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Amber’s Thoughts


She loves to be bound.

She loves the feeling of rope around her wrists and ankles tying her tight
down to the bed as his hands caress her body. She craves feeling his
breath on her neck as he is laying his weight on her back, sliding his
legs in between hers while she can not fight back.

Her eyes slide shut as she feels him start to push his thick cock deep
inside of her sweet warm pussy as her tears start to run down her face and
her breath catches in her throat as a quite scream.

Her body betrays her role in this play and she moans around the gag as her
pussy opens and lets him in. He slams his his hand into the back of her
neck with a hard slap, telling her to shut the fuck up and take it- she is
nothing but a bitch, his bitch as he bites her neck and marks her as his.

She feels subspace coming and gives into it, she rides the waves as he
takes her over and over again, harder and harder until she loses total
control and he knows that the truly owns her.

She is flying so hard and starts to fight back, trying to get him off of
her as she is screaming in pleasure and thrashing around the bed. He just
laughs in her ear and tells her to brake the bonds and cum, not to stop
until she is free and the bed is soaked.

Her body tenses, her legs tighten around his, her arms pull against the
ropes until they break and she soaks the bed for her Maestre with every
once of cum in her body as he shoots his deep inside of her body, marking
her as his whore.

And she craves this.
I’d fuck me___

It’s our first date and I’m so looking forward to going out with you.
I got dressed up in a dress that I knew you would absolutely love, as I
stand infront of the mirror and I look at myself, think “wow I would so
fuck me”!

My long golden Amber hair is just perfectly resting on my shoulders and
cascading down my back.

My beautiful red lips are begging for you to come kiss them.

That beautiful neck- long and elegant just perfect for your lips to
caress and your teeth to mark.

I look in the mirror and run my fingertips over my collarbone, it’s so
soft and slightly glittered catching your eye when the light bounces
against it.

My eyes move down my body, and rest upon these gorgeous breasts they’re
just the right size for you to wrap your hands around and caress.

This flowing red dress caresses my tone body showing off my wonderful
curves and out standing cleavage. The split on the side that comes right
up to my hip opens, allows me to see my strong tanned thigh.

Oh yes-I’d fuck me. I would fuck me so hard! I’d rip this dress open and
feast upon these breasts, I would tear these red lace undies away from my
sweet smooth pussy and dive into this can’t with wreck less abandon.

I would push me down on that bed and make sure not to stop licking until I
was screaming and begging for mercy!

Hummm darlin’ I’d fuck me- but will you?
“A new kind of stupid”

Congratulations- you have invented a new kind of stupid-

a “You really are pathetic aren’t you?” kind of stupid, an ‘Open all the
cages at the zoo kind of stupid’ and let’s not forget a “Truly you didn’t
think this through, did you?’ kind of stupid

Let’s review- You call begging all the other’s to be like me, to fit your
need like me- but yet, you never find me. Did you really think you could
replace me little boy- or maybe I should call you little puppy?

You think I am not “Domme” because of this soft sexy voice? Well, now you
really are a new kind of stupid aren’t you puppy?, because this soft voice
can have you begging me to say more, begging me just to speak your name,
promising me the sun-moon-and stars just to let you release.

One thing my dear Master taught me is a lesson you will need to learn-
Never think that a sweet soft voice is harmless.

Mostly not when it is wielded by a Creole Sadistic Bitch that will have
you begging to be abused before this night is done, isn’t that right Mon
Cheri ?

So my darling one- you know where to find me now don’t you, or maybe you
do need to be tied down to that high back chair and reminded of why you
call me in the middle of your fantasies?
Fantasies, we all have them.

Some are sweet and nice, some are hot and sexy, and some- well some are
very taboo.

But, yet, they are the ones that make us want to scream in delight when we
get to share them with another person.

Make me that other person- come share your taboo fantasies with me and
I’ll share mine with you, but could you handle mine, maybe. Why not check
out my fantasy writings and find out..

or better yet- call me and let’s play show and tell, I am waiting for you..
Using amber for anxiety—

Yes you read that right.. we already know that the taster of Amber on your
lips is outstanding but now- it is good for you too.. and not just for
your body baby!

Did you know that when Amber rests against your skin it becomes warm and
comforting up against your skin from your body heat?

Some of the sides effects of that are:

Succinic acid—One of the chemical components of amber is succinic acid.
Some theorize that the warming of the amber against the skin causes the
emission of a tiny amount of oil containing succinic acid.

Electric energy—Amber emits negative ions when it is rubbed, as when worn
under clothing. This is similar to the proposed therapeutic effects of
Himalayan salt lamps. The human body is a highly electric organism, since
our neurons communicate using electric signals. It’s possible that amber
interacts with the body on a bioelectric level.

So see darlings- that heat you feel between us when you call, it is real
and it is real good for you…

We both feel that electricity between us baby and it feels so damn good-
and is good for us too…
Hello darlings,

Too long since I have been here to play and to have fun with you all. I am
sorry about that and believe me, I can’t wait to get to come back and
enjoy you all so much more!!!

Tonight’s play time will take me away again but I wanted to come spend
some time with ya all before I head up to big fancy swinger’s party!

That’s right Ms Amber gets to dress all up sexy and get her grove on- but
I need you to come get me in the mood.. you know how turned on I get from
hearing your voice on the other line and getting to make you cum so hard
that it sets me off also!

Come play with me…. yummy.
I love the way you move my tight body like it is your own private toy. The
way your voice makes my knees weak and my thighs tremble.

God I want you so badly. I love the way you tell me that you want me, that
you own me, that you crave me. You do don’t you darling, crave me… that
is right I know…

But do you know how badly I crave you darling? I hope you do…

So pick up that phone and lets spend that time together again. I Want to
hear you moaning my name again
I can’t wait to see you with that lease around your cock my little cum
slut. I want to walk you around that strip club and make you fuck every
sweet pussy there is in that back room.. but you know that isn’t all I
want to do to you don’t you?

I want you to be my dirty little cum slut – I want everyone in this place
to drain you dry and stroke you till you are begging me to make it stop.

This is what you get for not being there on time last week bitch- so this
week show up or it is gonna be worse. But we both now you like it worse
don’t you?????
Bruises- oh they are such wonderful things.

I love to see the bruise on my arm and smile- thinking back to how good it
felt to feel you holding me down and then bending down to bite my wrist.
Marking me as your girl in a way that only other Masters will understand.

I get wet at the sharp pain I get when I run my hand down the inside of my
tights and touch your marks. Oh the way that belt stung and your lips
smoothed right before you bite down on your sweet slut.

Sitting down at work is a bit of a challenge still, but so very worth it
to know that my ass is sweetly covered in hand prints that would make a
prison guard smile.

More please DaddySir????
I love the way she tastes, but what is even better is the way she tastes
on your lips.

Watching you open up that wonderful pussy of hers and seeing you slide
your fingers over her clit and down to slowly enter her- takes my breath
away because I know how good that feels.

Love to hear her moan in such delight as you order her to cum all over
your hand and then can’t help but moan myself when you bring your hand up
to my lips to feed me her sweet wet nectar.

Want more Daddy, can I lick her too? can I make her cum with you please?

So many new faces and names, guess that is how it goes when you are a
phone sex girl- but also so many new friends!!!

I miss the girls that got to know but count myself so very lucky that we
have all became such good friends! I am loving getting to know the new
girls and watch them blossom into awesome little sluts like myself!

Also really miss all of the callers that I spoke with on the weekends- I
know a change of schedule is hard, just wanted to let you all know that I
think about you a lot and crave your voice so very bad, so call me!!

To the ones that I haven’t had a chance to talk with on the phone yet- I
so can’t wait to get to spend some one-on-one time with you darling and
let you see how much fun we phone girls can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You little fucking cum slut- do you know how happy you make me?

The way you beg to feel my hands on you, making you spread wide open for
me, tying you up, and giving you no way out but to make me happy.

I love how you beg and plead knowing that will get you nowhere- but love
it even more when I can take this riding crop and beat those tight balls
of yours till they are bright damn red and you are begging for real, you
little bitch of mine.

“Stroke that cock, stroke it harder and don’t you dare cum”.. I love
saying those words to you over the phone. This is why you call me in the
middle of the night and beg me to be your phone sex mistress.

“beg me little cum slut- beg me to let you cum in your hand and drink it
down like a good little cum whore” hummmm.. I giggle when I hear your moan
and sharp intake of breath as you fight off cumming. You know what will
happen if you cum before I do, and you don’t want that now do you? That is
right, a full mouthful of your hot cum squirting straight from your cock.
Or, maybe you do want that by the way I hear you moaning and groaning over
this phone line.

“Cum for me and you better make sure I hear it you little nasty bitch”
Yeah that is what you were waiting to hear- I hear your hand stroking that
cock of yours fast and furious like you are gonna rip that little head of
yours right off.

That’s it – cum for me, cum for me like the slut you are – you know you
want to .. so pick up that phone and let me show you what a real Cajun
Voodoo Queen can make you do to yourself for my pleasure little boy….
hummm Master,

I have never called you that before even tho I have craved it. My god,
hearing those words from your lips drove me wild and let the animal deep
inside of me out to roam.

Like a treasured pet, hearing you call me your good girl made me purr and
then when you called me your dirty whore, it made me want to roar in
pleasure and need.

You have brought tears to my eyes and screams to my lips, but that night
you brought me home.
The business world has kept us way too busy… but it is time to cut
those Corporate ties for a few hours and have some fun!!!

Come play with me- you know you want to.. you know you crave your taste of
Amber, so sweet on your tongue and so smooth sliding down your throat.

That amazing feel of cold polished Amber on your fingertips that makes
parts of your body tingle and crave more, oh so much more… but mostly
makes you want to bust this stone exterior wide open and see all the glory
and wonders that are hidden inside.

You know how badly you crave my touch, my slow sweet soft way of making
you get to that point of wanting to beg for release. I love how you beg me
baby and how you burn for me when I am not around.

Your desires that come from a deep calling, a yearning from the soul, for me.

All you have to do is pick up that phone and I am all yours…
I miss you…

I miss you like the desert misses rain.
I need you like the oceans need the moon to make waves.
I crave you like the wild horses crave the free range.

Your voice in my ear, your hands in my hair.
Hearing you stake claim over your babygirl, making me moan out why I exist.

Your laughter at my begging, your moans at my pleading, your groans as you
cum while my tears are falling.

Your voice on this phone that sends chills down my spine and makes me beg
you to let me be yours.

Our calls that left us both breathless.
Our times we spent just laying there giggling and relaxing
Our bond that was beyond all others.

I crave you Sir just as a good little girl should.
Do you have any clue just how sexy your voice is? It makes me crave you so
very very badly. I just want you to toss me down on this bed and take me.

You see a lot of ladies might not like to talk dirty but you can bet your
sweet ass they like to hear it. I know I do and so do my sisters here in
the house.

We love to hear your voice telling us how sexy we are, how you can not
wait to slowly take these clothes off of us, lay us down on a soft bed and
make love to us.

….. and then there are the few of us that beg you to take us like the
dirty little whore we are. to fuck us hard and fast and take us like a $2
tramp.. What is even hotter- is when you just can’t hold back any longer
and start to tell us your deepest desires of fucking your sweet little
babysitter or your boss’s slut of a wife right there in his office. Making
her beg for your hard cock up her tight little ass…

Which one do you want tonight? what you mean it is a question of which one
or is more like a question of which one right now darling???
Hey all,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all that have been calling
and emailing me! You mean the world.

Sorry I have been away so much, both working in the business world and now
coming down a little sick sure has taken my time away from here but please
know– I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE darlings! You guys and girls put a smile on
this queen’s face and I love putting one on yours.

So speaking of a little sick, as some of you all know, my voice has been
deciding it needs to take a new path in life and sometimes leaves me, it
always comes back, and with a touch of rasp that a soulful blues singer
would die for, but I wanted to say thank you to all those that have called
and commented on how different but good it sounds- I needed that, thank
you! Please keep it up!!! LOL

I also wanted to let you all know that I am doing good, it isn’t anything
serious or that will keep me away from playing (Wild horses couldn’t drag
me away from YD!), but damn, it sure does help when I get to talk to you
and make you cum so hard that you do the screaming for me!!!!!

So come play with me, sit down and stroke that cock to this smooth sultry
voice telling you just how I want to wrap these pretty lips around that
cock of yours and make you flood my throat with all your coating hot cum
that I can swallow.
What an amazing weekend! Oh goodness have mercy- this girl played and she
played hard.

Went to a houseparty! oh yeah one of those kind…. had the best damn
massage from a beautiful lady who’s titties were as fine as mine. I just
had to reach out and touch them… you know with my tongue.

Oh and the 7 person hot-tub that was right in the Master Bedroom ! Let’s
not forget about the Bed surrounded by mirrors and the freezer full of
glass toys just begging to be played with.

I can not wait to tell you about that shower! OH have mercy girl that
thing was amazing!

Want to know more about this sex-filled weekend?? Call me baby, you know
you so want to!!!
A kiss-

It can be so little but mean so much!
You are my family, my pack, my best friend, or you are the one I not only
love but am in love with!

So many unspoken works can be said in a kiss. So many hidden feelings can
come to light and be honored in a kiss!

When you kiss someone you could be saying something as simple “I care
about you, I love you my friend” to something as powerful as “I want you,
I love you, I own you- you are mine!” It all depends on the feeling that
you push through that kiss!

I love those kisses that start out slow and soft, addin gentle increases
in pressure until your lips part, your tongues touch, and your souls
connect. The ones release those butterflies in your belly , makes your
heart skip a beat, your breath to catch and your clit to throb!

Give me those kisses over this phone line again please!!!!

Hey all,
So yet another amazing weekend. As I lay here in this big soft white king
size bed I can’t help but remember how wonderful everything felt and
tasted and just pleased every part of my body.

Last night was amazing getting all dressed up in that gorgeous long black
low-cut dress, wearing those black pump heels, my neck wrapped in a
double string freshwater pearls, and my pretty pretty face coated in
white sweet cum.
My hair down with that nice fluffy freshly fucked look.

I cannot wait to get back to your desires,back to the beautiful phone
girl sisters, and back to you -the most amazing callers that make me feel
like the most beautiful goddess there ever was !!!!!

Love ya all!!!
May 16, wow can you believe this month is 1/2 over already, We are off to
the start of a wonderful summer here Your Desires and I so can’t wait to
have more fun with you all and my sexy phone-sex sisters!

I miss you all so much when I am away from the house, so what a better way
to stay in touch than updating my page with all the fun things I am up to
while I am away and to (s)excite you all for my return!!!!

This weekend was a trip to the beach- long walks in the sunset, cold
drinks as the moon shined down, and nice naked cuddles with friends while
the waves rolled in! I wish you had been here!!!

Can’t wait to be back at the house this week having fun with you all, but
until my return on Monday (and Tuesday) I hope you all are calling my
sweet sexy phone sisters and making them moan as loud as you make me!!!

Renmen ou tout darlings mwen!!!!
As I close down my anniversary week here at Your Desires, I can’t help
but think back to my 1st couple days here and how nervous I was, I had
never done professional phone sex before- would I be any good at it? I
knew I was good at giving awesome sex over the phone with just my friends-
but wow, in a house with other girls that could hear me???

I can’t help but thank those that took a chance and called this newbie..
most of which are still my friends and callers today. I say friends
because after we spend time on the phone- we share things that you guys
may not feel comfortable sharing with anyone else.

We are the girls that get you cum- where ever you want to spray it. We are
the girls that get your secrets and darkest desires because, with time,
you have learned to trust us and what is said and done here- is just
between us! We are even the girls that you come to with anger sometimes
because you know some of us love more than a bit of pain with our

Had I known then what I know now- I would have hugged those girls that
were here when I got here because they laid the foundation for us to be
here!! I have some some very hot special ladies come and go.. and well
yes– cum too! yummmy

Thank you all for such a wonderful welcome, such amazing times this past
year, and for the future of a lot more calls, moans, groans, climaxes, and
screaming orgasms!!!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! Ti cheri mwens !!!!!
I can’t believe Monday the 9th will mark one year since I have started
here. Wow, time really really does fly when you are having a great time.
You have all made me feel so damn sweet and sexy.

Love the time I get to spend with you, the laughs I get to have with you,
and the awesome sex we get to have!!!!!!

oh and just a tease for those of you that have been thinking about calling
this sexy sensual switch but haven’t yet!

“I can ride you at a gallop until your legs buckle and your eyes roll up,
I’ve got muscles you’ve never even dreamed of; I can squeeze you until you
popped like warm champagne and you’d beg me to hurt you just a little bit
more.” (if you know where that is from- call and let’s play Vamp and

Yes I do and yes I can.. call and find out darling!!!
Tease my mind and you will tease my body. Bring my imagination to the
brink and you will open up doors sexually that your body never could.

This is one thing I love love love about phone sex- we get to know each
other on a level like no other. I know that you love to hear me moan your
name and you know that I can cum just from hearing you call me My
Princess, My good girl, My naughty little bitch without even having to
touch myself.

Our time on the phone frees our minds so that our bodies can follow.!!!

Our time together allows you to paint a picture of what your hands want to
be doing to my body, your lips on my mine, your chest hard pressed
against mine as you push me against the wall to kiss me and let your hands
under my shirt to cup my full and firm breasts.

It allows me to paint you a picture of how good it would feel to drop to
my knees, run my hand down your chest to your belt; remove your belt and
open your pants to slowly bring you out and allow me to wrap my soft sweet
hot wet lips around your cock head and know that you are getting hard just
hearing the words that are meant to tease and please.

I want to be that fantasy that you just can’t get out of your mind, that
voice on the other side of the phone like that you crave in the middle of
the night.

I want to do bad bad things to you…and you to do even worse things to me!!!

“Wanna be the best phone sex girl you can be?” I was asked once by an
older lady- I said “hell yes, have any tips?”

she gave me a paper with this written on it:

Be the good girl he loves…..

Be the bad girl he desires……

Be the naughty girl he lusts …..

Be the lady he worships…….

Call and let me show you how much this good girl can love, this bad girl
can make you desire, this naughty girl can make you lust after more, and
the lady you worship and praise!!!!
As I laid in my big soft bed at the hotel this week, looking out the open
window watching the planes flying in to the airport I thought of you.

Thought of you traveling so much and so far away from home so many days.
Away from your life, your home, your bed, your lover.

Thought of the time we get to spend together when you get to where you are
traveling to and when I get to welcome you home as well.

Thought of how amazing it is when you pick up that phone to call me and
have the hottest sweetest love making over the phone line, but also how
you love to hear me beg, cry, promise, and cum!

Slid my hand down over these full firm breasts and thought about how sexy
your voice sounds when you are telling me to touch myself, to play with my
hard firming nipples.

Gasped as I touched my sweet clit wishing your voice was there- telling me
that that was your fingers and that you own this pussy.

Came as I shut my eyes and wished we were on the phone fucking hard and
fast in that big bed.

I need you so badly baby….. call me and let’s play
Your voice-

I hear your voice when I answer the phone and the sky’s the limit!
I’m helpless, down for count, Drowning in it
When it came over the phone sex hot line – my heart went BOOM!
We grind to the rhythm as we moan and groan, I grab your arms and say
ohhhhh,…..I’m about to change your life!

One week later and all the girls here know that feeling-
Laughing at my sisters cuz they want to form a harem!

There’s nothing that your voice can’t do to these sweet bodies and
dreaming minds!
See more blow jobs are better for women too!!!

“Why do I love giving blow jobs so much?”

I used to ask myself that questions so much; was it the powerful feeling
of making a soft cock go hard with just my pretty hands and soft lips? Was
it the way love to hear a man moan when I slide just the tip of it in my
wet soft mouth and start to suck it to the very back of my throat? Or
maybe it was the way I got to cum every time I felt that big head hitting
the roof of my mouth making me open my mouth wider.

Now that I am in the medical field during the day I am learning more and
more about that wonderful white creamy treat!

Did you know.. Semen can cure depression

Apparently semen contains chemicals that elevate mood, increase affection,
induce sleep, and contain at least three antidepressants.!!!!

It also contains cortisol, which is known to increase affection;
as well as estrone, which elevates mood;
oxytocin, which also elevates mood;
thyrotropin-releasing hormone, which is another antidepressant; melatonin,
which is a sleep aid;
and serotonin, which is a well-known antidepressant neurotransmitter.

All I know is that I love the feeling of it marking my sweet slut face
showing off your ownership of this little slut and how good it tastes when
it is shooting down my throat as your head slides in and out of my sweet

More Please..
We all have heroes- those people that spark our imagination, make us want
to grow and experience new things.

Mine is The Marquis De Sade- the things he did and put others through is a
pure joy for this sweet submissive sadist.

I love this quote by him and I think that this works so very well with
phone sex!

“”The imagination is the spur of delights… all depends upon it, it is
the mainspring of everything; now, is it not by means of the imagination
one knows joy?
Is it not of the imagination that the sharpest pleasures arise?””

When I talk to you on the phone my eyes are closed; all sounds are off in
my room but your and my voice sharing a moment in time where all things
are possible. It is when the imagination of what we are doing together
takes us both places in our minds, bodies, and souls that opens up the
doors to true intimacy between us.

I love getting to share that time with you!
I hear your voice on the phone and it is all I can do not to cum right
then and there.

You bring out the bad bad little girl in me and all I want to do is have
your big hands all over my sweet tight little body..

I dream of our calls, how you love to pull down my panties and play with
my cute clit and pretty little ass… before I know it I am cumming in my
dreams and all over my big bed moaning out your name and soaking my hand.

Count down the days till I get to come to YD and play- but most of all, I
count down the days till I get to hear your voice in my ear calling me
your good girl and hearing you moan out “God Damn” as you fill me with
your cum!
Looking for a really wide ride?
Ready to explore pleasure in a whole new way?

Think that submissive girls aren’t as much fun as those big bad Dommes to
scratch your itch? Oh baby, then you just haven’t played with the right

Believe that submissives are just sweet pleasing little toys? Well, yes we
can be that too, but we can also be the most pleasure your eyes have seen,
ears have heard, fingers have touched.

We can wrap up your tidy little world in a whole ball of excitement and
pleasure, give you a rush that not even heroin can compare to. When you
hold a sub’s leash in your hand you hold the world. You hold
responsibility, you hold ownership, you hold a treasure that chooses to
give you so much more power than you have ever known.

We can push you to your limits and then smile at you- making those limits
stretch out even further than you have ever wanted them to. We can fulfill
your deepest darkest cravings that you have never allowed to see the light
of day – and yet, here we are begging to know them, to give them life, and
to feed them.

Pleasure knows no limits when you have a servant that craves your touch
and approval. Pain knows no greater joy than when it is begged for and
received with a smile.

Come explore this wonderful world and have fun in all corners of our phone
sex sandbox with us, I promise- You won’t be disappointed!
I miss being your hot sexy naughty little princess phone-sex girl. I miss
hearing your voice over the phone telling me how badly you want to do
terrible things to me and my pretty little body.

I can’t wait to be back in your arms, back under your belt and flogger
Sir. I can’t wait to hear you moaning my name and getting me what a good
girl I am.

“Come play with me”- whispered in your ear over the phone in that sexy
soft voice that tempts you every time.

“Hurt me” – moaned out in that raspy voice from screaming that makes your
cock even harder.

“Cum for me” – begged out in labored breaths as you take me over the wall
to that sweet climax we both are craving so badly.
Want to make your phone-sex girl’s day- give her pearls!! yes they are
pretty and they do symbolize eternal love but there are other things about
them you may not know!

Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. (and boy do we have
that – This is the home of the best hottest phone sex around for a

They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection.
Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one’s karma,
strengthen relationships, and keep children safe.

The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity,
and loyalty of its wearer. (Well I can’t vouch for purity of this wearer
but we are very loyal to our callers!)

Pearls have a calming and peaceful effect on the mind and specifically
the emotions! (and come on-who doesn’t want their women all nice and
peaceful. lol )

Pearls can stimulate your femininity and help with self acceptance. They
lift your spirits and make you feel calm and beautiful. They remind us to
walk with Dignity.

But the best reason of all- Because we phone girls are sweet little sluts
that love to have your cum draped around our necks and what a better way
to remind us of your load you just laid down on us than a real pearl

Have fun, have sex, and most of all= have some laughs today the happiest
day of all! One you get to spend with us girls.
You know, sometimes a girl has just got to cut loose and have some fun!
Nothing better than these cold February nights to light up a big ol
bonfire out in the field, circle those big trucks around it with the tail
gates down, and the music up loud!

Nothing like curling up under some blankies by the fire, making smores,
and enjoying some moonshine – and I do mean both kinds- and then making
love right there in the bed of your pickup with all your friends around
having the same kind of fun.

Getting to hear the girls moan, the guys groan, and the wolves howl in
delight– now that is my kind of a night!!

come light this fire up darling.
The power of Touch.

The sense of touch is powerful: It can heal and it can hurt. It can make
or break relationships. It can create a loving bond between partners, and
if abused, can inflict lifelong wounds physically and emotionally.

While all too often taken for granted, one thing is certain: It should
never be taken lightly.

We may not have the ability to touch your skin over the phone, but we do
have the power to use our words, our emotions, to reach out and touch your
soul. To discover your inner cravings and let you know they are safe to
share here.

Look at my picture, look in my eyes, see that you can trust and know that
all your secrets are safe here. All of your dreams, desires, and yes- even
your fears sometimes, will all be touched on, brought out, and played with
if you so desire it
Oh it feels so good to be back here, I wish I was here more but- weekends
are it for right now darlings.

I just love hearing that phone ring, feeling that little thrill that
tingles my spine wondering if it is you, if tonight is the night that I
get to fulfill your deepest darkest desires. If this is the night that I
get to be your sweet hot sexy little one that you crave hearing over the

What games will be play tonight baby? do I get to be that sexy office
assistant or that bossy little bitch of a boss that you can’t wait to push
over your desk, pull this skirt up and fuck the hell out of right there in
your office? Do I get to be that sweet innocent one that you just love to
hear giggle when you touch me or that naughty teen that loves to tease you
like crazy with my pretty little crop top and sexy little shorts?

ohhhh or do I get to be that sexy milf of a mom you have been waiting to
bang – you know your best friend or daddy wouldn’t have a chance in hell
of matching cocks with you darling.

Call and play with me baby- You will find out quickly why the weekend
nights are the best time and yet the hardest time to get thro.. come be
the lucky one tonight. fuck this sweet phone girl into heaven and let her
make all your dreams come true!
Hold me closer, fuck me harder.
Make me scream your name as you slide inside of me.

I want to feel your hands holding me down, feel your lips demanding my
kisses as your cock is demanding entrance into my sweet pussy.

Want to feel your heart pounding in your chest as your body is pounding
hard against mine. Want to hear your breath catch in your throat as you
cut off my breath with your hand around mine. Want to see that look of
intense pleasure in your eyes right before mine slide shut and I slip into
subspace and cum screaming your name.

Waking up to feel you still slowly siding your softening, cum-coated, cock
deep inside of my used pussy is one of the best feelings in the world- but
you always have ways of making it even better. The way you wrap me up in
your arms, kiss my forehead, tell me I was a good girl and made you so
very proud of of your baby-girl makes me want to cum all over again right
there just being held.

I adore you my Sir, please never forget that!

**** sent to me from my girl, a fellow shoe loving lady that can be so
very very naughty with me.. I just adore her!****

Hello my naughty office milf. Your message has had me turned on for days.
Cumming again and again in all different naughty ways. I can’t talk
tonight, sorry honey. So I thought I would leave a message so I could tell
you what I would be doing with you tonight.

We are down to our panties, stockings and heels. I am sitting in my desk
chair, legs crossed and shoe dangling from my toes. You are on the floor
close enough to begin caressing my silky nude stockinged leg. You make
your way down to my dangling high heel and slide it off, showing you my
sexy red toes. As I start caressing your tits with my silky foot, you take
my shoe and place a black stocking over the whole pointed toe, pulling it
tight. You hand me the high heel and say, “Oh Vickie, I really need to
fuck these sexy toes right now, and want to see you fuck the sexy high
heels that they were in all day”

You grab our favorite toy and give it squeeze for a shot of dildo juice on
your tits and my shoeless foot. You begin rubbing my soaked foot over your
tits and stomach, working your way down to your panties. I have spread my
other leg over the arm of chair, letting my other shoe dangling from my
toes. I get some dildo juice for myself and begin working my shoe toy down
my body to my panties.

We both have our panties pulled to the side and I say “Yes Amber. Fuck my
sexy toes while I fuck my high heel. That’s it, get my toes nice and wet
and work them into your hot pussy” As you work my toes into your pussy, I
have done the same with the high heel, stretching my pussy open with the
silky toe of the shoe. “Oh God Amber, I’m gonna cum. Cum with me, cum all
over my toes. Yes, that’s it, Fuck I’m cumming……….

Mmmmmmmm, I can’t wait to talk again sexy Amber!

Vickie xoxo

Oh Vickie- I so can not wait to get to play with you again soon lover!
Heading to work this morning, I drove by the college football team
practicing out on the field.

All those nice young hot men out there in their tight pants,what a
wonderful sight. Makes my pussy wet just thinking about one of those guy’s
hard cock all confined in my tight red silk panties under his uniform.

Just thinking about how good it would feel to run my fingertips over his
balls and up the throbbing vein, watching him squirm as I run my nail over
the rim of his cock circling it and making him beg for more.

I hurry to get to work so that I can go into my private office and slide
my fingers down into my sweet bare pussy thinking about how hot he would
look tied to my bed, my panties he is wearing soaking wet from his cock
down to his balls with his precum. I can’t wait to pinch it, squeeze it,
nibble it, tease it, make it even harder and wet.

Cumming into my hand so I can taste it before cleaning up, I think to
myself – God I need to get some young cock soon.
Some times Daddy’s little angel just wants to shed her wings, let her hair
down, and take a trip to the bad side of town with a very bad boy in a
very hot bad toy.

Take me by the hand & lead down that road to temptation in a black on
black ’67 Chevy Impala with pussy pounding roar of power. Take me out on
the town or to the country side throw down, walk me into the dark and kiss
me like the devil. Push me against the wall or lay me down in the back
seat and take this sweet angel’s innocence.

You dirty bitch- I had no idea how hot those words were till you
whispered them in my ear, your hand around my throat, your cock deep in my
sweet ass.

You nasty whore- I did not know these words would make me scream in
delight until I heard them while you pounded your hard cock deep inside my
wet pussy.

You filthy cunt- I didn’t know I would crave such words until you shoved
your rock solid cock deep down my tight throat.

I fucking love you slut- words to end all words said when you shot your
hot cum all over my pretty face.

I love you too Sir- words quietly shouted while being wrapped in your
strong arms and led out of the restroom.

Well, that is one more restaurant we can cross of our list of date night
possibilities- Words giggled as we walked out to the car hand and hand.

I love date night with you baby!
His girl…

What I wouldn’t give to be that girl again. That sweet innocent lady that
went out on a date and ended up with his back at his apartment with his
hand on my lower back in the elevator. That girl full of wonder and full
of excitement every time he smiled at me. That woman that knew just how to
make him lose control and take me hard; but all the while, caring for me
as his babygirl.

They say be careful what you wish for- you just might get it. I wished to
fulfill his dark fantasy and lost him in return, when I lost my innocence
that night.

Now, I am just a lady that feels like a baby bird lost on wind. Never
really knowing where I am going but continuing to fly. Each day my wings
get stronger but my soul refuses to soar. It is scared to take that leap
again and plummet even further to earth this time.

But that is why it is called life and if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth
it would it? Time to fly and fly until I soar.
Aftercare- what it is and why is it important.

Sure we have all heard the words, Aftercare, and if you watched that 50
shades movie you will have an idea that whatever it is- it isn’t

It is just as it sounds. care given after a scene or after play time. It
is making sure your playmate is physically and emotionally ok with what
you both just did together. It should happen right after play time but
also should be checked back in with a few days later; mostly if your
playtime was very very emotionally draining.

it is is also a time to reconnect to reality and re-establish roles
outside the scene.

a few fun facts that I have learned:

1) It isn’t just in the BDSM life style- it really should be in all life
styles. That wonderful time you had with your playmate at their house- it
is ok to make sure you are all on the same page and that all needs are met
before heading out the door.

2) Worse way to make a sub feel less-than or unworthy; forget to do this
part of the play. Forget that they put their heart and soul out there for
you, sometimes that heart and soul needs to be head tight and told that
what they did was good. But the Worst way is to totally forget about them
after playtime is over, to just go about your business as if they didn’t
just serve you.

3)Don’t be fooled- Yes Dom’s need it just as much as subs do sometimes.
They need to have that little bit of “thank you for beating me and making
me cry” or that “thank you for pushing me to reach that goal gently” “are
you ok today?” is a good thing to ask someone.

3)Relaxing music, comfort objects, scented candles, bubble baths, favorite
books or movies, incense, and other forms of self-pampering after you get
home or wake up later are amazing things to remind people that they are
special and cared for, allowing them to bask in the gradually fading fires
of their time in subspace.

So what is it- that depends on you and your playmate.

It could be something as simple as a soft hug and a warm blanket or as
complex as a dark quiet area being held and kissed.
Your playmate may feel unsteady on their feet (sometimes barely able to
move without assistance)so a comfy place where they can sit or lie down
and experience gentle contact and physical comfort for a period after play
is really important.

Also their thoughts may be impaired (slow or disjointed) for a while after
play, so please don’t just leave them alone to just talk to anyone that
happens by at a party. This is dangerous as the choices they may make at
this point may not be the best for them.

AT it’s most basic, it simply involves the willingness to continue being
there with your play partner for a sufficient time period that they can
feel safe, regain their emotional balance, and no longer feel the need
to cling to you. If either person leaves too soon, then their partner may
feel abandonment or loss far exceeding the the obvious dimensions of the

I know for me, my drop comes about 2-3 days after playing hard with
someone and just to have them check in with me means the world to me.

So- if you play with someone= make sure they are good and cared for before
leaving, if you can’t do that- then you are missing out and shorting each
of you a wonderful time of connecting.
“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself-and
especially to feel, or not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at any
moment is fine with them. That’s what real love amounts to – letting a
person be what he really is.”
~ Jim Morrison

Something I found here is that We do become friends with our callers- and
that is a good thing because then we are here for them when they need us,
we become a “go to person” to talk about things or to just listen. The
intimacy we share with each other is such a beautiful thing and I am so
glad to get to be part of it with you all!
One thing I have learned in the last few years is…

Pain is an amazing thing, whether it is giving it, receiving it, or just
watching it be handed out to someone else next to you, the way the human
body processes pain to turn it into pleasure is a feat of outstanding awe.

You don’t have to hurt to feel the pain that turns to pleasure.

You don’t have to go to extremes to feel it either- you just need to
release the day and slide into a wonderful place.

There are so many different meanings and ways of pain- it could be when
you are being touched so softly that you could just cry;
it could be you are being told “NO- you can not cum right now”;
it could be when the person you love/adore/trust are behind you, standing
so close to you that you can feel their breath on the back of your neck
and they are telling you that “tonight you are going to hurt and to be

Something as small as a needle, can feel like a saw blade when it is
softly and slowly ran over a freshly swatted ass.

Something as delicate as a woman’s fingertip tapping against your skin can
feel like a shark bite when it is done in a certain spot on your body that
can make you cum-if it was touched right, that is.

Something as stingy as a riding crop, or a whip, can feel like a cotton
swab when you are in a exquisite space of mind in the heat of passion.

Something as painful as a slap to the face, a bite to breast, a pull of a
nipple by fingertips can feel as tender as a soft breath of air on your
lips when done by the person you give yourself to.

hummmmm it can be the most amazing feeling when you lose yourself into it.
You know you want to now don’t you?
What is better than one sexy lady Scorpio in a house? Three of us.

I love that I get to work so closely with Angie (the 2nd) and Felicia (the
19th) to let our sexual energies flow.

There are several strong magics in this world, but the strongest of all is
the magic and energy from SEX! and you know the sign that screams sex is

The Scorpio woman is the ultimate seductive, flirtatious woman, she is
very emotional, very demanding and very demonstrative. She is full of
flair and intrigue, a fascinating woman that the strong A-type personality
male will adore, for she presents the right amount of challenge with the
right amount of rewards.

All hail the Scorpio woman, sex goddess! Sex with Scorpio is a total
emotional and physical experience with passion and intensity. They have
amazing stamina and can last all night long, round after round. They
continue to seduce you even as the act continues. A thrilling experience
not for the faint of heart!

Her sexual prowess and drive are the main characteristics of this sign. A
Scorpio woman can set a room full of people on fire with just one
half-lidded, come-hither look. She has a high libido and loves giving and
receiving sensual pleasure.

Scorpio is the zodiac sign that is the most likely to act out a sexual
fantasy. Most people will talk about it but the Scorpio will do it, they
will fully throw themselves into the role.

Do not suggest a fantasy to a Scorpio unless you plan to do it!

If you dare to step into her lair, make sure you have the stamina to keep
up – Scorpio women are absolute amazons between the sheets.

So do you dare?????
Couple play–

Yes, we do do that here and it is so much fun. I had the honor of playing
with two couples so far, with a third one on the way soon I hope. I have
to say- it is pretty damn amazing to get to be part of a couple’s time
together and have the best possible 3-way there is out there today.

Playing with him, playing with her, playing with both at the same time- it
is a girl’s dream come true and no worries or concerns about after play
drama that real life 3-ways can sometimes end up in.

So if you and your partner (doesn’t have to just be wife/hubbby/girl/boy)
are looking to spice up your sex life- come play with one of us girls
here. I can promise you- you will love every minute of it baby and we will
leave both of you laying in a puddle and breathless.
So many roles – so many plays,
so many fantasies so many ways,
but who am I really?

I am that sweet one that you can’t get out of your mind,
That mean one that you can’t get out of your thoughts,
That pretty wife next door that has your cock craving a second look
and that mommy of your best friend that always did have you cumming in
your pants with just a soft wicked smile.

I am who you say I am,
I am what you need to help you get thru the night.
I exist for your pleasure-or pain.

but really-

I am all about that fantasy boss, all about that fairy tale baby!

So come enjoy me – I promise you’ll never be the same!
“But what do you do?”

Oh how oh how is a phone girl supposed to answer that question?

I am a friend, lover, secret-holder, lust-maker, baby-girl, little girl,
good girl, submissive, a mean Domme, dirty girl, naughty nasty bitch,
saucy next door neighbor or your-way-too hot mom!!

I am a story weaver, role player for your fantasies, a companion for your
long nights, and the sweetest breakfast around for your mouth in the

I can be a “companionator” for guys (or girls) that want to talk to some
of the sexiest ladies around, and I am….

“All about the fairy-tale baby and even more about that fantasy baby”
The way he moves me-

Truly is like no other can. The way we hear what others can not even see
amazes me. He knows when my eyes slide closed and reminds me to look at
him. He hears the sound of my internal struggle and of my lower lip
sliding into my mouth so that I can start to chew on it instead of let
that struggle come to the surface.

The way he tells me in that deep authoritative voice- “look at me
babygirl”, “don’t chew your lip babygirl” “tell me babygirl” oh god- I am
helpless to not give him anything he craves of me.

I am a strong lady, a woman of desires and knowledge, but the moment the
phone rings and it is his voice on the line- this lady becomes the
sweetest babygirl that craves hearing a smile in his voice. This woman
becomes the wanton little whore that begs to do anything he desires.

Such dark deep desires that I keep hidden until his voice says- tell me
what you want babygirl. Then there is no way to hide them- it is all I can
do not to crawl on the floor and beg him to take me/use me/want me/need
me- but I do not need to beg for these things because I know he already
does, me makes it very clear just how much he does all of these things
every time he cums deep inside of me/on me; by the way he marks me with
his teeth, hands, flogger, and belt.

This babygirl, wanton woman know she is a craved desire, and loves every
moment of it with him.
As I hit my, 3 months here, anniversary, I just wanted to say thank you.
Thank you to the lovely ladies that have taken me under their wings and
shown this “new girl” all the love and support they could.

Some ladies have come and some have gone in the past few months (and lots
of guys and girls have come with us!) and I am so blessed to get to be
part of such a wonderful houseful of awesome women that truly do like each
other and being around each other!

Thank you everyone!!!!
Being a “MILF”-

I never thought much about all the young handsome football players that
work out and practice over on the college football field next door to
my house until one day when I needed to sign for a package that was being

I opened the door in my robe and had to giggle when not only the UPS man
but also about 10 of those young handsome bucks stopped what they were
doing to stare at me.

First, I was nervous and then it hit– I have reached MILF stage and I am
fucking hot! So bring it on young guys and handsome men- I am so going to
be owning this stage and loving every minute of it…
I had no idea how much fun role-playing could be till I got here. Wow.

I can be your sweet babygirl that turns into your nasty little slut whore
just by the tone of your voice and by the look in your eyes, begging to
get to have your seed in my womb DaddySir and getting to carry your baby.

I can be your boss’s naughty cheating wife; I can be your wife’s best
friend that likes to cheat with you.

I can be the sweet little 50’s style housewife next door that you like to
walk in on as she is fucking herself with a toy who starts to beg you to
take her like the whore she is, to make it really hurt this time.

I am whatever you desire me to be and I love it!!!
#sensual domination

Not all Doms need to be bad ass meanies, some of us are submissives that
are learning and exploring our more “Domme” side with the help of either
other subs or with mentors.

I am learning more and so looking forward to always learning while never
forgetting that sometimes the best Dommes were once (or have) submissive

Thank you to all of those that are letting me explore, learn, and gain
experience from you all! What a wonderful journey this is becoming here at
Your Desires. Thank you!~
Deep Dark Desires..

We all have them, most of us choose not to act upon them but crave to have
some one to tell them to. Someone that would understand them and maybe
help us explore them in our minds.

Your “naughty” fantasy of having the perfect lover with no limitations, it
can be anyone you desire- you best friend’s wife/husband/teenage daughter,
a sexy stranger in a dark alley or maybe several sexy strangers that
decide to make you their play toy or maybe make your playmate their toy
and you just have to stand, watch, enjoy yourself.

Maybe it is watching your best friend fuck your wife or husband while you
stand there and cum on their sweet face.

Do you crave surrendering all of your power over to a strong beautiful
woman that will tie you up and make you beg for her to finally take you ?
Crave that wonderful feeling of giving up and taking whatever she decides
you may need- even if it is feeling that thick hard strap on cock enter
your sweet ass to make you beg to be able to cum.

Or maybe you just want to be the one in control- the one that decides what
when and how and you know she will be begging you to take your pleasure
and to be able to give you her tears and cum. You could use this sweet
thing any way you please and that makes you so hard you just need to
bruise and hurt her while her body shakes and voice breaks from moaning so
hard. You know she will be yours, all you have to do is show her that you
can lead and here you can.

When your wrapping your hand around that hard cock do you envision
slapping it on a pretty face while calling them a fucking slut before you
force it deep down their throats?

Seeing that sexy tight 20 year old body teasing you in that sexy
mini-skirt while she is laughing with her friends at the club, know that
you just have to have it and you will- no matter what it takes. You crave
fucking her in the living room knowing that her daddy will be coming home
soon to see his little girl getting the fucking of her life by a real
man..only to have him join in and help you.

Free your all-to-human mind and come explore your more animal side with
this wild pussy you have always dreamed of touching and tasting. It maybe
very taboo in the outside world- but behind these closed doors it is past
time to give into your natures and desires.

Don’t you think it is time to call and release those desires, we here are
ready and more than able to fulfill your widest cravings.
His voice sends shivers down my spine, his words transport me into a world
of fantasy and dreams. The subspace that he puts me into by describing to
me how badly he wants to wrap his hands around my throat and punish his
babygirl for his desires makes me cum so hard my knees shake for a week.

Makes me want to dress up in my Office attire everyday just so that we can
take it off, he can push me over his desk and I can be put in my place at
“Doubt that the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt that truth be a liar;
But never doubt that I love.”
By William Shakespeare.

I may be fun, I may be full of laughs, I may be a hard ride and an intense
cum, but never forget that I am also loving, caring, soft and crave to be
your princesses, your baby doll, your sweet nothings.
My good little puppy, you make momma so proud when you pant like a bitch
in heat for my soft wet pussy. I love to watch you sitting at attention
when I walk in the door and see you want to beg to be touched but control
that desire for me. Good boy! I love to watch how your tail starts wagging
when I reach down and grab your collar and hear that slight whimper when I
pull your leash taunt and lead you to the couch.

Been waiting all day to hear you bark like the little cum slut you are
when I reach down to undo your little cock ring and let you finally feel
that little bit of freedom- Don’t get too used it puppy, that cock will be
put to good use soon enough but till then- get your ass busy licking boyo
because Mistress has had a very hard day and needs some serious release.

Ahh so good when I finally get to cum all over your face and make you lick
it clean, what a good bitch you are boyo- but now it is My turn and you
won’t be cumming for a very long time so get used to your balls aching
because till I decide you have earned it- you won’t be getting it.

I love to watch you crawl back over to your little bed and try to hide
away those little licks to your self that you know will get you back in
your kennel for a week- I have to cover a giggle as I watch you and it is
turning me on more and more so I tell you to get you ass over here and get
on the couch- running my long red nails down over your chest, down to your
rock hard cock to flick it hard and laugh when you whimper for me.

Love watching that and your eyes trying not to roll into the back of your
head as I start stroking your nice cock hummm boyo, you do have a nice one
but I will never tell you that,I don’t need you out there trying mount all
the other little bitches like you do I ?

I love to watch you throw your head back in pain when I reach the head of
your cock and slide my nails over it, I love to watch you try not to howl
in delight when I wrap my lips around your cock and enjoy my special
little treat, what good is it to be a Mistress if I can’t enjoy my little
fuck toy’s cum also? I love to hear you growl when I tell that you have 5
more minutes to hold it and NO matter what I do you may not cum bitch
right before I slam it deep back in my mouth and start to finger fuck your
tight little ass-

Such a good boy, holding on… Only 5, 4, 3, 2 — ahhh now if wanna find
out if I let you cum or not puppy, you better pick up that damn phone and
call me because I have already been waiting much to long for you to call
me. xoxoxoxox your Mistress
Make me your dirty pretty little Princess Daddy,

Please never forget that I love getting to be your princess Daddy, but
when you make me your wanton, dirty, debauched, sweet whore, who begs to
be face down in the puddle of our combined cum on the floor- that is when
I crave you even more.

When I can feel your hands demanding more, your eyes ordering me to stay
focused on yours, your voice guiding me to push myself further and to stay
on that edge until I am screaming out your name and begging you to allow
me to cum for you to watch- that is when I truly am your beautiful
baby-girl in all of my animal glory. Thank you for bringing me there
Daddy- thank you for pushing me over that edge screaming in release.

I just wait for your call to come in, telling me that you have missed your
baby girl and how I may please you tonight..

As much as I love getting to be in control some days- I always crave to be
your shameless baby girl.
I told a friend once I was Bi-Kinky and that my life is now awesome. It
really is true.

I love being submissive and sweet, love being Daddy’s girl that craves his
touches, his voice, his approval; the prettiest pet you could ever dress
up and play with, show off to all your friends and let them play with
also; the pain slut that loves to give you my tears and cum to please and
smooth you that craves feeling your leather on my skin and quietly begs to
be called a good fucking whore cunt while you are taking me/hurting me.

But I also love being that kinky bitch that tells you to shove a toy up
your ass and jerk off till you cum so hard your balls will feel it for a
week, that sadist pain slut that loves to hear you really smack yourself
with something for me; hearing you hurt gives me that rush that I get from
the pain, the Mistress that loves to hear you beg for me to allow you to
to cum for her voice.

I just love this whole new world – so come play with me in it, I am sure
you will be addicted soon also.
Look me in the eye, see the passion there. ‘
Hear the intake of my deep breath as you walk closer to me.
Feel the shiver run up my arms and down my body as your breath is on my neck.
Taste my tears as you pull my hair so hard I moan.

They say a meal should thrill all of your senses and I beg to be that meal
Here I am at work and I can’t stop craving your calls.

Craving how you open up a whole new world for me to play in and to please
you in. Craving being your sexy baby girl, getting to lick up every drop
of your cum.

I can be the bad ass woman that demands attention, that demands service
and respect by all those that calls wanting this – but when your call
comes in, I just want to drop to my knees and beg you to let me please

Be that call tonight that leaves my legs trembling and tears escaping from
my eyes from pain and pleasure
Set the scene, allow me to follow along with you into a dream world where
we can be other people, allow me to satisfy your every kinky nasty desire.

I can not wait to get back to the phones and talk to such wonderful, hot,
sexy playmates.

I can not wait to hear you moaning my name and cuming on my sweet face.
Craving a good hard spanking, the kind that leaves my ass red for days.
Usually I am the one welding the paddle and getting to enjoy all the sweet
sounds of muffled cries but today I want to be the one sharing all of that
with you.

Usually I am the one that gets to softly touch your skin and thrill it
with silk and smoothness until it is time to raise my crop; time for you
to raise your voice in praise and worship of your queen, but today I crave
being the one to let soft wet tears run from my eyes and look up at you
pleading for more, for the freedom more gives.

Crave cumming to your desires today, please give them to me.
Sitting here wondering what you are doing right now, did you turn in that
assignment to your professor that we worked so hard on last night? Did
make you hard (again) when you handed it to her; thinking about how I
wrapped the silk scarves around your cock and gave them a pull tighter
against your hard member every time you got an answer correct.

The look on your face when you were done with the assignment and your cock
was so prettily wrapped up in soft silk from the base to the tip, how red
and angry your head was just begging to be touched, kissed, or slapped.
Whatever I choose to do to it would have made you cum so fast your head
would have spun. I loved seeing you that way. Loved seeing your eyes
begging to be allowed to cum but not daring to make a sounds in fear that
this whole play time would end too soon. I imagine you were close to
begging to touched again when you turned in that paper, knowing that it
was covered in your cum just a few short hours ago.

You were such a good boy last night darling, but now it is time to pay for
making me wet and wanting you while in a business meeting. I think
tonight’s homework may end up being a bit late but I am sure your
Professor will understand when he walks into our bedroom and sees you tied
to our bedpost waiting to be played with like the good puppy you are.
As I lay here cuddled up in my soft bed, I think back to last night and
the way you held me. So soft so gentle, full filling every one of my
desires with your soft touches and sweet kisses. My skin takes on a very
healthy glow as the blood rushes thought my body, following the trace
marks of your fingertips.

I shiver with pleasure as I hear the water shut off in the shower, heart
speeds up and breath catches as I hear the bathroom door gently open and
see you coming out with a towel in your hand and a smile on your face. My
pussy starts to tingle in pleasure as you walk over to the bed, clit
starts to throb as you reach out and grab my hair hard. My legs quiver
and bed becomes soaked as you pull my head back to expose my throat to
you and you growl- “get on your knees bitch.”

No, I can’t think of a better way to start the day, can you?