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Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.

My name is Amber, like the magickal gemstone.

I grew up on a sea cliff in Southern California, insulated and protected, sheltered and innocent. But as soon as my body started to change, I felt a fire growing inside me. So late at night, I would sneak away and have all sorts of sexy, intense, and dangerous experiences. I remember when a boy saw my tits for the first time. He told me my nipples were the sweetest candy-shade of pink and when he started sucking on them, my tight virgin pussy started pulsating with desire. It wasn't long before I began starring in homemade videos, shot in the darkest parts of the nite, far away from home. First it was the boys in the band, the rockstars, that really got my juices flowing but eventually, it was the rich and powerful men that I met in Hollywood that started satisfying my fantasies, giving me gifts & touching me everywhere. Flash forward a couple years, and I was in the snazziest penthouses with one big beautiful dick in my mouth while another hard dick fucked me from behind.

That doesn't mean I didn't retain my innocence. I really am an earth angel, a little mermaid trapped on land. Years later I still love getting dressed up in cute babydoll outfits, baking cookies & practicing yoga, watching cartoons & musicals, and collecting unicorn anything. All that's changed is that I love getting fucked in the kitchen as soon as the cookies are done! And on top of that, I am seriously the best chef!

Wouldn’t it be the best, after making you a gorgeous steak, I could start going down on you while you're enjoying it? You could drink your wine, lay back & relax, & soak it all in. Just thinking about that is getting me all juicy!

One of my favorite activities on this planet is pleasing the man that I am with. Nothing makes me happier than slowly kissing my man's stomach and traveling down towards his thick dick while making eye contact the whole time. Slowly & sweetly, I end up putting his huge cock in my mouth, flicking the tip with my pretty little tongue. I love deep throating to the point of tears. It gives me such pleasure. My wet pussy starts to throb and ache for you just imagining it.

Also, wouldn't it be nice to talk about me bouncing in your lap?
That's another one of my favorites. I pride myself on being an athlete but also being quite petite so you could lift me up and guide my body down on top of you. I would love to bounce on you like a tiny little fairy until you come inside me! Goddess gracious, isn’t making love just heavenly? Being with me is like a cosmic trip through the clouds &
into outer space!
Let me touch you.
Let me hold you.
Let me entertain You.