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Angie’s Thoughts

**************** S is for Sausage Sandwich *********************
Say you want a sausage sandwich with me and one of the girls here
Admit that it is all you want
Undo your pants and we will get on both sides of you
Siding our hands up and down on your sausage
Abruptly move our heads down to your sausage and balls
Getting you sausage hard and erect is our goal
Enjoy the attention that you get from to beautiful ladies laying next to you

Slide your sausage in one of us while the other is rubbing and kissing you
Absorb all the attention you are getting from us
Needing to cum we have you switch to the other girl
Don’t cum yet just enjoy every bit of our bodies
While on the edge just calm down so that we can lick your sausage
I want to taste your cum is what you hear us say
Cum cum cum is all we want outta the sausage
Head is spinning heart is racing ready to explode all over us

So if you are ready to have a sausage sandwich with us just us know!! we
are down for having fun with you as the sausage in our sandwich!!

************** R is for Rubenesque *****************
Rub my voluptuous breasts
Undo my blouse and just let my breast hang out
Big beautiful breasts in your face on your cock
Eventually in your mouth or with cum all over them
Now titty fuck me with that big cock
Even tie them up and give them hickies
Show them off as i walk around town and see how many people look
Quite just looking at them
Use my big breast any way you want anytime you want
Even when I’m resting just grab them and use them how you want PLEASE

I love having big breasts and love looking at them on other woman! Breast
are on of the most amazing thing on a woman’s body!

*********** Q is for Quim-wedge ***************
(An 18 th and 19 th century term for the penis)

Quickly show me your penis
Undo you pants and let it hang out
I’m in the mood to sock on your nice cock
Mmmmmm let the precum flow into my mouth

When you are ready I will worship the penis
Ever thing I do will be about your penis
Don’t ever take the penis away from me
Give it to me any way you want
Even if im playing hard to get just bend me over and give it her!!!

Penis, Penis, Penis that is all that is on my mind! So if you think you
can handle this redhead nympho pick up the phone and lets have all the
phone sex you wanna enjoy with me!!

******** P Is for Palace of Pleasure **********
(Metaphor for pussy)

Pussy is hot and moist
All you have to do is slide right on
Lick the pussy and make it feel good
Adore the way the pussy looks and feels
Come and work your magic on the palace of pleasure
Everyday give the pussy all the attention that she needs

Open your mouth so that I can squirt down you throat
Fuck the tight, wet pussy until I moan in ecstasy

Put that cock in from behind and let me feel your balls on my clit
Lay me down and slide in soft and slow and enjoy the pussy
Enough is a word that you will never hear outta my mouth
Alternatively you will hear more, more, and more is what you will hear
Surely we will never leave the bedroom ever
Unless we wanna have other watch
Rescue me from everything and just take me to pure ecstasy
Enjoy the ride I’m going to give with my tight hot Palace of Pleasure

**********O is for Orgasm *************
Orgasm over and over lets cum and soak the bed
Rub my clit until I squirt all over in your mouth and on your cock
Give me pleasure and make me feel like I’m in heaven
An orgasm is all I want over and over again
Spank my ass while you fuck me will make me cum and cum and cum
Make me orgasm tell I’m begging you to stop!

Just give the xxx phone sex girl a call and we can orgasm over and over
again all night and into the morning and then start it all over again! I
want and need you to enjoy me over and over again!

**************N is For Nymphomaniac***********
Needing your cock is all I can think about night and day
You need to fuck me over and over and over until I beg you to stop
Making me squirt is all I carve every moment of the day
Please bend me over and pound my tight wet pussy
Help me be in ecstasy for eternity
Open you mind and let’s play out all the fantasies dance around in there
My heart is throbbing and my pussy is aching for you
Answer the desires in your head to just fuck me and never stop
Nothing will get in our way of having fun
I just want to learn and try new things MMMMMMMMMM please
Adjust the handcuffs so that you are comfy as I ride you into the next day
Call me and let’s just fuck all night long

***************M is for Masturbation***********
Meet your hand to your cock at a medium pass
Adjust the pace to get on the edge for me
Stay on the edge with out cumming until I’m ready for you
Talk to me and tell me how much you love being on the edge for me
Eventually shot and make a huge mess for me to make me happy
Repeat over and over again until I’m completely satisfied
Base your rhythm on my breathing
Advise me when you need a breather to slow down a little to keep me happy
Tell me how your body needs to release for me
I want to drain you over and over again
Once you cum let’s clean it up anyway we want
Now let’s have fun so call me and stroke that cock

***********Thought of my Day******
Mmmmm daddy! Ive been naughty I’ve been touching myself and rubbing my
nipples, I can feel myself drip just waiting for it. I reach down and
taste myself… ohhhh its so sweet, wouldn’t you like to taste daddy? Daddy
I just wanna be your little good girl and make you happy and I love when
you give me all my special attention! What would you love to with me

************ Thought of my Week****************
Your sexy mistress such as she is has decided to throw a party, a fancy
little shindig. And she have decided that you my little slave not only
going help me in the preparations for my little event. But I’m going to
show you off. I’ll be wearing my fanciest gown low cut and sleek against
my skin. Don’t you just love the way it curves with my body and shows off
of my tits? I’ll have on my heels, you know the ones you polished for me?
You will be wearing nothing but the black chaps, nipple clamps and your
lovely collar. I’ll wear the leash around my wrist and you’ll follow me
around on your knees on your best behavior. Wouldn’t want me to pull on
that leash would you? Also attached to your nipple clamps to

You’ll do anything anyone asks, no matter what it is! And if you refuse
you must accept the consequences, whatever I deem them to be. Remember the
things I showed you before the party? Those are the things that will be
used should you misbehave….

***************Thought of my Day*****************
I need a bitch that I can have fun with! If you are down for
letting me do your make-up, dress you in nice things, put heels on you,
and then bend you over the couch when I’m done and fuck you like you have
never been fucked before!!! I wanna thrust deep in you while holding your
hips and going deeper and deeper! I just wannna run my nails down your
back and let you feel how nice it feels to have a little pain while I go
in and out over and over and make you cum over and over! I want your
knees weak, and your breathe gone from ecstasy!! I wanna make you like a
puddle of jelly underneath me as I enjoy every minute of fucking you over
and over!

********L is for Liquid Latex**********
Layer it on me just right to cover my body and accent my features,
I love the way that is feels on my skin,
Quivering every time you touch me with it on,
Unwrap me like a present when you are ready to devour me with loving,
I want you to only uncover the important parts while you fuck me,
Dip all of my body coat me good so that it shows off my figure!

Lay me down and rub my body and fell the latex covering me,
Attack my smooth body and lick that nice pussy of mine,
Touch me all over and thrust in and out of me,
Examine me as you enjoy the latex clothing you put on me,
Xxxtreme pleasure is all I’m wanting tofor us!

Please just call this phone chat line and let’s have some fun I can’t wait
to explore this with you!

******L is for lygerastia******
(Tendency to become aroused only in
darkened or partly darkened rooms.)

Lay me down and turn the lights of so that we are in the dark,
You bring out the animal in me when I can’t see you but can hear and feel you
Go ahead and spread my leg and feel me quiver,
Every inch of me is wanting to tear you apart and lavish with my mouth,
Rip my clothes of and see how wet I am just as soon as I hear your breath,
Awaken my other senses with the darkness,
Soaking you and the me with my cum and pleasure we give each other,
Top me and take full advantage of me in every way you want,
I love the darkness surrounding us and taking over me,
And now just bask in our juices all over us and the bed.

Just turn out the lights and leave me in the dark and watch how fast I
wanna devour you and spend hour and hours in each others arms!

************* K is for kwazakoo***********
In the 1960’s this was a slang turm for the anus!

Know that I have an amazing strap-on,
Which I have become very good with you fuck you in the ass,
Anus play is so hot for me and I can’t wait to see how big you can take,
Zero complaints as I slide in nice and slow and so you love,
A rub of the checks and lube on the cock to slide in nice and easy,
Keep grabbing your shoulders and hips as I thrust in deeper and deeper,
OHHHHHH Miss Angie is what you’re going to be scream in as you cum,
Over,and over x100 is how much I’m going to please that nice ass of yours!

I just want to bend you over the bed and show you the time of your life!!
I want to grind deep inside you and message that prostate of yours and
make you cum over and over and over all night long!!!

********** J is For Jungleberries************
Just put those nice nuts in my mouth, hand or on my breast,
Unload the big load in those jungleberries all over me please,
Gag me with them as you push the in my mouth,
Let me lick suck and message them all night,
Even bury them im my pussy and let me cover those nuts in my cum,
Beat them off my breast and belly,
Every time you want your jungleberries to cum bring them to me,
Rap my hands around them and message then making your cock just throb,
Rest then on my tongue as I like them and suck on them for hours,
I just want your jungleberries all over my body all day and night,
Even if I’m sleeping and you want them taken care of just teabag me,
Squirt every last drop of cum all over my body and let me use if as lotion!

Jungleberries need to be all over me! Let me bring you to orgasm over and
over again with nothing but your nuts!!

*********** Thought of my Month****************
I’m so excited, I just want to know all your fears and turn them into the
hots fantasy you never knew you could have!!! Lets talk about the
vacuums, enemas, snakes, spiders, anything that you want! I want to milk
you in a breast pump and send links to look at and listen to you cum over
and over and over for me!! Or I will just have you stoke for me too! I
want to hear about how small your cock is and tell you how big the cocks
are that have been in me lately! I want to get off with you and enjoy
thing you never thought you would!! So put me to the test and let’s see
how much we can cum to thing you never thought about! I need to cum so
bad! So if you have anything taboo or that you are nervous about, bring
it on, I’m down to get dark and dirty with you!! I will make it more then
you have ever thought of!!

************* I is for Iconolagnia************
I can see you looking at those nude pictures, sculptures, and statues,
Cock getting hard just fantasizing about all the things you want to do to them,
Open your mind and body to reach ecstasy,
Now I’m going to find pictures to send or things to go look at in you area,
Ohhhhh how I wanna make you cum for me by just looking at images,
Love yourself to the point of no return,
A hand, mouth and a pictures is all you need,
Go out and look at the sculptures and statues,
Now call this adult phone chat line and tell me all about it,
I can’t wait to release for you as you describe ever detail,
Anything that you can get off with is what I want to talk about!!

So don’t wait any longer just pick up the receiver and let me in on you
dirty little details about how you just made a big mess for me!! Or I will
call you and we can talk about everything while I get wet and soak this
comfy bed I’m laying in all naked just for you!!

*************** H is for Hedonist ************
Hey come give me all the pleasure I can handle,
Ever inch of my body is yearning for our cum,
Don’t stop until I have soak us both and the bed,
Ohhhhhh I feel it coming and my body is twitching and ready,
Nothing will get in my way of all the pleasure I want!!
I just want you!
Show me how many ways you can make me cum,
Tease me NOOOO! Give me what I want or I’ll take it!

Sex on the phone is what I need to help feed my desires!! I need and want
it all the time and if I can’t have it in real life, I just need your
voice and my toys and we can have the time of our life that you never know
you could have on the phone!! So let’s have some fun and blow my mind and
give me all the cum all over my body!!

***** G is for Glory Hole*********
Give in to your desires,
Lay that nice cock in the hole that will stroke you desires,
Open your eyes as you feel the lips of the person behid the wall,
Release you inhabitions and let go,
You need to just soak them in your cum!!

Hold the wall as you knees shake and your body quivers,
Open you mind to the possiblity of being lost in pleasure,
Lay on the couch while you recover from being sucked,
Even though you can’t see who it is how amazing was that???

When you either are in the glory hole or just left give this xxx phone sex
girl a call and let talk all about what you just felt and the emotions
running though you!! Or just call and let me talk you into opening you
mind and enjoying the glory hole or maybe even being on the giving side of
the glory hole! I can’t wait to explore this in any and every way you
want to will me!!

****** Thougth of my Month ******
You meet me in a bar and you start dancing
with me! The night is going amazing then you sweep
me over to the corner of the room and ask me if I
wanna get outta here and get to know you more and I
say ‘I’m down”. So you take me a cross the street to
the hotel where you have a penthouse room over looking
the water and you open the curtains to let me see the moon
on the water. The next thing I know you have me bent over
looking out of the window while you………….

******** F is for Facials ********
MMMMMMMMMMMM facials what more can I say??
I love them! Who want to give me one or have
one of the girls here give me on on a 2 girl call??
I want all the cum on me! I want my face covered like
on of the spa facials! I want to bask in a facial for
hours as I smell and masturbate to it! I will cum over
and over and over again to having my face covered as
think and with as much cum you can possibly give me!!!
Then you can listen as I squirt over and over and over
again for you!!!

******** E is for Ejaculate **********
This adult phone sex girl loves to do all kinds of
things to get you to ejaculate! I also love to get you
close and then make you wait to unload all over me or in
me!! I love to wear it, taste it, and bath in it! I want
to rub it all over me like lotion and think about you all
day as I’m covered in your ejaculation and how sweet it
feels and smells. So please call me and unload all over me
or let on of the girls here squirt all over me and let me
bask in it all night!!!

********* D is for Dominate**********
This xxx phone sex girl as really improved on
her dominate side!! I so love to show you subs
who is in control and make you do as I please!!
I love to have you worship me in every way
possible!! Get down on you knees and so me
respect!! I want you fuck you, spank you or torture
you in all the right ways!! Get down on your knees
and call me and let me treat you like you deserve!!!

********** Thought of the Day **************
I was just laying back in the hot tub thinking
about how nice it would be for you to run your hands
up and down my body turning me on! Then you start
moving your lips up and down me next! You stop at my
belly button and run your tongue around the outside
and drive me nuts until my hips are swaying and
and grinding the water. Then you put me up on the side
and start liking my clit and fingering me until……

***********”C” is for CBT and CBTT*******************
The phone sex girl is all about slapping, biting, pinching, burning, tying
up, and just plain abusing you cock and balls and tits! So if you are
looking for a sensual or hard ass Domme to treat you the way you need to then
just call me! I will take you to places you have not been and bend you
limits and make you beg for me to stop! If you are ready and willing
bring out the web cam to so that I can see you do all the stuff I’m
telling you to do! I want to see you slap those balls with a wooden
spoon, tie them out with you shoe strings and any and everything else I
want to do to them!!!

*******************”B” is for Body Worship***********
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I love Body worship! Feet, breast,
ass, tummy, hair, pussy and anything else you we
wanna worship is amazing for me! I love to have my ass
worshiped so much, so get down on your knees and tell
me how amazing my ass is to you! Rub som lotion into
it and kiss it and tell me how much you want it! Bring
me gifts and prove to me that you deserve to worship me.
So me that you deserve to worship this red head bombshell!!

********** A is for Age Play************
Today was a great day! I’m so excited about
doing more age play! Let me be your little girl.
I need my daddy to take care of me and treat me
good! I’m a really good girl, I promise! I listen,
love to cuddle, and love all of my Daddy’s attention.
Or if you need a Mommy, I’m here ready to take care
of all you needs and wants!! Cuddling, spankings,
changings, breast feeding, anything you need just
call this xxx phone sex girl and I’ll rock your
world or you can rock mine!!

***********Thought of the Month****************
Sex on the phone can be so erotic! Today what is on my mind is worshiping
me! I want you to worship my whole body(feet, ass, breast, hair, pussy,
and legs). I want to hear how much you love it and that you will do
anything for me. I’m going to take your worship to the next level and
brain wash you to do as I want and to worship nothing but me and the girls
here at YD. I will have you on your hands and knees begging me to give you
more and more of my attention. I will have you doing thing you have never
wished of doing to have me please you even if its only a ruined orgasms!!!
So please come tell me what you want to worship and what you think you
deserve for doing it and then I will let you know what I will give you!!!

******Thought of My Night********
This XXX phone girl is sitting on her bed all ready you for you to take me
to places I have not been in a long time. So let’s go to the beach on a
warm stormy night and get freaky. We can take off all of our clothes and
go skinny dipping, lay a blanket out and watch the lightening over the
water while we make out getting drenched in the rain, or we can rent that
cabin on the water and watch it all while we stay dry and use every inch
of the cabin to try new positions and anything you are down for……

So just let me know what turns you on the most and we will have fun any
way you want!!

************ Thought of My Month**************
So I have so many of you sub’s that call in and say
you do not have toys to play with! Now I have a solution
for you!!! I now have a list of household items that
we can us, YAY!! Let’s see how many of you have cheese grater,
hairbrush, nail file, melons, baster, bottle stem candles, magic
markers, screwdrivers, and the list goes on. So from now on if
you say you don’t have anything, I will find something in the
house to use on you! So just call this phone girl and I will
come up with creative ideas to use on you and so that we can
have lots of fun!

***************Word of My Week************
Blackmail is my favorite word right now! I want
you to challenge me on how much I can find out
about you and when I do let find out what you
are willing to give me so I don’t tell anyone
about it! I wanna have fun with you and explore
all the things in your life that you can’t hide!

Let me find your secrets you thought you tucked
away, the affairs you have been having, the name
of the person you have been stroking your cock
to while thinking about and all of the other small
details you thought I couldn’t find. Nothing is
safe from my prying eyes. But you secretly like it,
don’t you? Don’t lie- I will know if you do.

You relish in the fact that I have the power to make
you drop to your knees with the mention of a name
or place. You crave the space to be unburdened of your
secrets, but only with me so you do anything to
make sure I keep my lips sealed. I love to watch
the panic unfold when you realize I know too much.
Do you see how much joy I take in making you give in
to my every demand?
Blackmail- making you my bitch with every secret I
************* Thought of my Month ***********
BFP (Bound For Pleasure) is what I love to do to you! I have so many
things to bound you with I will blow your mind!! Neckties, scarves,
stockings, Duct tape, cable ties, and jump rope these are just a few of my
many things I have, so lets see how many ways I can tie you up and have
fun! I love to see how much you can handle before you crack and say you
safe word to get out! Let’s just have fun and enjoy each other!

****************Thought of My Week*****************
Today is a fun day to try need things! I just found out about cupping and
I really want to try it out! Cupping is typically when a dominate person
uses a flame to remove the oxygen from a glass cup. The cup is then
quickly placed on the sub’s skin. The vacuum sucks the skin into the cup,
creating a large, hickey-like mark. So if any of this dominant adult
phone sex woman’s sluts want to try it out, let’s have some fun and see
how many marks I can leave on you and how many times I can tag you as
mine. I’m so excited to experience this for the first time! Who is up
for my challenge?

*********** Word of my month ************
Interrogation and blackmail, if you are up to my challenge
bring it on! I love, love working you over and getting all
the juice details about your life and the people around you!
Please put me to the test and see if I can figure out everything
about you I need to use and if I can then find creative ways to
use it against you! So if you are interested please give me a call
and we can phone chat all about it, and let me get to know you in ways you
never though possible!

*******************Thought of my Day********************
Today is my porn day! Who wants to watch some porn with me?
There are so many things that we can do while we watch it
together. I’m down for anything you wanna do! Let’s just
have fun and come up with creative ideas of what we can do
together, to each other and separate to make out world spin!
So if you are up for some amazing fun just call me and let’s
enjoy each other!!

********** Thought for me today ********************
Last Monday, I had and amazing call and I just wanna reply and reply it!
So if you are down for me regressing to a younger age and getting in
trouble for all the rules that I love to break, PLease call this xxx phone
sex girl and let me know how you want to punish me! Bring it on I love
hands, belts, whips, riding crops, leather straps, paddles and anything
else you wanna bring to the table! I also have other girls here will and
waiting to talk with us and spank me any way you want them too! So
please don’t be shy and give it to me like the bad girl I have been needs.

****************** Thought for my Month*********************
Summer, Summer, Summer, it’s one of my favorite times of the year! Right
now all I can think about is nudist beaches! I would love for you to
call me and we can have sex on the phone about all the naughty things this
lil’ red head is dying to do on the beach with lots of people watching and
joining in with us. My mind is in a trance just thinking about all the
naughty fun things we are going to do…………. Please let’s have fun
and enjoy each other in every way our twisted minds can think of on this
beach with all the YD girls and you. The possibility is endless, you just
have to let me tap into the sexy side of you so that we can have fun!

*************Thought of the moment*********
Sex in the grocery store that sounds amazing right? How about the candy
isle? You and me open up candy and you start putting it on my naked body.
Then you start eating the chocolate kisses from my lips and then the sour
gum drops off my chest and the york mini paties off my stomach and finally
you have to finish cleaning my whole body with your tongue to clean up all
the carmel and chocolate syrup that’s all over my body. You run to get whip
cream and spread that all over my body with the syrups………

************Thought of my Month**********
I want to travel to paris with someone and go to the Eiffel tower. I want
to climb up to the top and have the you eat me out while I’m sucking on
his cock. I want about one hundred or more people watching us pleasuring
each other. I want you to stop before I’m about to cum and put whip cream
on my clit and for someone in the crowd of people to climb up and
volunteer to clean me up as you hold me against my will at the time so
that they can clean me up……

————– My thought of the week——————-
I have always wanted to go camping with someone and have hot sweating sex
up against a tree or on a pile of leaves. I’ve daydreamed of us walking
back to the campsite from a hike and you pulling my pants down and pulling
my hair pushing me against a tree and pushing your long, cock in from
behind me. As your throbbing cock is in me you are biting my neck and
putting your hands around it taking my breath away from me. You keep
controlling my breath until…

****************ejaculation denial******************
How many times can you stroke your cock for me? I want to tease you with
all things you wish you could do with my wet tight pussy. I’m going to
tell you all the different things I’m doing with my collection of sex
toys. Your going to listen to me cum and only be able to wish you can join

****************Thought of my day***************
I want to hear your deep breathing while your stroking your large cock. I
am listening to you through the phone. It’s making my pussy wet as your
talking more and more about filling me up with your cum. I would like you
to tell me all the different positions you will like to fill my wet tight
pussy.I want to find out how many times you will be able to satisfy this
wet pussy before you can’t take it anymore.

************* thought of the week for this phone slut ***************
This phone slut is in the mood to listen to all your dirty secrets!! So
give me call and tell me all about them please! I want to hear about all
the dirty things going on in that mind of yours. I can’t wait to hear
everything you want to tell me, show me how dark or how dirty you are and
tell me about all the interesting fantasies you can’t tell anyone else
about it, I promise we will have fun and you can get it all off of you
chest. We can explore and enjoy each other and role play about all the
dirty, dirty things you want me to do to you or you want to do to me! So
this phone slut is ready to rock your world and have some amazing fun!

******* THOUGHT OF MY MONTH*********
So I have been doing a lot of research on household things you can find
around your house for me to use on you for my pleasure! I you are curious
on what they are just call and find out how many of the things on my list
you have and what all I want to do to you with them! Are YOU up for the
challenge! Omg I can’t wait to use and abuse you in all the right ways!!!

*******Thought of my Day*************
Today is a get day to be a sub or me or you! Please give me a ring if you
want me to use and abuse you!! Or if you just want to use me in every
way possible please do! My ass needs a good spanking and maybe yours does
So let’s just have some fun and use and abuse each other! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!

******* Thought of my day*************
I’m sitting here in front of my desk all wet and horny
thinking about watching porn with you and masturbating
together!!! What kinda porn do you want to watch with me??
What how many ways you want to masturbate together???
Please just call me and we can have so much fun!! I love all
kinds of porn,its all hot to me, I just love to hear and see
people get off!! But, most of all I want to hear you and me
explode while we enjoy each other!!!!

************ New Years Eve Thought******************
All you subs that need to be treated like the little slut and whore you
are, give me a call tonight so that I can use you anyway I want to bring
in the New Year and let me get you drunk and use you until you are begging
me so let you stop!!! Let’s see how long you can last as I use very hole I
want and have you worship and beg me until I dismiss you to a night of
dreams and slumber. You wake up in the morning with a smile on your face
and thinking of how good of a night we had bringing in 2016 together!!!!

************* Thought of my Night*****************************************
It’s New Years Eve and I want to see how many time zones I can bring in
the New Year in and how many times you can make me cum! So cum and help
me out and let’s have some fun bring in the New Years together!!! Maybe
even drink some champagne with me and fuck my brains out please, please,

***** Thought of my Week********
So I have been thinking and on of my
favorite thing to do is just talk!!!!
So if you just need someone to talk to
call me!!!! We can talk about anything
your heart desires!!! Movies, books, shows
and politics are all some of my favorite
topics along with games and any thing else
you wanna talk about!!! Don’t get me wrong
sex is the topic I love the most but if you
just wanna talk hit me up and I can talk how
ever long you want to about anything!!!!

*********** Thought of my Month **********
If you are into ass and pussy worship, I am
your girl, I love to make you worship my body
for MY pleasure NOT yours!!! I can’t wait to
train you to be the little ass and pussy slut
I want you to be!!! So just give me a call and
I will have you down on your knees or even your
back begging to touch me and telling me how much
you want to do everything and anything that
pleases your Mistress Angie!!!!! So get on those
fucking knees and dial that phone and we will
start your training today!!

*******On my mind************
So my birthday is coming next week and
I want all the spankings and fuck sections
I can get!!!! So if you are up for using me
and spanking me or letting me give you my
birthday spankings then bring it on??? I
want all the attention you wanna give me or
take from me!!! Let’s make my birthday week
a week I will talking about until next year!!!!!!

*********Thought of my WEEK************
Hey Guys and Ladies I have just learned about a new fun thing called
**Figging***** and I want to know who is up for the challenge and is
wanting to try it out also!!!! I want to experiment with this and see how
well it really works and if you like it!!! So if you are up for Mistress
Angie to do some figging with you just give me a call and we will have so
much fun!!!!
******Thought of my night********
OMG I have been laying in my bed just thinking about all the big huge cock
I have had lately and all I want to share everything with you! Tell you
how nice and fulfilled I was with them, more then I ever have been with
So please just listen to all my amazing stories of the positions and about
all the men that took there turn with me over and over!!
*****MY Thought right this moment********
I need you to come spank me, slap me or choke me!!!!! I can’t wait to
fill the sting of you hand, paddle, whip, or what ever you can get in you
hands!!!! Please treat me like I need to be treated make me your little
bitch, whore, or slut and force me to take it in anyway that you want and
desires!!!!!! Please I beg of you give me more and more!!!!!!!
******Thought of my week********
I’m feeling frisky and just want to see how many ways you can fuck me and
see if you can keep up with me!!!! If you think that you are up for the
challenge just give this girl a call and see if you can cum more then me!!!
I’m feeling spunky and kinky today and all I want to do is some tease and
denial!!! I want to see how long you can handle me teasing you before you
beg your Mistress to please stop!!! I want to hear you beg like you have
never before in your life so if you are up for the challenge just give
your Mistress Angie a call and I will drive you insane for as long as we
want to play!!!!!!!
***********Thought of the week******
So this week I have been doing a lot of research and came across some new
things that I want to try, so is anyone up for a Ramon shower with some
Triple penetration!!!!!!! If so give me a call and lets get this show on
the road!!!!!
****** Thought of the day *********
Lets see how much we can make each other cum over and over and over again!!!!
I want to squirt and soak the bed so that I need to flip the bed!!! I
want a full body shaking cum until my legs are jelly and I pass out so if
you are up for the challenge give this girl a call!!!!!!!!

********Thought of my week*******
So this week I want to make a Craigslist add to see if we can get someone
over so you can show me how much you have learned and how well you can
suck a fucking cock for me!!!!! So let’s get it set up and I want to see
how much cum you can swallow!!!!

**********Thought of My Day****************
Daddy it was so nice of you this morning to let me do everything for you
to help you have a better day!!! Now I can’t wait until you get home and
let me sit on your lap and cuddle with you. Please Daddy let your little
girl take care of you in every and anyway you want her too!!!! Daddy your
little girl loves you and can’t wait for you to be home with her

I just want to go shopping!!! Let’s go find all the sexy cute things from
panties to lingerie to nice dildos and sex toys!!! I want to go shopping
for everything with you and see what looks good on me and you!!!
******* Thought of the day************

So we have had so much new pussy here in the house that I just want to
devour it all!!!!!!! So my goal for the day is to see how much I can make
Alli, Skylar and Amber cum today and I want all the help you want to give
me!!!! Let’s see if we make the all scream in ecstasy from all the cumming
we are going to make them do!!!!!!!!!!!
———– Thought of my month————

So today is that day that I bend you little bitch over the back of the
coach and rape that little ass of yours with my huge strap-on!!! I’m going
to redden that ass with my hand and jab my cock so far up in you, you’re
going to beg me to stop and I’m going to gag you and use you like the
little bitch you where intended to be!!!!!
——————-Thought of the day——————–

So I am so excited to play with all the new pussy coming in here!!!!!!
Please help me work my way though all the girls to try them out and she
how much I can make them cum or let them make me cum!!!!!!!!!! Let’s see
if any of them can squirt more then me!!!!! Lets have some fun putting
the fresh pussy to use!!!!!!!
******************* thought of the week*************************

This week I’m all alone in the house and just want you to see how much you
can make me cum and squirt all over and how many of the bed, chairs and
couches you can make me cover with my cum!!!!!!
**************** Word of the week*********************

“Cum gusher” let’s see how many times we can make me or you gush all that
cum out of us!!! Also how many ways can we make each other gush and then I
can tell you how wet we have made the bed!!!!! Just give me a call and see
if we can brake my record!!!!!!!
****** Thought of the Week******************

So you favorite cuddlier is feeling like making your night a very good one
so lets cuddle up in that nice bed of yours and do all the things we have
been to busy lately to do and talk about all the things we have not been
able to share!!!!!
***************Thought of the day**************************************

Have you missed me? Now’s your chance, as I sit here practically
dripping wet wearing these sexy red panties that hug the lines of my ass,
there’s a little wet spot in front where I have been rubbing my clit
through the fabric, feeling the silkiness on my sensitive clit… do you
want to play?
***********************Thought of the Month******************************
STRIP!! Yes that’s right take it off, I want you naked and vulnerable in
front of me, can you smell the leather of my whip? Hear the sting of the
ruler as it smacks my hand? Itching to redden that sweet ass of yours… now
turn around!!!!

***********Thought of the week*************

Come worship my ass and let me make you do all the thing that make me
happy!!!! You can rub, lick, touch and kiss it all day everyday and she
how good you are at it and I might even give you a surprise!!!!!!!

———— Thought of my Month————-

I want a princess I can dress up and send to get manicures and pedicures
and that I can teach to do all the right things to please a man and if you
are up for the challenge give me a call!!!!!!!!

***************Thought for the month****************
Let me be your thorough doctor and do all the things I should never do to
you, and see how we can make sure that you are in the best shape ever
for the important person you are trying to impress!!!!!!

Thought of the Week

So just found out how much I love role playing about being an accomplice
where we kidnap someone and have our way with them so if you wanna have
fun with me call this girl and lets see how much fun we can have!!!!
**************Thought of My Day**********************
Are you completely clean? Shaved perfectly? Because if you’re not mistress
Angie has some plans for you!!!!! It involves stroking, licking, cum,
tweezers and wax… call me if you’re interested and we will have some
***************Thought for today***********************************
I’ve been thinking a lot about a sex slave lately, one I can tie up in my
bedroom and make them watch while I take nice huge cocks into my tight
cunt every night, and then give him only the pleasure of having to lick up
the mess when I’m done. Now do you want to be tied up and watching? Or
would you rather slide that throbbing dick of yours inside my tight, hot,
wet pussy…. I’m all warm and wet and waiting…
****************Thought of the week****************************

So I have been a really naughty girl the past few days and I wanna tell
you all about the bad bad stuff I have been doing so if you wanna listen
to my new adventures in exploring and exploding you should give this girl
a call and I will tell you everything you want to know, just ask!!!!!!!!!!!

************* Word of my Week**************

“Edge play” it’s what’s making me go crazy tonight!!! I wanna play with your
cock and keep bringing you to the edge of ecstasy just driving you
crazy!!!! Making you beg me to let you release and make a big mess for me
to have you clean up while I sit there and watch but first I’m going to
drive you crazy over and over again until you want to cum everywhere for
me and if you are good I might just let you!!!!!

————— Thought of the Day ——–

I need a little cuckhold bitch to play with. I want to slowly tease you
and edge you with only my finger and thumb touching you with nothing
else.. sitting in front of you completely naked, but you cant touch me or
yourself. you have to sit there and endure my torturous teasing while i
bring you so painfully close to the edge. all the while showing you
pictures and videos of all the guys i allow to fuck me thoroughly. don’t
you wish you could do what they do?? don’t you wish you could touch me?
******************* Thought of the Week ********
I need some help has someone tied me to this bed and tried to have their
way with me and but for some reason they left me hear to suffer.what i
really need is to be taken advantage of and abused till i like it.I was
tied face down with my sweet little ass in the air.I am however wearing a
teddy and some nylons cause i was getting read for a real hot date,so if
any one can take control and finish what was started i would be ever so
Phone Slut is the work of my week! I really love phone sluts either it’s
you doing or telling me all the slutty things you do or wanna do or me
telling you all the little naughty little things I love to do! I just love
it listening and telling all my dirty little secrets all the time!!!
——————– Word of My Day—————
Boot-boy is the word I choose right now because there is nothing hotter
than to watch someone down on their knees shining my boots for me, so that
I can see my reflection in them, and watching them work so hard at making
then perfect for me. Please cum shine them and show me how much you love me
and want my pussy to get wet, while I watch you take care of me and my

***************** Thought of the week**************
So I have done a lot of thinking lately and I realized that one of the
things that turn me on, is having you call me with a girl or two with you
and let me tell you all what to do, while I’m getting off with another girl
too!!! So let’s have some fun and see where this can all

————– Word of the Week———————–
Passion is the word that sticks out to in my mind today and all I want is
for you to take me to that stormy beach or that secluded cabin in the
wood and show me all the passion you have in you!!!! Make love to me lay
me on the bed and kiss me and touch me everywhere. Let me feel your touch
and emotion from my head to my toes. MMMMMMMM make me squirt all over
until I beg you to stop and then keep going until I pass out in your arms
and you can hold me and then when we wake up I want you to do it all over
again and again!!!!!!
———————— Word of the Week——————-

Cross dressing Cock sucker that is what I’m looking forward to this
summer. I can’t wait to go shopping for some nice slutty summer dresses
and swimsuits and then send you to get makeup and nails done and then have
a nice big cock for you to suck while I watch you and listen the whole
——-Thought of My Weekend ———–
COME HERE SLUT!! Tonight is the night I have fun with you! I am going
to tie you up and whip and spank you until you are begging me to stop,
then I’m going to fuck you until your legs are trembling and your body is
shaking and your cum is everywhere. It’s so hot just to think about how
much you are going to take from me and how much I’m going to get wet
without even letting you touch me, you dirty little slut! Just remember
that you are here for my pleasure and what ever I want to do to you is up
to me and with that ball gag in your mouth there is nothing you can
do!!!!!! So please get a hold of me and let me use you like the little
fuck hole you are! I can’t wait to have you on your knees begging me to
stop or give you more what ever the mood calls for!
So I have been thinking hard lately and as a woman who loves to listen
while you stroke I got so excited to realize Summer is coming up and you
know what that means? One of the most sexual arousing things for me is to
talk to you about all the sundresses and bikini’s on the hot bodies out
there and how hot and tempting they are ,so let’s lay back and have fun
pleasing each other while we talk about hot bodies and all the sexual
fantasies that come to our head as our bodies get hotter and hotter
looking and talking about the what I might be or might not be wearing
under these amazing short and sexy sundresses.
My word of the week ****cocksucker****

MMMMMMM I love cocksuckers and I love being one too!!!!!! Let me tell you exactly how I want you to suck that cock for me, shove it down your throat get it nice a wet for me and then you can see what I want to do with it from here!!!! Or you tell me just how amazing it feels to have my tongue run up and down your shaft and push my head down on it and make me gag!!!! Mmmmmmm please do!! Grab my hair and fuck my mouth do deep and hard just the way you like it. Then you can tell me where you want to take it and how else you want me to feel that cock all over me.


Word of my week ****INSATIABLE****

I love it when the people in my life have an insatiable need for cum and will do whatever I want so that they can have the pleasure of cumming for me!! Sometimes i’m just in the mood to edge play with you and get you on the edge over and over and over and listen to you moan and beg to cum for me and others I love to have you cum in, on, or around things and taste, eat, or drink it so why don’t you see what kinda mood I’m in today to see how you can please me.


Word of my week ****JIZZ JANITOR****

I was just laying here in my bed all relaxed thinking about doing lots of fun things when I thought about how nice it would be to listen to you jack off for me in a role play about anything you little heart desires and then turn you in to my jizz janitor. I want you to clean up every last drop of that cum and make my body tingle with pleasure as I watch you!!!!


MMMM I love it when my sissy’s are so eager to please and send me amazing stuff to share with others. My thought for today is how happy this cheer makes me and how nice it was for her to right it for me so I could share it with everyone!!!

Hi Goddess Angie

Thought You might enjoy this cheer.

My name is Jayla, I’m a whore;
I promise this: I’ll never bore!

My name is Jayla, I’m a slut,
so slide it in my hungry cunt!

My name is Jayla, I’m a bitch,
You’re beauty makes my clitty twitch.

My name is Jayla, I’m a tramp,
Put my nipples in some clamps.

My name is Jayla, I’ve got no class,
So do feel free to spank my ass!

My name is Jayla, I’m very horny,
I hope my cheer was not too corny!

Yay! Go Goddess Angie! Yay!


Cum Slut II

Come in my room, slut
I’m going to tie you up
While my friends and me watch
My little cum slut,beg!

I’m going to call you names
You fucking worthless whore
Your going to me my
Slut, whore and slutty little bitch
As I sit back and play with myself
Barking orders to you
On how to please my friends
Making you suck them off
And letting them cum all over you

Suck that cock
Push it down your throat
Rub those balls
Aww look at my slut
Taking it like the slutty sissy
You wish you can be
How nice it is to see you being used
You’re nothing more than
A nice fuck hole for the guys

Mmmmm…. look at the work of art
As I watch the cum run down
Your body you little slut
Beg for more let me hear u!!!!!!


Cum Slut

Cum slut, cum slut, cum slut mmmmmmmm…….
The words are like music to my ears
Sing to me Baby
Please shoot your cum all over me
I want to wear your cum
On my face, in my mouth,
Mmmmm… Baby you smell and taste so sweet
Cum on my breast, my clit
It’s so warm it feels so good
Shove your cock so deep in me
I love when you explode in me
And i can fell your warm cum overflow my insides
And run down my legs
Mmmmmm… my juices squirt all over
Just thinking about you.

We can even make it more exciting
By bringing your friends over
Let’s have them shower me with cum too
Oh, Baby jizz all over
Make me wear it
Around the house, in public, or where ever you see fit
Call me your cum slut, whore, or fuck hole
Yes Baby please
Let me prove my love to you
Parade me around
Showing the world
That I am yours and willing to do anything for you!!!!

Let me get down on my knees and beg you for it Please!!!
I really want your hot, sweet cum.


I love writing poems so I’m working on turning
my thoughts into poems so please enjoy the hot
and sizzling entries in my journal for you!!!!


As I lay here
in another man’s arms
feeling the intensity of his touch
with the hardening of my nipples
catching me off guard
and the moistening of my panties growing
also with the excitement of sharing all the intimate details
dancing through my head with you
I find it easy to watch the expressions on your face
knowing you only can dream of making me feel this way
you shudder with every moan I make
cry with every sound that fills the room
as he rams his long hard cock
deep in my moist, tight pussy
my body aches for more
and you wonder why
your head starts spinning
trying to learn by watching
but never getting it right
when we are alone
which makes me laugh
and you fall harder
trying to please me
where you know
you’ll never be able to.