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Amber’s Fantasies

Here little bitchie bitchie… Momma’s got a treat for you.. but you have
to earn it.

How do you earn this lovely sadist’s attention and get treats? well pick
up that phone of course, and open that pretty mouth of yours. You see it
has been a long time since I got to force feed you my sweet cum and that
just is not OK, now is it- my little cum slut?

so go get those panties of mine on, start getting them wet with your
pre-cum and call me… NOW !!
A Chance Afternoon Meeting
Dedicated to me from an awesome friend.

It’s late in the afternoon the sun slowly falling out of the sky. I sit by
the water on one of several benches. I look to my right and I see this
woman in the distance walking at me. As the sunlight drafts behind her, I
can see the outline of her body through her white sheer dress. I try not
to stare, but finding it hard to keep my eyes off of her as she gets
closer. When my eyes meet hers, I quickly look away thinking she did not
catch me but I know see saw me. I am looking down at my feet and turn my
head slightly to see these beautiful patent leather black high heels. As I
see them, I let out a deep exhale.

I am still looking down when I hear this sweet commanding voice, I look up
to see this beautiful striking face and long brown hair. I said hello and
asked how she was doing today. She replied that she was fine before asking
about myself. I told her I was fine and then she asked if she could sit
with me. I said yes and as she sat I could see the cut of her dress
leading down to her cleavage. My eyes traced the roundness of her breasts
and I could see her nipples starting to harden, making their presence

I asked her name and she said Amber, I told her my name was Scott and we
talked for a bit before I asked her if she would like to go for a walk. We
walked down the path along the water, getting to know each other better
walking at a nice comfortable pace. Once in a while I would look down at
her tone legs letting my eyes trace down her nicely shaped calves to end
up watching her amazing black heals shine in the sunlight.

We came upon a group of trees and stopped to take a break, wanting to rest
a bit before heading back. As we were leaning against a tree I felt such
an attraction to her. I was hoping she was feeling the same way so I went
in for a kiss on her stunning lips. Feeling her kiss me back, I was
relieved that I had read her right.

I took both hands and grabbed her around her arms, pushing her up against
the tree and moved my lips to her neck. Kissing her neck softly and
trailing down to her chest. She put her hands behind the back of my head
as I started to kiss down between her tits, I could feel her chest rising
and falling faster and I knew I could take her right there.

Leaning back, I saw her smile and started to kiss her lips as my hand slid
down to start touching her sweet pussy on the outside of her dress. I
reached up under her dress and started to rub her panties hard against her
soft lips, feeling my fingers slide deeper between them.

Amber reached down to cup my balls in her hand and then slowly slide her
fingertips up to the head of my rock hard cock. She started to tug on the
top of my jeans until the button finally gave way. I could feel her
sliding the zipper down and then reach in to started freeing my hard cock
to the cool air.

The next thing I knew she turned us around, pushed my back against the
tree and dropped to her knees. She took me deeply in her sweet mouth and
swallowed me to the back of her throat. I tried to pull back but she
sucked me in deeper. Her hands were on my thighs holding me still as she
started going up and down on my cock faster, deeper. I put my hands in her
long brown hair and gently guided her with every stroke of that beautiful
mouth on my cock.

One time I pushed her head all the down on me and held her there, feeling
her throat suck my head deeper. When I let her go, she gasped for air.
That is when I stood her up and pulled her left leg over my hip, she
wrapped it around my back above my ass.

Taking one hand and sliding her panties to the side and my cock in the
other, I started to slide inside of her. I Slowly pushed in till I was
deep in her pussy. I could feel her wetness running down over my balls as
I slid in and out of that sweet heaven.

My balls being soaked with each deep push in, I start going faster and
faster, deeper and deeper. Her pussy tightened around me and she came
hard, letting all her juices go and running down the inside of her leg.

I pulled out and turned her around putting her hands on the tree hiked up
her dress and I rammed my cock in hard, making her take it. I started
pumping harder, hearing her groan every time I slammed into her pussy.
That is when she tells me to take her. To please cum on her sweet face. I
pumped faster and faster.

Telling her when I was ready to cum, she spun around and dropped to her
knees. I stroked my cock fast and then shot my hot load right on her face.
Coating it with every squirt. She started licking it off her lips. Using
her fingers, she pushed all that hot cum to her lips so she could taste
every drop.

After a few moments, we straightened ourselves up and started walking back
to where we met. I gave Amber a kiss and I said “same time, same place
next week.?” She looked at me, smiled and said “yes please.” I smiled and
said that I would be there.

I stood there and watched her walk away till she disappeared.

I shook my head and thought what an afternoon.

thank you Scott for an awesome story!!!!!
humm, I loved the way she looked tonight, walking in arm and arm with you.

The great thing about being a Madam, is that I know exactly what my guys
want and crave. With you, I know you crave to see her taken. You crave
seeing all these hands and mouths on your wife’s skin ripping her clothes
off, tearing her faked innocence away.

She may act like she doesn’t want it also, but we both that is a lie by
the way she keeps coming back for more with you.

I had a very special treat in store for both of you tonight and I knew
you would love it most of all. 4 of my finest big black men where in the
room waiting for your arrival. The looks on your faces where with all the
extra effort it took me to set this party up- hers of shock and yours of
extreme pleasure.

Watching you walk her into that room and gasp as those men grabbed her and
started tearing off her dress, ripping off her bra, oh darling- made me so
wet just seeing how hard you were getting as she was screaming and yet
begging for more at the same time.

Loved hearing you moan as you watched the first man shove his big huge
cock in between her tight lips and down her sweet throat, but better yet
was the groan you let out as you watched those two men grab her legs and
hold them wide open for that other man to go down and start fucking her
tight pussy with his tongue- getting her ready for his cock.

The way she screamed when he entered her- the way he kept pushing harder
and harder until her sweet cunt gave way and finally let him all the way
in had you grabbing your cock hard to stroke it and had me ready to get on
that wonderful cock of yours and ride.

Watching her cum over and over again as each man took turns- first fucking
her mouth until they came on her face and then holding her legs open wide
for the other man to fucking coat her sweet pussy with their white creamy
cum was beyond words.

It was such a pleasure to have you fucking my pretty mouth as you watched
as that last large man walked up to your wife’s open legs. The way you
grabbed my hair and pushed harder and deeper as he lined that huge head up
against her tight little ass, had me cumming so hard into my pretty hand.

I wish I had taken pictures of the way you stroked that cock up against my
lips as he finally got her ass to open for him, and then when he finally
looked at you and waved you over to please fuck her little clit with your
cock head while he forced his final 10 inches into her tight little abused
ass was outstanding. I couldn’t help but start to stroke my clit hard as
you rubbed and fucked your head against your wife’s pussy as he raped that
little ass of hers.

She was in heaven as he plowed his huge cock deep inside of her and she
came screaming as he pulled out and joined his cock head with yours
against her clit so she could feel two hot full creamy cums dumping all
over her wide spread pussy lips.

I could not wait to get down there and lick her totally clean off all that
hot cum that was dumped inside of her and then reach up to pull your head
down for a deep long kiss to let you taste it also darling.

So love my job here at the “pleasure house” and can’t wait to get to see
you again soon….
Oh my god, I thought I had met men that could eat pussy- but then I met a
god at it.

I remember how he slowly wrapped his arm around my waist in the elevator,
the way he guided me down the long hall way and into his place. The
thrills and chills that were running through my body as he stood me in the
center of his living room and just watched me. Not saying a word, he just
watched me.

Slowly he ordered me to undress- with each piece of clothing that came off
he asked why I was there, if I wanted to be there; as the last article
fell to the floor, he asked me if I was sure that I really wanted this.

“Yes yes” I about screamed, but really it was more like a soft whisper
because I was so nervous yet excited to just be standing there naked in
front of him.

Watching his chest rise and fall with every breath he took- inhaling my
sweet cunt’s soft baby power smell mixed with the powerful pheromones that
were rushing from my body took my breath away.

He walked over to me and put his hand in my hair, wrapping it around his
fist and once more asking me “do you want to be here baby girl?” “This is
your only chance to leave.” I wanted to be there more than I could ever
say in just words so I leaned forward and dropped to my knees with my head

“Yes.” was all that was said that night.

Part 2-The Choice- Part of “His Whore”

He looked down at me and smiled. “Oh babygirl, you have no clue how happy
you just made me but I hope you are ready because now– you are mine” he
said as he pulled me up by the hair and kissed me hard.

He lead around the apartment by my hair as tho it was his leash for me
now, showing me different spots where he expected me to be when he came
home from work or when was on the phone working. I loved that he had
already picked out a soft pink pillow for me to knee on beside his desk.

As we walked in to the bedroom, I saw the cage in the corner. He heard my
breath catch and laughed. “Don’t worry babygirl, that is only if you are
bad” he said just before catching a whiff of my sweet excited smell and
smiled- “Or maybe I should if you are a really good girl, right slut?”

Tossing me to the bed, he stood over me and told me to spread my delicate
little pussy lips open wide for Daddy, that he wanted to see all that he
now owned. I opened them as wide as I could for him, laying there still as
he looked me over from head to toes, eyes to clit.

Slowly taking his jacket off, he told me to start touching myself. Quietly
unbuttoning his shirt, he told me to start fucking myself with my fingers.
Sensually and smoothly he slid his belt from his pants, laying on my clit
he told me to be his fucking whore and cum on it.

I laid there cumming all over that expensive leather and my pretty soft
fingers as he slid his zipper down, reached over to grab the wet belt,
wrapped it around my soft neck and growled “Now show me what you are, show
me where you belong” as he brought his cock to my sweet mouth and forced
my lips open and started to fuck my face like a dirty whore, which he knew
I had became the moment he touched me..

To be continued…..
Sitting here filling out a new BDSM check-list and wow– I guess I forgot
how kinky I really am!!

I love that I can be as kinky as I want here on the phone line with you
all, we can experience things that other’s have only dreamed about and can
have so much fun doing them!!!

Just wish you could see the bruise that are left to play on my skin after
we are done talking. You could see how messed up my hair is from laying on
this bed begging you to take me..

Good thing you have a wild imagination because that is what feeds this
girls sexual need and you know how much I thrive on hearing your voice on
the other line of this phonesex line darling!!!

I can hear the need in your voice and the delight when all that sweet
white pre-cum just starts to pour out of you- getting your cock ready for
that huge white explosion that is just about to happen, but hold on- I
need more. I need you to tell me how you are going to bite me, spank me,
throw me against the wall and rape me..

Ahhhhhh there it is darling- cum with me… Yes……
Love being that lady you pay to come see strip with all of your friends.

Looking down to see you sitting there, watching me move this sexy body to
the music. Wearing this hot tight blue dress and these wonderful black
heals that make my long tone tight legs even more and my hot sweet ass
even tighter. I watch as you start to harden in your pants and I slowly
reach behind me to unzip this short dress.

Love the way your eyes never leave my body as I slide the straps of my
dress down and let it fall to the ground so you can see that I am wearing
those panties that you crave around your cock so bad- I slowly slide my
fingers into the top of them and start to tease you with pulling just a
little bit down at a time. I love how I can see your eyes glaze over.

Running these silk panties down over my curvy rock hard thighs, I watch as
you start to pull out your wallet. I dance closer to you and start to let
them just touch my knees. I know you have a wonderful view of this little
triangle of hair covering my pussy so start to slowly lift my leg and step
out of my panties.

humm, the way you start pulling out those hundreds shows me that you
really do want what is coming next- reaching out with these panties in my
hand you slide those bills right up between my thighs to tuck them in my
sweet pussy lips as I shove these wet panties in your mouth.

You watch me as I walk off the stage and head to the back rooms- you
have heard stories about what goes on back there and want to see for
yourself finally, so you get up and come follow me down the dark hallways
towards the backrooms- where all you hear is moaning and the sound of skin
on skin!

I stand here in the corner, counting the bills you slide in my lips and
smile as you come around the corner. I want you as bad as you want me and
this time- no damn call is going to get in the way so I grab your cell
phone and shut it off- tossing it over my shoulder you attack. I feel your
hands all over my sweet tight body, your mouth against my neck. Your hard
cock screaming to be let out of those tight pants.

Unzipping you, I reach in and pull your throbbing cock out- I want it and
you want to give it to me right now, so you turn me around, push me
against the wall and shove it deep inside of my sweet wet cunt. “Yes, oh
god yes” I moan out as you push me harder against the wall and speed up
your thrusts.

I can tell you are getting close by the way your rock hard balls slap
against my clit and the way you start to bite my neck and back. Just as
you start to moan I feel you reach up to grab my tits and squeeze them
hard enough to leave bruises- you know I love that so you do it even
harder until I am cumming down my legs and on the floor.

That is all you needed, feeling your girl cum is what sets you off and you
cum so hard in my sweet tight pussy. I love feeling that throb and that
heat filling me up.

We lay there breathing for a few before you pull out and back away from
me- this is the part I hate, so cold and impersonal- until I feel you run
your hand down my arm to grasp my hand, “come home with me tonight” you
say as you are looking at me and I can’t say no to this….

*(K)Nights in White Satin*

After her Master marked her as his and locked that pearl collar around her
cum covered throat, she thought her life could not get any better. Boy,was
she wrong.

She woke up on the cold hard floor that morning- Master decided that maybe
she needed to be reminded that it is a privilege to get to sleep in his
bed- not a right; but he also wanted to re-test her and she if she really
was being truthful when she said her only existences was please him.

To be there for him, and that she is there to be his because that is her
choice to stay; that she wants this and wants him to be her Master.

Upon her awaking, she noticed a small sliver tray, on it was a note. “you
know what I want” was all that it said. She did know pleased him; so she
showered, put on the body lotion he picked out for her and did her long
brown hair up into a loose bun with little bits hanging free.

When his key slid in the door that afternoon, she was already in her
corner kneeling and waiting his arrival. He walked in, patted her on her
head, and told her to go wait for him in the car like a good little whore.

After what seemed like hours, he came out. He took her breath away, he was
dressed in his finest suit and tie, this was not something he would wear
to the office. Once he was in the car, he held her hand as he drove. not
say where they were going but kept playing with the pearl cuffs on
hisbabygirl’s wrists.

They walked into very old fashion but yet extremely expensive dress shop
that only catered to the very stylish classes. She was speechless once
again as her Sir had her try on 3 different dresses that showed off more
and more of her body.

She smiled as he choose the black one that showed off his babygirl’s body
the most and he smiled at the beautifully exotic looking shop girl.

However that smile was short lasted as she watched him bend his head down
to kiss the shop owner. She then tried to turn her head until her Master
that demanded she watch them.

She stood there shyly watching as her Master and his friend kept kissing
each other deeply and moaned when she noticed that, even tho he was
kissing the other woman, his eyes were still locked upon her’s.

Her Master decided to make sure she knew she was his by telling her to
lift her dress up and to show everyone her cute little pussy.

She did as she was told and smiled as she could see the animal gleem in
his eyes when he looked at her. Her breath escaped her body as he stood
up, pushed her against the wall and slide his hand deep inside of her wet

His voice was deep and rough when he told her to “let go babygirl” and he
growled as she let loose a flow of piss all over his hand and her legs.
Before she knew it, she was on the ground, face down in the puddle of her
piss with his boot on her back.

He demanded that she look up at him just as he pulled his rock hard cock
out of his pants and started to stroke himself. She opened her mouth and
he smiled proudly as he started to drip pre-cum all over her pretty face.
He then reached his foot out, pushed her face back down into the puddle
and coated her face with his cum!

After a few moments of feeling that hot puddle turn cold on her face, he
pulled her head up to face him up by her long curls and told that: NO
matter who he kissed, NO matter who he touched- she is his babygirl, his
slave, HIS, and no one will ever change that but her.

She felt her self becoming even more turned on hearing this and couldn’t
hold back the sweet moan that escaped from her mouth as he walked behind
her, pulled her ass up in the air and entered her in one swift thrust
pushing her face back down into the puddle of drying cum and cooling piss.

“Don’t you dare cum you nasty little bitch” he growled out deeply as he
took his pleasure of her ass over and over again. Filling her up with his
hot cum till it was running down her thighs and adding to the puddle under
her sore body.

After what felt like forever, he finally told her that this was her one
and only chance to say good bye- she had a choice, say good boy and leave
now or cum and stay has his. She screamed as she came and signed her life
over to be his.
Sitting here looking at the pregnancy test, I wonder if Sir knows. I mean
he knows everything else about me- hell he even knows when my eyes slide
shut as we are talking on the phone! I wonder if he can feel that little
bump when he wraps his arm around me at night time. I wonder how is the
right way to tell him that he gave me my wish, his wish, OUR wish.

I hear his key slide in the door and kick myself. I can usually tell when
the elevator hit our loft, rushing around to hid the test (it can wait
till later) and get into my spot before he walks in the door I forget to
take off my bra. These tits are so tender now, I wonder if he knows that.

He walks over me with a look on his face that is hard to describe and then
I realize my mistake. Crap. He just looks down at me, walks slowly over to
the counter and pulls out the sharp letter opener from the desk, walks
back over to me and slides that night up and under each strap, making a
clean cut and dropping the bra off of my body- “I told you babygirl- each
one you forget to take off is going to be destroyed. I don’t really want
you wearing these anyways and you know that”

“Damn my little slut, have those gotten bigger or am I just dreaming” he
said as he reached out, grabbed my nipples hard, and pulled me up to my
feet by them. “Owie Owie Sir owie” I moaned out really more in pain than
in pleasure and by the look on his face I could tell he caught that also-
that man never misses a beat!

“let’s stay in for dinner” he said as he started to undress and head to
the bedroom, I followed suit and met him in our big soft bed. He wrapped
his arms around me and we talked. We talked about his day, my day, his
job, every thing. Just as he was drifting off to sleep his tummy growled
and he slapped me on the ass- “time to get moving Slut if we want to get
some dinner before passing out”.

Great dinner, great time, and a hell of a beating of my sexy tight ass and
now it is bed time again. we call in and lay there talking, he is sure
talking a lot tonight, not usually- but he is also running his hand up and
down over my belly and cupping my breasts a lot too.

Just as we are drifting off in each others arms, I hear his voice- “Roll
over babygirl, I want that milk for myself while I can have it” my eyes
shot open and he just looked down at me and smiled

“Really? You thought I didn’t know? I know every inch of your body
babygirl- it is mine so don’t act so surprised. I love your little belly,
that cute little bump, and I love these huge full tits that are only going
to get bigger and fuller! and right now, I want this” he said as he slid
on top of me and forced his rock hard cock into my sweet little pussy.
Making me cry out in a little bit of pain and a lot of pleasure.

As he rocked his body against mine, his cock deep inside of, his hands in
my hair- he looked down at me and simply said;

“Mine. All mine. The both of you are mine” and he came so very hard that
his scream was louder than mine this time.

“Ahh Sir”I whispered as we drifted off to sleep in each others arms.
Knowing that he thinks he knows all about me, but that I have a little
secret he doesn’t know yet. I smile to myself as he leans back over me,
kisses me on the lips and says “I get to name the girl, you get to name
the boy” with a smirk on his face that makes me want to smack his ass.

Damn, he really does know all about this body he owns.
I had been craving you all day long, those cute little instant messages
you had been sending off and on all day did NOT help at all

Knew it was just a matter of time before you messaged me, wanting me, so
this time I wanted to give you real treat. I went into the bathroom at
work and made sure my body was super soft and clean- everywhere!

I wanted to make sure your head was spinning so I ran that soft baby power
all over my sexy tone legs, over that soft patch of dark hair that is
guarding the way in to your sweetest retreat. Making sure to sprinkle some
on my swelled cunt lips-knowing you would be diving deep down there soon
and wanted to make it extra special for you.

I loved the way you told me to meet you in the drive way, little did I
know you would toss me in the back seat as soon as I got in your car; rip
my shirt open and push my skirt up and start to feast upon this sexy body!

Pulling my hair and biting my neck the way that you know will turn me into
a sex craved animal in moments!

Telling me that I am your good girl, your sexy fucking slut as you are
tearing this bra open and grabbing my tits hard.

Making me cum by biting my neck, then my wrist, and finally by sinking
your teeth into my hard little nipple!

As I was starting to cum, I felt you pull away- “NO come back” I moaned as
I felt you begin your descent. Kissing my belly button till I was coming
once again. Smelling in that soft patch that groan in the back of your
throat as that baby power hit your senses.

“Fuck baby girl- this is mine” you growled as your fingers opened my my
sweet wet lips and your tongue targeted that hard little swelled clit,
making me arch back and scream as I coated you face in my hot juices.

Knowing I was coating your face made it even hotter and then you slid your
fingers inside of me!I thought I was going to die.

How you held me down with one hand, fisted me hard with the other, and
still had time to lick this clit till I was screaming I will never know,
but oh my god. Yes. now let me lick all this sweet hot cunt juice off of
your sexy face darling.

As I laid there trying to catch my breath, you kept rubbing my leg and
saying sweet nothings to me that really did mean everything between us.

I tried to sit up and lean over to start to get to suck that wonderful
cock- but you just pulled my head back and said-

“Next time darling, oh and please, don’t think for one second that I don’t
know that you cheat and let me be the 1st one home on purpose bitch. Now
get in there and get ready, this is gonna be one long ass night for- well
your ass and my cock! ”
She walks in shadows, keeping her steps steady and quiet. You would not
even know she was there if she did not make herself known to you, but she
sees all and dreams of even more. She watches as you lay down in
bed,wishing she could be there with you- making love with you one last

She sets in the tree in the back yard- you know which one, the one that
you took her hard against that last night. Remembering the way your hands
felt on her body, your lips on her mouth, your cock deep inside of her as
you told her you would always love her.

She plays in the stream in the back yard, letting the cold water wash over
her body as she smiles up to the night sky; remembering the night you took
her by the hand there and asked her to be yours, laughing about how
nervous you were and that laugh you do hear. You think it is just a dream
or a memory but it is her, there with you tonight.

As you lay in bed, you can’t help but feel her around you, to smell her
perfume as you lay your head down on her pillow. It is too warm in the
room to wear the blankets so you just lay there naked, wishing for one
last time.

Just as your eyes start to drift shut, you could swear you felt the bed
move, it was just a little and you convince yourself that it
was just a starting of a wonderful dream.

And it is, you see- tonight she gets her wish, one last time. She sits
down on the bed beside you and watches as you drift off to sleep. Slowly
she lifts her white lace night gown over her head and slides her body next
to yours, you stir just enough to reach out for her, and she slides in
your arms. She feels you take a deep breath knowing that you are smelling
her perfume.

She runs her hand down your chest and smiles as she watches the goose
bumps rise on your skin and hears your moan start deep down in your chest.
She feels you reach up and touch her hair like you always loved to do, it
would have taken her breath away- if she had any.

She can’t help but let a tear run down her check as she watches your lips
turn up into a smile and then leans down to kiss those wonderful lips of
yours while sliding her body even closer to yours and her hand down to
your hardening cock. “Always so hard for me” she giggles and her giggle
makes you smile- you can hear it in this wonderful dream you are having
and it makes you hard.

You moan as you feel her body next to yours, feels so life like in this
dream and arch up in delight as her mouth circles your cock-head just the
way she knows you love her to do. You try to steady yourself or else you
will be cumming way too soon and – even tho this is a just a dream (or so
you think) you really don’t want it to be over this quickly.

She loves the way you arch up, gives her extra time to play with your
balls as she slides her mouth all the way down your shaft and swallows
your whole cock, smiling around it the way you moan out her name.

Your eyes start to flutter open in delight but she can’t allow that- the
moment you see her this dream ends and she can’t allow it to happen this
quickly, so she covers your eyes with her other hand as she moves up your
body to whisper in your ear, “shhhhh baby,,, relax,,, dream,,, be with me
tonight” and you fall back to sleep.

This is her time and she is going to enjoy every moment of it teasing you
and pleasing you all night until the sun comes up and she allows you to
awaken, she wants to leave you breathless just one last time.

All through the night she touches, kisses, licks, and brings you right to
the brink of cumming before stopping, but the sun is starting to rise and
she will have to leave soon. She knows this time is coming to an end so
she climbs up on top of you to lower her sweet pussy down over your large
full head. She starts to ride you like no other ever could and she hears
your heart start to pound in your chest.

You feel the most amazing feeling in the entire world- she is riding you
and this is too good to be a dream- this can’t just be a dream and your
heart starts to pound- knowing instinctively that your pet is there wit
you right now- your brain is screaming at you to wake up- wake up right
fucking now.

She knows her time here is coming to an end shortly so she leans down,
grabs your hands putting them on her full wonderful breasts and starts to
squeeze your cock hard with every muscle in her body- she can feel your
balls start to harden, your cock start to throb, and wants to look in your
eyes one last time as you cum with her so she slaps your face with her
cold soft hand.

You feel a slap on your check and the coldness awakes you- looking up you
see her. She is really there and she is really riding your hard cock right
now. You just lay there in disbelief until she moans out that she needs
your cum- she needs you to fill her up with your seed and take her “Sir
please” she whines as you feel your balls start to explode but wish you
could stop them, because somehow you just know that once this is over- it
truly will be over; but you can’t stop, you can’t hold back.

You want this to last forever but you know this is your one shot to remind
her that you will always love her and she will always be yours!

She looks down at you with a soft smile and starts to ride you harder than
you have ever felt in your life- she knows the sun is on it’s way up and
she has to leave soon, but first she wants to make sure you know she is
happy, she is there and she is watching over you- but most of all, she
wants your cum deep inside of her womb when she needs to go back.

She throws her head back and screams as you both start to cum. You deep
inside of her and she all over your body. Pure bliss could not even
describe this feeling and she knows it is the closest thing to heaven you
will feel for a while, so she wants to make sure you remember it!

As the waves of passion wash over you both, you see the tears in her eyes
and know she must go. She leans down to kiss your lips one last time and
whispers- “find love my love, but know that I will always be here loving
you” as she starts to glow in a way you have never seen before.

She is so stunningly beautiful as she starts to slowly drift away that you
start to cry out “No don’t leave me” but she leans down, places her finger
on your lips and says, “I will here my love- all you have to do is think
of me and I am here, I love you, go back to sleep and dream of me now ”

With that she is gone. You lay there for a while feeling her juices cool
on your skin as your tears start to flow down you face- but then you see
the butterfly outside your window and you know you are not alone.

And you smile.

xoxoxo I miss you baby.
I know that football season is a long long away away- but this girl still
loves her boys in the Blue and Green!

It was late at night and the house was so quiet. I was here waiting for
the morning darlings Ms Sherry and pretty little Ms Kennedy to come join
the always sexy Ms Maggie and I on what was promising to be a very very
hot 4 girl call that was scheduled for this morning.

We were all in my room when the phone rang and I heard his voice over the
phone. Oh my god, could it be- yes it was.. I wanted to faint as I started
to take his info for the call, handed the phone over to Ms Sherry and I
made sure to slide under my 12th fan blanket!!

Ms Sherry came back into the room smiling and we began our call. Oh my
lord, the things that man did, and had us girls do to each other. for that
hour was amazing! I loved it when he had pretty little Kennedy and Ms
Maggie pleasuring Ms Sherry and myself as we both shared and took turns
sucking his big black chocolate cock! Watching those two young ones go
down on each other, and us, was almost too much to handle mixed in with
his sexy ass voice.

He about came when he heard Sherry and I turn the tables on the young ones
and start to show them how we more “mature” ladies eat sweet pussies!

Listening to them both moan and scream out in pleasure as we started to
fist them- showing them just how it would feel if he was there right then
fucking them both hard with his huge cock was his undoing and he came hard
– groaning our names and covering his hand in his hot creamy cum!

After a few moments of all of us catching our breaths and trying to slow
our heart beats down he spoke again- “Ahhh fuck boss, I had no idea you
girls where all that- I should have fucking known, damn.” he said and I

“Ahhhh Marshawn- anytime you want little ol us to play with that big thick
black cock Sir, all you gotta do is call…” I started to say as he decide
it was time for round two and told me to open “my pretty damn lips like a
good little whore and swallow his chocolate cock”

He sounded so good moaning out a second load of hot cum all over the young
ones faces as Ms Sherry and I licked his full tight balls and shared his
cum in a kiss.

Have I said how much I love my job? Oh my god, Now I want your thick cock
filling me up while we talk about how hot it would be for you and my
darling #24 fill up this tight pussy full of hot cum!
“Pet”, he moaned “I need you now- I need your cum, scream for me you dirty
little bitch” he moaned out as he started to cum. I lost all sense of
space and time as I was screaming and ramming my hand into my soaking wet
cunt- wishing it was his hard cock fucking me. I heard him say he wanted
my blood on his lips as I blacked out; coming back to, I could hear him
breathing, deep and full breathes running through his noise and coming out
with a little moan from his mouth.

“Oh my god, Amber, you are fucking amazing” he moaned out as he started to
wind down. I didn’t have the breath to answer him and even if I did, I
would have had the brains left in my head to form a full sentence. “I can
not wait to talk to you again very damn soon”, he moaned out again as he
was starting to wrap up our call.

“Me Me Me too” I was finally able to form words and that is what came out,
really? Yes that is what this wonderful woman of words was able to come up
with.! but my god I was lucky I could even get those out.

As we said our goodbyes, I said “Have a great night Mr. Banderas” and
could tell it took him off of his game for a moment.

“Wait, you knew? he asked with a tone in his sexy voice that I couldn’t
place. “Oh yes I did baby, but never you fear- this Cajun queen not only
knows how to satisfy her lovers but also how to keep them comin back for
more- and I want you coming back for a lot more darling!” I was finally
able to form words! And good ones at that lol.
“I love the build-up” he said as he slid beside me in the bed.

“You know, when touching turns to grabbing, when soft lipped kisses turn
into that passionate slow deep kiss that makes you so damn horny” he
whispered as slid his arms around me and pulled me closer next to his

“Feeling your heart beat getting faster and faster as your breath starts
coming in gasps and your moan turns deeper and more desperate.” he said as
his lips met mine and his hand slid down my body to rest right on my inner

“I love the way you need me and are not afraid to show it” he moaned out
as his hand slid over my sweet pussy and fingers entered me.

“I Crave your submission, desire your tears, demanded your screams” he
said powerfully as he pushed me over and slid himself deep in my sweet
cunt and bit my neck.

“You are my sweetest addiction” he groaned out as he filled my womb with
his seed.
I want to sit on your lap with your chest against my back, your mouth
kissing my neck, and your voice whispering in my ear that I am your good
girl, your sweet princess.

I want your hands on me..

I want to feel those fingers slowly sliding my my soft thigh, gently
pulling my pink panties to the side, and your finger tips to rub up
against my hard little clit.

I want to feel your other hand guiding my hips to start having me grind my
clit against your finger tips as you bite my ear and whisper how good this
feels, how badly you want me, how you can’t wait to feel me take more as
you slide your finger between my smooth lips and start to slide the tip
inside of me.

Oh god, I want to cum all over your hand as I grind harder against it and
as your finger goes deeper in and out of me. I want to hear you moan my
name as I rub my ass up against your hard budge in your pants.

Crave feeling you rubbing your thumb over and over again faster and faster
against my clit as you breath harder against my neck, pushing your hard
cock up against my grinding ass.

Love the way you stand up all of a sudden, take me by the hand, and lead
me into the bedroom to sit me on the bed while pulling my panties down.

The look and hunger in your eyes as you run your fingers back down to my
pretty little lips, as you slide your middle finger deep inside of my
tight sweet pussy and feel you busting any resistance away.

Oh my god I want to see you rip that zipper down, feel you grab me by the
arms, pull me up and turn me around to push my chest down on the bed
leaving my sweet ass up in the air to be used by you.

I cum just feeling your rub your head against my tight ass, I moan as you
take my hips in your hands to hold me down, and run your head harder and
harder against my ass to coax it to open up and take you in.

Can not hold back the scream as you decide you have waited long enough to
have me and you slam that hard huge cock of yours deep inside of me. Not
stopping until I take all of you.

You balls slamming against me as you take me hard, as you rape this sweet
little ass that you have been craving for so very long. Make me pay for
always coming over here flirting with you when you couldn’t do anything
about it.

Hear me scream again as you slam even harder inside of me, calling me a
good slut, a sweet princess, a naughty little tease, your sweet one as you
flood my ass with your hot cum!

Take me, fuck me hard…. yes please..
Can’t say no…

You see, I walk by and there she is, getting ready to go on a call. She
smiles at me-beckoning me in to her room as she is talking to him -letting
her legs spread wide.

I quietly say “I should go” and she says “No, stay”

I know I should say no this, but she looks so damn beautiful and her body
says hell Yes…. I start to head out the door but then she stands up and
her mouth is on mine.. and I don’t say no to this. I hear the man on the
phone tell me “No, stay- you see I want to be the cockold in this scene”
so I watched as she laid back down on the bed and slid her hand down to
her sweet clit.

Watching her cum to his voice was the hottest thing I had ever seen.
hearing her scream his name as her fingers slid inside of her while he
came so hard we could both hear it, made me cum hard right there in that
chair; my legs were shaking and my scream joining hers.

So glad I didn’t say no to this.
Dear Diary,

I don’t know where to begin, but oh my gosh I so love my life.

You see I went to the doctor today, nothing major just a sore throat, but
something happened there and for some twisted reason- I just can’t wait to
go back.

First thing- this wasn’t my normal doctor, he was a new one and was so
cute. Second- I don’t know why I needed to strip down naked and put one of
those gowns on for a sore throat exam but .. doctor said to do so so I
did. He said that he wanted to do a full body exam to make sure that I was
in great shape, strange but okay.

I felt really nervous as he started to give me a breast exam, but his
hands felt so amazing on me. He looked at me and smiled as he slid the
gown completely off of my body and walked behind me. Reaching around, he
cupped both breasts in his hands and pulled me hard against his body. He
was rock hard. We stood there for quite a while as he massaged and rubbed
both breasts, then started to pull hard on my nipples. I was starting to
drip down my leg, shivering as his hand slid down my hard belly to touch
my triangle of hair.

Parting my lips to touch my clit he whispered in my ear- “you be a good
girl now and shhhhh”.. as he slid his finger into my wet and begging
pussy, he told me to be very quiet- this was just part of the exam. I
stood there shaking as he slid yet another finger into my pussy. Just as I
was starting to cum from his fingers fucking me, he pulled them out and
walked away from me.

I blushed hard as he pulled me up onto the table by my hips, laid me down
on my back with a hand to my chest, pulled out the stir-ups and put my
legs up on them.

Opening my legs up wide and pulling up a chair to set between them, he
told me I had the pinkest pussy he had ever seen and he just needed to do
a few more tests- if I was a good girl it would be over soon. I gasped for
breath as he brought his lips down to kiss my cunt and threw my head back
in pleasure as he started to lick my clit. Over and over again his tongue
hit that wonderful spot- “Come on girl” he said as he licked me harder and
slid two fingers inside of me. “Show me how you gush” he said as he forced
two more fingers inside of my sweet pussy and bit down on my clit.

I tried not to scream as I was cumming but I couldn’t help it, it all just
felt so good with his fist in my pussy and tongue on my clit. As I
started to squirt all over his hand and face, he tossed a blanket up for
me to stuff in my mouth.

Laying there shaking, he just smiled at me and said “one more test bitch”.
He stood up, grabbed my ankles really hard and forced his rock hard huge
cock into my cum soaked pussy. He just looked down at me and told me to
shut my fucking mouth or else as he pounded that cock into my cunt.

I was about to cum again as he he reached down- put his thumb on my clit,
pressing hard and moaning as he pulled his cock out of me and forced it
into my sweet virgin ass, using just his precum and my cum as his lube. I
could feel it start to rip as he forced his way in even harder. He looked
up at me and told me to be a good girl and open that ass up for him as he
slammed his cock all the way into me. I felt the skin rip and heard him
moan as I started to black out from the pain. He reached up and slapped my
face hard to keep me alert and looking at him as he raped my sweet ass

He reached up with his other hand, grabbed my tit hard and told me to let
go, be his little bitch, be his whore and show him why I existed as my
eyes rolled into the back of my head and I let loose with a scream as he
pulled out of my ass and slammed back into my sweet cunt.

I could hear his moans in the background; could hear him screaming out I
was his good girl- but all I remember about that time is the pain, the
wonderful waves of pleasure, and his hot cum shooting inside of me.

After standing there pumping his seed deep into my womb while sliding his
cock slowing in and out of me for a few moments, he said it was time to
clean up. Cleaning my sore abused ass and swollen pussy so tenderly with a
warm cloth, he brought me up to lean against his chest and kissed the top
of my head.

“Such a good baby girl I own- Now go home and get our bed ready, it is time
for cuddling” He said smiling as he slapped my ass hard, lead out and shut
the door of his office behind me as I left for the day.
hummmm I want you to catch us, I want you to quietly stand in the door way
as I lick and touch her sweet pussy.

Want you to stand there watching us as I make her moan and she starts to
grind against my face.

Crave looking over with a wicked smile, seeing that lust in your eyes
while you are unzipping your pants to pull your hard cock out.

Dream of hearing your breath catch on that first stroke of your fist down
your cock as I slide my tongue deep in her sweet cunt.

Get wet thinking about how you are going to slowly stroke your cock as you
walk up behind me and start to rub my pink little pussy getting it ready
for your hard cock as I slide two fingers inside of her and make her cum.

Moan as you slide your cock-head against my clit; slowly and gently
opening up my hot wet lips and sliding up beside the mouth of my sweet wet
tight pussy- just putting the tip in as I make her scream with another
finger- this time in her ass.

Cry out loud as you skip my sweet cunt and go right for that tight ass you
so love to force your way into and hurt me.

Look back and whisper with tears in my eyes- “Hurt me daddy” as you grab
my hips and start to fuck your sweet slutty princess with wild abandon-
thrusting, pushing, pulling my tight little ass back against you as you
pump your hot cum deep inside of me, groaning out that I am your good
little whore princess as I slide my full fist in her cunt and make her
scream with me.

Laying down together to catch our breaths, both of us curled up in your
strong arms as we drift off to sleep – hmm what a wonderful way to start
a weekend at home alone just the three of us, I can’t wait to see what we
get to do next!
1st three-way!

I know you are nervous and I know you might even be a bit scared, but when
we take your hand and bring you into our bed- there will be nothing but
pleasure. You see, we love you and we will do our very best to make sure
you enjoy this night.

She will hold you close as I cuddle up next to you. She will kiss your
lips as I trace my fingers down your body. Tonight is all about your
pleasure our love and yes in turn we will receive ours.

I love your shy look but let’s replace that with a look of rapture. I love
watching as she brings her mouth up to yours and kisses you with a passion
that lights up the whole room. I can her your moans under her lips and I
can feel your cock start to harden. I love the way your body jumps and
your cock leaks as I start kissing the shaft and licking your head, but I
love it even more the way you moan out this deep soul pleasing sound as
she slides her body down towards me and slides her sweet mouth over your
hard cock to swallow it deeply as I start to lick and suck your balls.

Your body starts to tense and then shiver as you see my hand slide over
her ass down to her sweet pussy. I make sure to get my fingers so very wet
before reaching them up to your mouth to lick clean. Wanting to make sure
she is ready for you, I move around behind her and start to play with that
cute little clit with my fingers and then my tongue. When I think she is
just about to cum, I move her up and over you like a good girl that you
have been craving for years, kissing you hard I hold her hands as she
slides down over your rock hard shaft! We both love to hear you moan.

We hear you start to beg and curse, but since WE are not quite ready for
this night to end just let I put my sweet pussy right over your mouth and
start to ride your face while kissing her and playing with her amazing

Oh how I would love to see those balls- so hard and full, watch that huge
thick cock sliding in and out of her sweet pussy. I love to hear your
muffled scream as we both started ride you harder.

I reach down to twist her clit and she gushes all over your huge cock. We
can tell by the way you are licking and sucking at my sweet clit that you
are not going to last very much longer so she and I reach down together
and start to finger fuck my sweet clit as your tongue fucks my sweet cunt.
I love the feeling of my hot wet cum pouring all over your face, how tight
and taunt your body becomes as I get up off of your face for her to lick
clean while I move down to lick your cock clean.

She giggled at your sharp intake of breath when you saw us lay down
together and start to kiss and touch, I moaned when I felt you climb
between our lets and start to slide your rock hard cock between both of
our pussy lips, rubbing your shaft between our lips and your head up
against our clits.

Oh god, the way you explored when we both looked at you and said “Hurt us”
still makes me soaking wet. We both came so hard the moment your hot cum
gushed out of your slit and pounded against our clits.

As we all laid in the bed, catching our breaths, touching and caressing
each other, it just felt so good and so right. I so love sharing you with
my sister Daddy….
Special day out…

Work has been crazy and we haven’t had much time to see each other, so
when Sir requested that we lock ourselves away for the weekend- I was so
very happy. A full weekend of being at home pleasing my Sir sounded
amazing to me.

When he pointed out that our local wolf sanctuary was doing a mating
season special, I knew to pay damn close attention to everything that was
said or better yet- not said this weekend.

Walking in the sanctuary was amazing. So many trees, so green, so pretty.
It was like a small little piece of heaven on earth. We started with a
tour of the place, the speeches of what to look for, when and how do
donate $. Walking out into the wild-life area was even more breath-taking.
We stood and watched as the wolves went on with their lives like we were
not even there and did not matter. Standing this close to my Sir, I could
feel the buzz of being this close to other natural born dominants that
were rushing through his body.

We watched as the alpha male walked around in a protection stance but
could also see that the alpha female had her own authority and power as

Sir stood close to me as we watched how these too strong wolves interacted
with each other. Each time the male came close enough to smell her, he
would lift his nose in the air and take in a deep breath. You could see
the hairs on his neck stand up and how strongly his eyes screamed that he
would protect her to his death.

With each step that wolf made toward his mate, you could see that he
looked stronger and his muscles got tense; but I could also see that with
each step that wolf took, my Sir took one closer to me, around me. I
watched the male, as he walked over to his mate, stand even taller than
before. That is when my mind kicked into gear and I noticed that my Sir
was locking eyes with this other male and was, in a way, doing the same
exact thing around me. I was sure the scents of us too females were about
to not only drive our mates wild but also all the other beta male wolves
that had started howling in excitement.

We watched as that male wolf, eyes still locked with my Sir, lifted his
head up and put his muzzle down over his mates head. This small gesture
looking so meaningless to most people was the most powerful gesture in the
world really. It was one of protection, love, and companionship. Not a
simple one at all, while he looks to be placing ownership of his mate-
really he is showing that they are equal partners. While he is protecting
her, she is providing him with strength, love, and protection of his heart
as equal to what he was providing her.

It was only when I saw that male wolf’s lip rise up in a small quite snarl
that I heard my Sir’s quiet small snarl back at him and noticed where he
was standing. How he was standing.

He was standing behind me, his arms wrapped around my soft little belly
that housed the womb that his young was growing in. His chest hard against
my back and his chin resting on my shoulder. I noticed that he kept
rubbing the side of his face up against my neck and taking in deep

The male wolf closed his eyes once and I felt my Sir slightly nod his head
before laying his lips against my neck to softly bite it. The wolf pair
took off running into the forest as my Sir slid his body away from mine
and took my hand into his.

We heard the intense howling of the mating pair as my Sir looked at me
and said – “When we get home, I want you naked and in that sound proof
room before I even get my shoes off is that understood…”

Stay tuned for part two!
Pool time..

Oh I so love playing outside by the pool with my friends. The sun hitting
our skin and making our pretty little bikini’s sparkle. Looking over I see
him watching us, that look so intense in his eyes. I love the way his eyes
tract every movement of my sweet body.

Making sure to stretch really tall and wide to let him see even more of my
cute little ass, I walk over to him and tell him that I think my sun
screen might wearing off cuz my shoulders are starting to feel like fire.
Love the way his eyes roam up and down my body and settle right on my
sweet little tummy. “come here baby girl, I am all out cream but we can
make some more can’t we?” he said as he stands up, takes me by the hand,
walks me into his bedroom and lowers his swim trunks.

I love how he shivers when I look up at him and smile that cute little
evil smile and say “oh Yes please” while putting my two sweet hands on his
hard cock and start to stroke him. After a few moments he starts to shake
and reminds me to suck the tip top of his head like getting the milkshake
from a straw. I suck that salty slit like a mini porn star as he starts to
groan and the fills my hot tight mouth with his yummmy cream. Too much to
swallow all down, some of it dribbles out of pink lips, down my pretty
face to land on my soft chest.

He quickly bends down and puts his fingers down in it to rub it all over
my chest. I love the way he moans as I start to slide my bikini bottoms
off and ask him to hurt me please.

Wanna know the rest… call me baby and come hurt me..
I was thinking about you today, the way your smile makes me blush and your
touch makes me so damn wet.

You know how I love play and play with the boys and girls at Your Desires,
and you know how I love getting to cum so very much, but you also know
that this pussy- it belongs to you. It is yours to use and abuse. It is
yours to slap, lick, bite, fill, and fist.

I love watching you come home after a long day of work in the office,
seeing how you slip your shoes off at the door, lock up the house to make
sure we are safe for the night, love watching you undo your tie and cuff
links before you even turn to look at me.

You know I am going to be right there waiting for you. Drink in my hand
and breasts bared for you to bite and nurse from. I love watching you look
at me and then watch your nostrils flare as you catch that 1st slight
scent of your baby-girl. God I love the look that comes over you as you
walk over to me, grab me by the back of the head and kiss me hard.

You smile at me as you ask how my night went, if my callers knew what a
sex starved whore I truly am, if they made me cum tonight too. I just
blush and you have your answer-don’t you Daddy.

I love the way you rip the rest of my shirt off of me while turning me
around to bend me over this glass table top and run your fingers inside my
sweet pussy lips. “oh babygirl- you did have a good night didn’t you” you
growl out as I hear your belt coming out of your pants and doubling over.
“Oh god yes, please please spank me” I hear my voice beg out as my body
goes on high alert.

That first slap of the fine Italian leather across my sweet ass made me
jump, the second one made me flinch, the third made moan, and the fourth
one- well you knew exactly what that would do to me- so you put your hand
on my back before swinging and told me I had better not come. Damn you.. I
fought back the urges and felt that fourth swing hit my ass.

Fighting back the yell of pain and the tears of frustration was easy
compared to what came next. I don’t know when you had time to undo your
pants but good lord- I could not hold back the scream of pain as your hard
cock forced its way into my tight and unready ass. Listening to you moan
as you took this ass that belongs to you over and over again made me start
to relax and that is when you brought the belt back down over my back
again, but this time I heard you yell “Come bitch” and I did.I came down
my legs as you let loose and shot your cum hard into my sweet ass grabbing
my hips and groaning as you filled me up.

I love how you bring me up against your chest and walk with me over to
your big soft chair, they way you pull me down on to your lap and tell me
to rest my head against your chest as you stroke my hair and we both start
to come down. I love this time I get to spend with you, the soft romantic
way you touch me, your voice in my ear telling me that I am a good girl-
that I am your good girl.

We both know that I am strong sexy woman, I kick ass as one of the best
phone sex girls around, and I am yours. But what you know is that I am
also a sweet, kind, wonderful friend as well as your perfect lover and I
love that you always remind me of that when you kiss me.

I can’t wait to get to spend time with you again soon…

More of Amber’s Fantasies…