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Angie’s Fantasies

************** Fantasy #25 ****************************

Angie was going over to take care of one of her boys tonight. When she
arrived he was watching TV and sitting on the couch in just a diaper. He
jumped up when he saw her and ran over and gave her a big hug and kiss.
Angie asked why he was wearing a diaper when he was such a big boy. He
looked down as he shifted his feet obviously embarrassed. He hemmed and
hawed as he tried to tell her. He never looked up but finally said that he
had peed his pants and was being punished for acting like a baby. Angie
told him to go back to the couch and wait for her while she took some
things to the kitchen. After a few minutes she returned with something in
her hand and sat on the couch next to him. “So what happen” she asked as
he realized it was a wooden spoon she had brought from the kitchen.

He tried to explain, “I didn’t mean to do it. I was so busy playing and
tried to hold it but by the time I ran to the bathroom it was too late.”
Angie held the spoon in front of her as if to admire it as he said, “I’m
so sorry I promise I won’t ever do it again.”

But she knew better than to accept that excuse again and stated, “I’m
going to have to punish you, Connor.”

“But, but Miss Angie I’m really, really sorry, please, please don’t spank
me. I’m already being punished by having to wear this stupid diaper” he
pleaded with her.

This made her chuckle just thinking what a sight he was dressed like a
baby. She patted her thigh and teasingly said, “Come on, baby.” She drew
out baby mocking him and he moved slow, too slow for Angie’s liking and
she yanked him over her knee. She playfully started by spanking his bottom
through the diaper while taunting and teasing him. He could feel his penis
stirring as she struck him and he slid around a little on her thigh. Soon
he was outright humping her thigh and before he knew it she had exposed
his bare bottom.

“Oow, that hurts, Miss Angie please stop,” he begged but she ignored his

“I know you like it, you’re still grinding against me you filthy little
boy,” Angie said with a grin. She could hear his breath quickening and she
spanked him harder, leaving nice bright welts that would soon become
bruises. His ass cheeks tightened, his breath stopped and he came in the
diaper that was still lodged between them. Angie put the spoon down on the
arm of the couch and caressed him. He laid there for a few minutes
enjoying the contrast of his hot blistered ass and her cool soft hand. She
alternated poking at the bruises and rubbing for a minute, then told him
to stand up.

He stood up and faced her. She reached out, pulled the strips on the sides
of the diaper and had him step out of them. She opened it on her lap,
shook her head, raised her voice and exclaimed, “Look at the mess you
made, Connor! Clean it up, Now!” He looked around for something to wipe it
off with and she said, “No, lick it up boy!” His eyes grew big, his face
was now as hot as his butt and he reluctantly did as he was told. Oddly
enough, eating his own cum gave him yet another rise between his legs.
Angie noticed this and said, “That’s my good boy,” as a satisfied smile
spread across her face.

***********Fantasy #24*******************
You come home from work and see me laid out on the dining room table with
whipped cream and fruits all over my naked body. You start liking the
whipped cream off my lips , the kiwi off my neck the sliced strawberries
off my breast.You start liking my body and feeling me up with your hand.
After the honeydew and whipped cream are off my waist line. You start
licking my
pussy lips and sucking on my clit after I’m really wet you squeeze
chocolate syrup on them to lick it off with my juices. Your the kinky
type so I saw it coming when you start playing with my ass and start
rubbing my asshole with lube. You get my naked body off the table and you
tell me to put my head on the table as you get all lubed up and squeeze
more chocolate syrup all over my back as you slide in my ass and start
thrusting deeper and deeper while you lick the syrup off me! you grab my
hair and pull me on you when ….

******************Fantasy #23***************
We are at the beach, and I lay down a blanket to soak up the sun in the
hot summer day. I am in a string purple bikini and my ass cheeks are
hanging out of the bottom. I lay down and you sit on my ass
and start grinding on me, starting to get me even hotter and getting my
bikini moist. I feel your hand start rubbing my pussy and you smile at how
moist my bikini already is. I am getting wetter as you playing with my
clit and rubbing your hard long think cock against me. You start to pull
down my bikini bottom and notice lots of people are watching and taking
pictures of us. Your getting harder and harder the more people start
watching and you tell me “lets get kinky” you pull my hips up towards you
in the doggy style position while spanking my ass and making is all nice
and red.As my ass is in the air and your standing behind me, the crowd is
now chanting and yelling that you…

******** Fantasy #22*******************
I invited you over to help me move things out of my storage unit. What you
didn’t know is you were in for a surprise. I unlocked the storage unit and
all you see is black I asked you to walk in as I close the storage door
and turn on the lights, and you ask me “whats going on?” I tell you to
shut up and I grab your neck and throw you on the bed. I immediately start
putting handcuffs on your hands and rope on your ankles. you start to
but when I start pulling your pants down your penis starts growing. You
tell me “Bdsm is your secret turn on.” I grab my cat o’nine tails and
start whipping you with it. I take my black shirt that looks two sizes to
big for me and raggy jeans. You realize im not naked so you look and I’m
wearing a leather tight bikini and I jump on you and I start grinding on
your long cock. You start rubbing your hands up on my body and slap you
and say “Don’t touch me. I’m kissing your body from your lips down your
chest, when I grab the riding crop and slap your nipples, chest and face
tenderly, enough to sting but not hurt to bad, I put the blind fold on you

***************bisexual dating cruise fantasy***************
We board the ship. My best friend and I head to the bar and start drinking
Malibu and coke because we are nervous. After we are buzzed we head to the
cabin with a random guy. My best friend and I start making out while this
guy is watching. He starts slapping our asses and we both sit on him.
Kissing his neck and rubbing his bulge. We take off his shirt and start
touching him all over. we take off his pants and he tells us not to look.
I lay my best friend on the bed and I take off her black belly shirt and
her bright pink lacy bra. I start sucking on her DD breast. I unbutton her
tight jeans and start kissing her pelvis. The guy is undressing me By
pulling down my pants and he starts rubbing my clit. As hes rubbing my
clit to get me wet I am kissing her clit and sucking on her pussy lips. He
has finally gotten me wet enough and he sticks it in the back door. I
don’t feel much and I’m thinking hes not that big. After our huge orgy I
turn around and hes got the smallest cock I have ever seen.I cant help but
say something. I make him go out and find me a big huge cock so i can
actually get off. He comes back in about ten minutes later with this guy
that has a ten inch cock and he puts his cock in me and I’m moaning so loud
as hes rubbing my clit and having sex with my pussy. He’s about to get me
cum and i squirt all over him. I make the guy with the smallest penis ever
clean me up not with a cruise towel but with his mouth. The guy with the
small dick is licking my pussy to get all of the cum out of it while the
bug cock guy comes up behind him and starts rubbing his cock…

************************Fantasy #21*************************************
Let’s roll play we are back to high school. The morning bell has begun to
ring. We start walking into math class, the teachers at the front of the
room, and the students are in their desks. We are across the class from
each other, Im wearing a black lacy, low cut dress with no underwear and
you are wearing sweats. I purposely brake my pencil so i have to walk past
you, as I do you smack my ass. I ask you if you have a pencil I could
borrow and you say yes but you say “You will have to work for it”. I sit
on the desk top after hearing the teacher tell me to head back to my seat.
Which I refuse to do and i say “You can have anything you want right
here”. You bend me over and you pull out your dick lift up my dress and

****************** Fantasy #20********************
We are taking a midnight walk to the town park. Its summer
and its warm but we have packed a blanket so you and i can
lay down and look at constellations. We see the big dipper
but I speak out and say “That’s not the only thing big” we
laugh and I start undressing you and you undress me. First
thing to go is my low cut bright green tank top and next is
my mini skirt slides down. We are both completely naked in
our town park and you get me on my knees, you put your hands
behind my head and make me suck on your big fucking cock.
Five minutes or so go by and a cop pulls up and asked “Whats
going on?”. We both reply “getting laid”. The officer starts
getting undressed and tells me to grab his thick cock and for
you to go down on me. then you both stand on each side of me
naked as can be and…

****** Fantasy 19 *********
We are sitting in a movie theater with a lot of people watching the movie
we are in the middle row. There is around twenty people behind us and
about twenty I front. There is three people in our row besides us. The
movie is starting and I lean over and start kissing you. While I am
kissing you I start unbuckling you belt and unbuttoning your pants. I
start slowly moving my hand up and down your cock from the shaft to the
head and I start going faster to get your cock to the max hardness. You
pull my hair and make me suck on your cock you have full control over me
while you are pulling my hair you make me suck on your cock and not stop
for a second. Then when you have finally had enough you let me come up and
kiss you more, i notice the guy next to us about three seats down playing
with his cock. Hes getting off to me giving you head. that’s when you make
me stand up and bend me over the theater seat in from of us and u pull
down my bright pink panties and pull up my lose short skirt…

****** Fantasy #18 *********
I walk into the bathroom. I’m wearing a dark blue low cut lace
nightgown,after just waking up. My hairs a mess and your in the shower. I
get undressed slowly and hop in behind you. I turn my back towards you so
you can feel my ass against your cock. I bend over to wash my legs and you
start rubbing your hands up my back till u feel my hair through your
fingers. You start pulling my hair demanding me to suck on your cock as I
am up against the shower wall you move your hands slowly from the back of
my hair to the love handles on my hips.I tell you ‘I want more of you’ and
‘don’t tease me’. You start kissing my body from my lips down to my pussy
and I……

*********************Fantasy 17 ***************************
I’ve walked in dressed to kill, stilettos and all. At first glance you
think maybe I’m in the wrong place or simply looking for directions. After
all who comes to a parts store dressed like that? Instead I walk right up
to the counter give the make and model and tell you I want brakes and
struts. “Are the struts very hard to replace?” “If you have any skills
they are not hard at all” “ oh, darling I got lots of skills, and they
usually make things much harder” I’ve caught your attention now. After
going back and forth a little bit more you say that I’ll need to show you
that I can use the
tools the right way before you can sell me the parts. So I follow you to
the back, neither of us plan on picking up a socket or anything of the
sort. Once in the back I start using my hands to make you hard. Feeling
the little pulses as you get harder and I drop down to undue your pants
and show you what skills I have with my mouth. Taking it all the way in,
hitting each spot with the most nerves with my tongue while I slide my
mouth up and down. Using my hands on your nuts. Sucking hard using my
teeth and my tongue to cause different sensations until I can feel you
jerk within my mouth. You want to tie me up but the only thing handy is
some jumper cables. So after
making me strip down you tie both my hands above my head. You were just
pulling out the electrical tape…… what happens next

************ FANTASY #16**************
So this week I have been thinking
about Dom and sub things and all I
want is to use you like a toy!!!!
I want you to worship me in every way
possible! I have been dreaming about
how much I need a sub to let me put
them in chastity and make them do as
I please!! There are so many things
that have been playing over and over
in my head!!! I want to bind you with
anything I can get in my hands like
rope, duct tape, PVC tape, leather
cuffs,straps, single glove, harness,
crotch rope, spreader bar, and a
straight jacket are just a few of the
things that are making me wet right
now as I write this!!!!!! So call me
and let’s see how much more things we
can come up with and how much fun you
Mistress and you can have!!!!
just want to have fun with you and me!!!!!!
*********** Fantasy #15 ************

All of this week I have been dreaming about this amazing fantasy that I
finally thought I would share it will you!!!

So in my dream I’m relaxing in the corner of the room in a recliner
playing with my wet hot pussy and you walk in the room with a friend and
you both stand there and watch me for a while and start getting turned on!
The two of you start making out and get up on the bed and start playing
with each other, which starts getting me even wetter and wetter the more I
get to watch! The next thing I know you are both naked stoking and
playing with each other and your friend takes your cock and starts sucking
on it. Then your cock starts throbbing and twitching! MMMMMMM I’m so
hot at this time my body starts tensing and I know that I’m getting ready
to squirt all over myself and the chair, when……………….
*********Fantasy #14**************

I was talking on the phone the other night and someone told me how much I
needed someone to take care of me and I have always been and independent
woman and taken care of myself that I said that I would not know what to
do with someone that took care of me!!!! Well I have changed my mind I
want some one to buy me all the things that I want and to treat me like a
queen I want someone to worship the ground I walk and and clean up my
messes in everyway and to buy me a new car, get my nails and hair done and
to fuck the shit out of me in anyway they want!!!! I’m a naught girl that
is up for anything if you treat me right!!!!!
*********************Fantasy 13***************************

So here is your first story…
All i can think about is you and everything about you! I stare at your
picture and am amazed at how beautiful you are! Then i remember all our calls
and how wonderful you are! My expectations being high, but cautious at
the same time.So the plane lands and i cautiously wait at the gate…and
then i see you! Its like you are an angel that has appeared and the
biggest smile creeps across my face! Its really you! We spot each other
and then we both walk over to the other and give each other a huge
hug…and you just feel…amazing! You are so warm and smooth and your
hair and body smell soooooo good that i could stay here wrapped up in
your arms for the whole time! We finally separate and we head for your car
to drive to your place and as you drive, we talk and hold hands and just
look at each other an smile. You are all i hoped you would be!The biggest
impression i have of you is that besides your beautiful body, you are
sooo much more! You have depth in you, creativity in you, kindness in
you, love in you and i am drawn in so much more!We finally get to your
place and you show me around and where to put my stuff and then we just
sit and chat some more. I’m feeling comfortable but anxious at the same
time. I think its i don’t know what to do now!
I want more than anything to strip you down slowly and make love to you
but at the same time i want you to feel comfortable with me! So i
do…nothing! You must have picked up on this and so you come over to me
and ask me: “are you nervous?” I respond in the affirmative and then you
reply: “why don’t I help you with that..” and then you start kissing me!
Its like firecrackers have gone off in my head! Your kisses are
amazing!!!! Soon we are deep within each others arms kissing passionately
and loving each and every moment of it! Then you start to unbutton your
shirt and that’s my cue, as i rip off my shirt and then we kiss some more
and then you suddenly stand up and unbutton your jeans and let them fall
to the fall and so i do likewise and there we are; just in our underwear
together. You then lead me to your bedroom where I slowly go behind
you and undo your bra and let it fall to the floor. Then i start to kiss
you gently but passionately from behind…starting with your neck, your
ears, your earlobes, all the while my hands are caressing your beautiful
breasts! At the same time as all that is going on, you lean back into me
and feel a sharp object sticking into your panties and know that you have
me very, very excited! Soon I bend down and slowly take off your panties
and move to the front of you and then I pick you up and lay you on the bed
aas I climb on beside you. I pull your naked body beside me and
and start to kiss you all over again, while my hands are caressing your
back and your bum. As I’m doing that, i feel your hand going down to my
underwear and rubbing my rock hard penis and then i allow you to pull them
off and then we are both wonderfully nude… (more to come!)

There! Part 1

—————–Fantasy 12—————————————
It’s been a long day at the office as I stride through my door, eager to
get out of these 6 inch heels I feel the hardness of the wood floor
beneath my feet sheathed only in the thigh high stalkings that end just
above the hem of my slate grey pencil skirt. I as I walk to the bathroom
unbuttoning my silk green blouse on the way, pulling it away from my body
leaving my breasts full and rising above my half cup white lace bra, my
nipples harden at the cool breeze of the room. Feeling the sensation
spread to my pussy, I can feel myself getting wet, and I stop at the bed
on my way taking out my trusty dildo. This is what I look forward to
everyday, getting home and stripping down sliding that nice hard dildo in
my pussy. I crave the
feel of a hot hard dick, feeling it pulsing and throbbing, and you glide
in and out, feel me clench around you…

Lets talk about what you want to do!!! (watch, instruct, or join)
****************Fantasy 11***************

So last night this phone girl came across a call that she fell in love
with, let me tell you about it, just to see if it turns you on as much as
it did me!!!!!!! So I’m a youth group pasteurs wife and he is not taking
care of me properly and we take our kids on this retreat and one of them
gets hurt so my husband has to leave because the kid has to go to the
hospital that is miles away and I’m left behind to take care of the rest
of the boys all by myself!!!!! The boys are so excited to have me there
and me start a campfire and two of the older boys and me are clean up from
dinner and kicking back on the tailgate of the truck and then if you wanna
know what happens next just call me up and we can talk all about it!!!
——————Fantasy 10—————–

Tonight I’m going to take you to my room and let you watch as I get fucked
by a big cock and all you can do is watch why this big cock goes in and
out of me getting wetter and wetter and then its going to explode deep in
side me and all you can do is clean my cunt up for me and taste our juices
wishing you were the one that go to feel my wet, hot, juicey pussy all
over your cock!!!!
****************** Fantasy 9*********************************
I have this fantasy floating around in my head and I just don’t think I’m
going to get past it any time soon, want to know what it is? I’ll tell
you. I think about the sexy lady in the next room, and all the things she
might be doing to herself, meanwhile I’m in here just rubbing and teasing
my own throbbing clit. What I so desperately fantasize about is having you
tell me to sneak into her room get down on my knees in front of her and
slide my hands up those gorgeous legs spreading them for
me as I lower my mouth down on her clit and do to it just what I would
love to have done to mine…. What all should I do? Tell me how you want to
see me to take her!!!!!!!!!!!
******************* Fantasy 8 *******************
So last night I was laying in bed and we where having killer storm and I
was turning me on so much!! I was thinking about being by the water and
listening to the thunder and lightening and watching it over the water and
we are making out and you slide your hand down my pants and start rubbing
my clit and making me feel amazing and your finger in and out and my body
is getting hotter and hotter and then you slide a had up my shirt to my
nipple and then all hell breaks loose with me and and I roll on top of
you! I’m grinding into you and pressing my body into yours and
Here it is Goddess Angie:

Cocksucking day had arrived for Jayla the slut. Goddess Angie had made all
the arrangements and screened the applicants for who’s cock would take
Jayla’s mouth virginity. Jayla was excited with anticipation as she
thought about sucking cock. It was a moment “she” has been dreaming about
for a long time. Jayla checked into a hotel with “her” special bag with
her; the bag containing her slut outfit specially selected by Goddess
Angie when they went shopping the week before.

Jayla went to her room, took off her regular male clothes and started to
transform into Jayla the cock sucking sissy slut. She put on the lacy pink
bra that Goddess Angie had helped Jayla select at Victoria’s Secret and
then the matching pink Cheekie panties. Next, the black thigh highs were
pulled onto Jayla’s legs. The underwear was now in place! Jayla then
pulled out the sexy red tight minidress, one of a couple of dresses Jayla
and the Goddess had picked out at the mall. Jayla slipped into the tight,
sinfully short dress. Next Jayla added some “bling”: a necklace and
bracelets. The black high heels were put on the floor and ready…Now it
was make-up time. After shopping last week, Jayla had received a make-up
application at Sephora and received the products and advice necessary to
have a glamourous, sexy, slutty, make-up look. She applied her make-up,
paying special attention to the eyes and lips. Jayla applied her eye
make-up heavily, yet with class. The clerk at Sephora had shown her how to
have sexy, slutty eyes without looking like a clown. She applied bright
red lip color to match her slutty dress and then put a coat of gloss on
her lips to enhance their shine and appeal. She wanted the mouth that
would soon be wrapped around a cock to look as pretty as possible. Then
Jayla completed the rest of her make up and put on a sexy blonde wig.
Jayla looked like a pretty Barbie doll ready to suck a cock. When Jayla
was fully dressed and made-up, she slipped into her black high heels and
opened up her computer. It was time for Goddess Angie to look at the sissy
slut. Jayla called Goddess Angie and then soon was on Goddess’ screen
through Yahoo. Goddess Angie was very impressed by Jayla’s look in the red
dress, black thigh highs, full make-up and blonde wig. Goddess Angie made
Jayla strut around in a
slutty sexy style to fully take-in and enjoy Jayla’s slutty look. Then
Goddess Angie said, “Ok, Jayla, you slutty little whore, all of the
arrangements are in place. A guy is on his way over to your room.
Remember, You are the slut and have to take the lead and show your
sluttiness. I found a guy with a nice cock, but not too huge since this
is your first. Are you still excited?”

Jayla was giddy with excitement, “Yes, Goddess, i am very excited!”

“Remember,” Goddess Angie said, “I want to see it all, so make sure you
stay in front of the web cam.”

“Yes, Goddess,” Jayla replied.

Almost as soon as those words had come out of Jayla’s mouth there was a
knock at the door. Goddess Angie laughed and told Jayla to answer the

Jayla walked over to the door in her heels and opened it. A fit and
handsome looking man a couple of inches taller than Jayla stood in the
doorway. He smiled as soon as he saw her.

Jayla said, “Hello, stud. Are you ready for some fun?”

He smiled and affirmed that he was.

Jayla said, “Right this way.” She positioned him perfectly in front of the
webcam. Goddess Angie was on speaker phone and could hear the

Jayla touched the man’s cock and could feel it hardening. Then she
unclasped his belt and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. There was
a bulge in his boxers, which Jayla then pulled down to the floor. His cock
was large, not the 10 inches she sometimes imagined in her fantasies (she
would work up to that) but about 8 inches and nice and hard.

Goddess Angie expressed some admiration for the cock and Jayla touched it
and stroked it, from head to balls, then she got on her knees and licked
up and down the shaft, while keeping her hand at the base. Next, Jayla
took the mushroom head of the cock into her mouth, then she took more and
more of the shaft. Finally, Jayla was bobbing her head back and forth on
the 8 inch cock. Jayla could feel some precum in her mouth and Goddess
Angie was telling Jayla how proud she was of her and how much she was
enjoying the show. It was obvious the stud was enjoying being blown by a
sissy slut Barbie bitch. Jayla was enjoying herself even more than she
expected. She loved the way his cock filled her mouth and the taste of the
precum. She loved feeling like a slut fulfilling her purpose in the

And then Jayla could sense that key moment arriving. The stud moaned with
pleasure and almost instinctively Jayla sensed he was going to cum and
responded. Jayla took his dick deep into her mouth and held it there as he
started to cum with powerful thrusts. Then Jayla could feel the cum in her
mouth, and sliding down her throat. This was a big load! Goddess Angie
laughed, “I made sure to find a guy who hadn’t cum for a little while!”
The load was big, but Jayla was handling it well, swallowing it down with
just a little bit of gagging.

When he finished cumming and Jayla caught her breath, she said, “Thank
you, stud.” He smiled and said, “Thank you, slut.”

Then he pulled up his pants and left the hotel room. Goddess Angie
cheered. Jayla was now officially a cock sucking slut!

************************ Fantasy 7 ***************************
MMMMMMM Summer time is my favorite I love to shop for slutty things to
tease you with. I want to dress slutty and flaunt myself in front of you
while you wish you could have this but know you never will but you keep
peeking in my windows while I’m getting fucked by all those big cocks and
the real men that can fuck me right and I love to tell you all about it
when we are chilling having a drink just making you more jealous and
envious of the real cock that i get all the time and knowing that you
wish that you little cock was enough for me makes me laugh. So please
keep trying and let me tell you over and over how much you will never
amount to what will please me in the bedroom

************************** Fantasy 6 **************************
So you come in to the emergency room with pain and I’m your friend just wanting to be there for you and we get back in a room and they run some tests on you and we are waiting for results and you are getting really antsy and stressed so I get up on the little bed with you and rub your neck and shoulders and whisper in your ear on how I want to take you to a deserted island and we can lay on the beach and have a few drinks and my hands start to wander lower and lower on your chest. Now your all relaxed in my arms and I slide my hand on your cock and start stoking you and even though the pain you start to grow in my hand and I start moaning in your ear and you melt right into my breasts. you whisper in my ear on how good that feels and how much you want me!!! You start running your hands up my shirt trying to take it off when…

************************** Fantasy 5 **************************
Tonight I was laying in my bed just kinda day dreaming about taking your girl out and showing her a good time! I want to loosen her up and get her dancing a grinding on people and then come home and tell you all about it. Then next weekend I’ll take her back out and make out with her and then have her make out with others while I take pictures and videos of it to show you when we get home sometime the next day. Then one day I’ll take her out and film her getting fucked by nice big cocks and having them cum all over her and then bring her home to you just like that and let you see what your sweet and innocent girl has been up to and I’ll tell you and show you all about what happened……….

************************** Fantasy 4 **************************
MMMMMMM I’m in the mood for a submissive to order around at my whim. I want to get in my hot and sexy clothes – some black stockings with matching panties and bra, leather skirt and a black and purple corset; and have you carry out my every command. I’m going to edge play you because I want my cock and balls aching for me, and if you play well enough I might let you cum, but only if I’m feeling generous. I want to mistreat you in anyway I feel fit. Yes, please just say the word and I will treat you like the slave I need and want. The slave that you deserve to be treated like. I have so many things I want to do to you and so many toys I can use. So give me a ring and I’ll fill in all the naughty little details. Lets have some fun!!!!!!!

************************** Fantasy 3 **************************
I love fantasies! My latest one has got me going crazy! So let me tell you about it.

My man is as home waiting for me to come home from partying with my girls, but instead of coming home we go to an after hours party and I have the time of my life. Drinking, dancing, and the best sex of my life is what I decided would be more fun then going home to my loser man. This guy rocked my world in so many ways I don’t even know where to start. He made me cum over and over and he came all over and over again too. He made the whole night about me and how beautiful I was and how I just needed to be taken care of. It was so nice and amazing!

When I finally get home at sunrise, my man is sleeping on the couch so that he can hear me come in. Which he does and starts to stir and ask me where I have been all night and what I’ve been up to. I kind of giggle and just tell myself fuck it and confess to him how much I think that he is a pathetic loser and could never please me, and how tired I am of faking that the sex is good. So I tell him that I was out cheating on him with a real man that knows what a woman needs and wants. I tell him, he is lazy and useless in the bedroom, so I just needed to find a real man who could take care of me for once.

He is kinda in shock and asks me to just talk to him and tell him what he can do to make it work for me because he loves me and is willing to do anything for me. At this point I’m done so I just tell him everything. I start by saying “I’m tired of your pathetic excuses for our time in the bedroom!” Which means you suck in everything you do in the bedroom and you will never be good enough to please a woman like me unless you get off your pathetic, lazy ass and worry about the other person for once. I don’t think you realize that your tiny, useless excuse for a cock never has pleased me and never will. You also need to figure out that I can snap my fingers and have any real man I want. You need to think about how pathetic of a fuck you really are and get it together and take care me in other ways too.”

I’m watching the looks on his face as I just lay it on the line about how pathetic of a man he is and I just keep telling him how he’s a sorry waste of air. Then all of a sudden he stops me to talk to me and ask what he can do because he can’t live with out me and is willing to do anything to make it up to me…….

So when you are ready for the rest of the story, just ask me and I’ll spill all the juicy details just for you!!!!!

************************** Fantasy 2 **************************
Being your secretary has afforded me certain luxuries in the short time I’ve been working for you. I get to come in at my preferred time, 15 minutes late, so everyone can admire my gorgeous body. I wouldn’t want to be unfair. :) High heels, smooth legs, and a short skirt have made my entrance to the office a marquee event. The copier was moved closer to the elevator so all the married men could have an excuse to catch a glimpse of something they could never have. All of them are too afraid to approach me, not that I would even bother to acknowledge them.

I sit down at my desk, unable to have my gorgeous ass even touch the seat before I have 5 to 6 more losers drooling over me, trying not to stare at my breasts while they think of something to say to justify their perverted behavior. Then you arrive. The alpha male, the CEO, the boss. All the rats scatter back into their holes, afraid of what you would do if you saw them slacking off. You’re on the phone, laughing about a new deal you just made that just boosted your quarterly profits. You walk by staring at my breasts, as usual, getting off the phone just long enough to make some stupid juvenile comment about fucking me, then stroll into your office.

But today is different. It’s the day I’ve been waiting for since I convinced you to hire me after teasing you all night at the bar, making it seem like I was easy and into older men… Your office door opens at 9:30 just as I had planned. You poke your head out, but your swagger is gone, replaced by a more quiet, less confident voice.

“Can I, um… see you for a moment?”, you manage to stammer, before quickly going back into your office and shutting the door. I smile, decide to let you stew in your own thoughts for a few minutes. I remove the handcuffs from my desk drawer, and head into your office…

************************** Fantasy #1 **************************
MMMMMMM……I love fantasies and the only way to make them reality is to talk about them! So here goes trying to make my fantasy a reality!

The fantasy that has been dancing in my head for the longest time starts on a deserted beach during a thunder and lightening storm. MMMMMM…. We are in a gazebo shielding us from the rain while watching the lightening over the ocean as we snuggle and I shudder at the crackle of the thunder. Then out of the blue you lean over and kiss me so intensely on the lips. I wrap my arms around you and you pick me up in your arms and take me to our bungalow and lay me on the king size bed covered in rose petals. The room is lit by candlelight and I whisper in your ear “This is so romantic,” as you tie my hands above my head and my feet to the foot board, making sure they are spread apart as far as possible. You start kissing me all over, driving me insane. Then you rub your hands up and down my thighs. MMMMMM… while I’m all wrapped up in the moment I didn’t realize that you have moved and now you are by my head with your cock bouncing off my face telling me to open as you slide in and thrust deeper and deeper. You reach down and feel the wetness that has soaked me from the excitement of you! Then you bend down and whisper in my ear “Oh you little slut, you love this don’t you?!” I respond with “Yes, babe, you have turned me into a groveling little slut that would do anything for you. MMMMMM… I’m all yours just tell me what you want.” There is so much more to this fantasy, call me and let me tell you everything…..