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Age: 22
Cup Size: 34dd
Trillian: MoanForAmanda
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Likes: Mommy kink, age play, roleplay, daddy kink, choking, switch, BDSM, role-reversal, small cock, tit sucking, humiliation.
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Have you been a naughty little boy? Do you need Mommy to discipline you? I'm Amanda, a new girl here at YourDesires and I'd love to bend you over my knee, pull down your pants and spank that bare ass of yours for being such a bratty boy. Or maybe you'd like it the other way? You're my strong and thoughtful daddy, punishing my ass and pussy for being such a vile girl with all of my dirty thoughts. A sweet girl like me shouldn't think of cock so much or dress so slutty when Daddy isn't around. How will I ever learn? Teach me to be the darling angel you know I can be.

I've never really been one for big dicks, either. In fact, the smaller the better. I love a little cock that fits perfectly between my lips and sits just inside my mouth no matter how hard it gets. It's easier to suck your whole cock and balls in my mouth that way I can show you how good it feels to have my mouth all between your legs. What's more fun than that? The joy I get from making you stand naked in front of a crowd and they all laugh at how hard your little member gets. You just love the humiliation you get from the whole world seeing how hard you are.

My all time, most sensual and desired fantasy is your mouth licking and sucking all over my huge breasts. I love feeling your warm, wet tongue on my nipples, making them hard and even more suckable. The feeling of my soft nipples being ravished by your mouth and hardening to the cool air when you switch sides brings me such intense orgasms. I'm dripping wet now just thinking about it. Come suckle on my enormous tits and make me melt in orgasmic bliss.

Want to set up a call, find out my schedule, or maybe buy some of my silky and girlish panties? Reach me at OR on Trillian as MoanForAmanda.

Can't wait!