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Age: 25
Cup Size: 34dd.25.36
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Likes: Deep throating a big cock, choking, spitting, slapping (ass slapping is a must), having my pussy licked, ass play, anal, pull my hair and tell me how much you like my tight wet pussy, threesomes, girl on girl, role-playing, having you worship my body, and taking what you want or I'll take what I want from you.
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Hi there I'm Ariel...
I'm a fresh face to yourdesires, but don't let that fool you it may be a fresh face but I enjoy getting it dirty.

Just think of my mouth around that cock gagging on it while it hits the back of my throat, spitting on your cock getting it nice and wet before having you fuck my nice tight wet pussy. Would you like to see your cum dripping from my mouth?

I enjoy fulfilling every man's fantasies along with my own.

One of my favorite fantasies is me laying in my bed late at night it's too hot to even wear my panties while I sleep, you come in the door and see me naked asleep and just waiting to be fucked, slowly you rub my thigh and then find my pussy already wet with anticipation, I wait for you to have your way with me just the way I like it, you whisper in my ear "do you want me to fuck that wet pussy?" I say with a little moan "yes please fuck me" then you grab my head and force my mouth on your hard cock, pulling my hair and forcing me to take it deeper and deeper in my throat making me gag and telling me to look at you and spit on your cock, you throw me on the bed and push your hard cock in my dripping wet pussy, you put your hand around my throat and ask me "you like that cock in your tight little pussy?" I scream out "yes! fuck me harder" That's just one of the many fantasies I enjoy.

You'll have to call me to find out more of my naughty fantasies, and I can't wait to hear yours.

I want you to worship my body kiss me all over but be rough with me too, spank me, bite me, pull my hair, pinch my nipples, get me so wet I'm begging for your cock. I need you to tell me what you want me to do or make me do it, control me or I'll just take the control and take what I want. I will make you lick my pussy until I say you can fuck me, make you ask permission before doing anything to me.

I love sex can't get enough of it. I especially love to please and give you all the pleasure you want, having a man tell me how much he loves my mouth around his cock makes me cum in my panties. Giving you pleasure gives me pleasure.

Do you want to cum and explore all your fantasies with me? I'm ready and waiting to chat with you. You can always e-mail me at or chat with me on both AOL and Yahoo at ArousingAriel, hope to explore with you soon!