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Likes: Switching. Role Playing. Cum everywhere. Toys, toys and more toys. Bondage. Having someone take control, tell me what to do, call me names. Rough Sex. Poundings ( oral, vaginal, or anal) Dressing up sexy for you: anything from lingerie to a maid's outfit or my birthday suit.
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Hello gentleman, my name is Angie, I'm just the sweet and innocent looking girl next door that you fantasize about while you watch me, day dreaming, and wondering what's really going on in my head (and behind closed doors.)

So I've decided it's time to let you in on some of my little sizzling secrets. In front of others I'm a prim and proper little angel, but get me alone and I'm a naughty little nympho. I'm a 27 year old college student, who has almost completed my auto mechanic's certification. Oh boy! Do I find nothing more exciting then the possibilities of getting down and dirty while being in, on or around cars. Just the idea of the promises that the oil and dirt hold blow my mind. While the thought of working on the cars alone turns me on, I find it even more tantalizing if we work on each other in the process! You could rip my clothes off and bend me over the hood and make me scream while the engine is purring under us and you are penetrating deep inside of me. Yes please! You could even pick me up and have me wrap my legs around you as you lay me on the trunk of the car with my voluptuous breasts all exposed so you can suck on my nipples while thrusting deeper and deeper in me. My moans get louder and louder as ecstasy rushes though my body.

This sassy, sexy girl loves to role play!!!! I love everything about them! I have no limits, so you can take me anywhere your little heart desires, or I'll take you to a place where I'll blow your mind in ways you have never had it blown.

I enjoy being Daddy's innocent little girl, ready to do as Daddy tells me. I'm eager to learn everything Daddy wants me to know! Age play is so stimulating, I never know where we are going to go with it and I enjoy learning all the little things that drive you crazy.

Or you can be my boss and as your assistant you make me work hard to earn promotions by bending me over your computer desk and spanking me with your hand till my ass is nice and red. Then you rip my panties off and shove your cock so deep and hard in me making me scream so that all my co-workers know exactly how I get what I want.

Maybe I'll make you my sex slave on a deserted island, so no matter what I do to you no one will hear but me. I can tie you up and do some cock and ball play and spank you or whip you in to my prefect little slave. Forcing you to do everything I want.

One of my most sizzling things to do is cuckholding! Let's talk about the different hot and sexy men and women I've been with while you listen, wishing that it was you. All the while knowing you'll never measure up to the steamy sexual encounters of my past, present and future! But we can still talk about you watching as someone who CAN please me lays out the most amazing sexual experience of my life! Be a good boy and I'll let you clean me up afterward. I also can just talk to you about all the amazing sex that I have had in the past or present. I'll let you in on all the juicy details of my encounters.

As some of you know now I've been around for a minute, and I've started to not be so shy and embrace my dominate side and am loving every minute of it more and more. I savor cock and ball play from just letting you edge for me with maybe the possibility of cumming, or maybe not, depending on my mood. Or we can tie your cock and balls up and do something with a paddle, rulers, clothes pins, ice, hot wax or even a chastity belt. MMMMMM my panties are so wet just thinking of all the things I can do to you and how much fun we can have together. There are so many things you can do to make your Mistress Angie happy! I'm starting to fantasize about how I want you to taste, feel and make a mess with your cum for me. Or when I'm feeling really playful and am wanting you to make a really BIG mess for me, I'll have you rub your prostate for me and shoot all your hot cum all over and then clean it up.

We can do some sissy girl play and have you dress up for me in some soft, silky, lacy stuff and show how girly you can look for me. Let me teach you the proper way to be a beautiful girl in this world. I might even have you put on some make-up and heels and pantyhose for me and strut around and sing for me!!!!! Awwww how nice would that be?

Rough sex!!!!! Yes bring out the chains, handcuffs, gags, dildos, butt plugs, whips, floggers, and anything else your little heart desires that we can use on each other. The rougher the better don't be afraid to take everything out on me because I love it, and I'll do the same if that's what you need me to do.

Also If you want a trophy of our hot and sensual encounter together all you have to do is say so, and for a small fee I'll send you a pair of my nice wet panties from our dress up encounters or just the ones I have on right now. (Thank you so much for getting them wet!).