s Fantasies

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Alli’s Fantasies

I knew it wouldn’t be long before you snapped. I had been teasing you
throughout your big company dinner while your boss sat directly across
from you. I couldn’t tell if you had noticed what I was doing to you at
first since the look on your face never changed. You just continued to
follow the conversation as if nothing was going on underneath the table. I
was running my hand along your inner thigh and giving it a light squeeze.
Every time I would do this at home you would know I was up to no good. I
continued to move my hand along your thigh and then slowly work my way up,
gently rubbing over the zipper. I could see the look of pure concentration
on your face. However you were not concentrating on the conversation. At
this point you were concentrating on keeping calm and collected. I wanted
to make things a little more interesting. So I slowly started to unzip
your pants and rub my hand against the thin boxers you were wearing. I
could feel your cock stiffen at the feeling of my hand rubbing you ever so
gently. I looked up at you and saw your jaw clench tighter. I couldn’t
help but smile to myself knowing I was driving you crazy. I knew I was in
for it when we got home but for now it was worth it. I was completely in
charge and there wasn’t a damn thing you could do. I wrapped my hand
around your cock the best I could and gave a little squeeze. You
accidentally let a little moan escape your lips but quickly covered it up
by clearing your throat. No one knew what was happening except you and I.
I reached down and grabbed your zipper and pulled it back up. I glanced
down and I could very easily see that you were still very hard. At this
point every one was done eating and the dinner was over. Everyone was
getting ready to leave. I stood up and grabbed my jacket and began to put
it on. You grabbed my hand and pulled me back down into my seat. You
leaned in and whispered in my ear “You will wait to leave until every one
else is already gone. Do you understand me?” I shook my head yes and
watched as the room fell quiet and everyone walked out of the room. Once
the room was completely empty you grabbed my hand and pulled me up out of
my chair and started walking over to the bathroom doors. You pulled me in
and pushed me up against the closing door roughly. You grabbed my wrists
and put my arms above my head and leaned in to kiss my neck. I could feel
your wet, warm tongue on my neck and it drove me crazy. My neck has always
been extremely sensitive and you know that. And then I felt it. The sharp
pain of teeth on my neck. You bit softly at first and then harder and
harder making me yell out in a mix of pain and pleasure. I tried to move
away from you but I couldn’t. You then moved away from my neck and started
unzipping the back of my dress. I felt my dress begin to get looser as it
slid off and hit the floor. You glanced down at my body, seeing my black
strapless bra and lace black panties. You yanked the bra down under my
breasts and began rubbing and pinching my nipples.I tried to escape your
grasp but failed. You leaned down and took one of my nipples in your mouth
and began to suck hard on it. Sending a gift of pleasure through my entire
body. I looked down at you and watched as you sucked on my nipples and
began to slide my panties off. Once they hit the floor you were on your
knees picking one of my legs up and putting one on your shoulder followed
by the other one. I was now resting on your shoulders with my pussy in
your face. You leaned down and started to lick my pussy lips tasting my
sweet juices running all over your tongue. You push your tongue between my
lips and start rubbing my clit with your wet tongue. I grab your head and
push it further into my cunt. Grinding against your face. I can feel my
orgasm building and I tell you I’m going to cum. You lick my clit a few
more times and then pulled your head away and stood up with me still in
your arms. You carry me over to the bathroom sink and set me down. You
undo your pants and position yourself between my legs and slide your cock
all the way in. Your cock is so big I can feel it stretching my pussy
open. You start pounding me hard. I can feel your balls slapping my ass
with every hard thrust. My legs start shaking as I get closer and closer
to cumming. You can tell I’m close so you reach down and start stroking my
clit nice and slow. You look me in the eyes and tell me to cum for you.
That’s all it takes. I start immediately coating your hard cock with my
cum. I cum so hard when you fuck me like this. Your breathing is getting
heavier and I know your close. I tell you I want you to fill my tight
little cunt with your cum. I want to feel you shoot your load deep inside
of me. You tell me your going to cum and then I feel it. The warm sticky
white liquid filling my tight, wet little pussy. You look up and say ”
Well what do you say?” I lift my head to look at you remembering what I
was taught to say “Thank you sir” I say. You grin and chuckle a little
“You’re welcome little girl”
Business Trip: Part 1

You’ve been gone on a business trip for three weeks now and I’ve planned
the ultimate welcome home present. I put the black, lace lingerie on that
you like so much, a pair of black thigh highs, and my stilettos that make
my legs look irresistible. (At least that’s what you tell me.) Pulled my
hair down from the hair tie, and I was ready. I heard the sound of the
car pulling into the drive way and I rushed down the stairs and quickly
sat at the bottom of the staircase. I starred at the door in
anticipation, And then finally The door opened. I watched as you walked
through the doorway carrying your suitcase and shutting the door behind
you, then fumbling around looking for the light switch. You must have
found it because the lights came on and I had a clear view of you. You
were wearing a white button up shirt with the first two buttons
unbuttoned, and a pair of loose fitting blue jeans. Even the simplest of
outfits look incredibly sexy on you and I couldn’t help but think of how
much better they would look off and on my bedroom floor… You looked up
and that’s when you saw me. The look on your face was priceless. I stood
up giving you a better view of my body. I smiled and said “Well, how do I
look?” You didn’t say anything. You put the suitcase down and walked over
to me. You pulled me close to you and started kissing my neck and running
your hands up and down my sides. You looked up at me and said “You look
absolutely captivating. In fact I can’t take my eyes off you.” I smiled
and backed away from you. “Well theirs more to the surprise than just me
in some sexy lingerie. I want to make one of your fantasy’s come true.
I’ve known you wanted to try this for a while so I’m going to make it
happen.” I take your hand and lead you up the stairs to the bedroom, I
open the door and pull you in. Theirs an assortment of toys sprawled out
on the bed. Along with some rope, handcuffs, shackles, a ball gag, a
whip, and a blindfold. “You said you wanted to submit to me, and to see
what its like on the other side of things. Well I decided to make it
happen.” You have a shocked expression on your face. You didn’t think I
would ever try dominating you because you view me as “too submissive”
You’ve never been more wrong. I’ve been looking forward to this moment
since you left. I look over at you and your looking at me already. You
look a mix between excited and nervous. I’m so ready to make you into my
little slut. “Time to get started.” I say as I walk closer to you.


With summer just starting and the weather beginning to warm up I’ve been
thinking non stop about all the fun were going to have! I made my special
check list for summer full of all the things I would like to accomplish
before its over. My check list is two pages long and growing by the
minute. I’m going to need a lot of help completing my check list in a
timely manor so its up to you lovely guys to help me! Here’s a hint of
what my check list looks like…
1.) Skinny dipping
2.) Sex it up in a public place
3.) Visit a nude beach
4.) Give a complete stranger my panties
5.) Car sex
6.) Give a hand-job with my non-dominant hand
7.) Food play
8.) Costume play
9.) Flash a stranger
10.) Kiss another girl… Or more

And The list goes on and on!
My favorite fantasy of all would have to be me getting fucked in front of
a big window of an office building. I want to be forcefully pushed up
against a window and taken by the powerful CEO. I want everyone to see
just how I earned the new promotion and how I get away with every little
thing I do wrong. Seeing the embarrassed faces of the people that pass by
on the street is such a turn on and makes me even wetter than before. I
love that people can see me be used like the office slut I am.
I can’t stop fantasizing about being dominated. I’d like to be bound and
helpless and then used like the whore I am. Spank me and show me who’s in
charge by pushing me to my limits and making me take your cock like the
good little slut I am.