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Likes: Toys, Stiletto's, A good hard fuck, and a boy who knows how to serve Me properly.
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I'm back... Again! I just can't stay away from YourDesires and the wonderful men I get to play with!

I started with YourDesires when I was 23. I was hot (as you can see from my picture above), horny, and ready to try anything kinky & everything sexual! I wanted to rule the world! I'm now in my mid-thirties. Still hot, still horny, but old enough to know exactly what I like, and how to get it! I may not rule the world, yet... but I definately know how to rule My men!!! In fact, many of the men that called me then, still call me to this day.

I'm a serious career woman during the day, but love to play in my free time. My time on the phone (although limited) is when I get to unwind, allowing the kinky bitch in me to cum out!

I'm back to playing from my own home sweet/kinky home... where I have all my lingerie and toys at my finger tips. Whatever play we decide to engage in, My personal sexual arsenal is at our disposal!! I know I'm not available as often as some would like, but I'm definitely worth the wait..

So with that said, I little about Me and My favorite things....

Leather corsets, sheer black stockings, stiletto heels, strap-ons, butt plugs, vibrators, and nipple clamps are but a small part of My collection. Would you like to be part of My collection as well? I am always looking for new 'jack-off boys' to entertain Me... Nothing makes Me happier than hearing you stroke your little cock while I make you bounce on that dildo like a bitch in heat. you will do as I say, when I say, no questions asked... Is that understood? Down on your knees, head to the floor. I want that ass high in the air. Worship My feet like a hungry man worships a feast. When I finally let you cum, IF I let you cum... you will thank Me for letting you serve, and beg to belong to Me.

Understand that there are many different facets to my BDSM tastes. I'm not always the strict Bitch. I love being a soft, seducing, sensual Domme as well. I can just as easily get a man to do what I want with a whisper as I can with a whip. For me, BDSM is more about the mental fuck and powerplay than the cliche roles that some portray or insist on. How our roles play out will depend on us and the dynamics we share.

I also enjoy nurturing the beautiful inner woman in My sissies. A man in panties (especially in MY panties) is a huge turn-on. I've enjoyed playing dress-up since I was a little girl, so I'm always excited to share my beauty and make-up tips with you. I love bringing out your secret feminine side and turning you into a femme fatal... or a sweet little slut. Together, anything is possible.

But for all, obedience, respect and servitude is required.

Understand that I do have my moments when I enjoy being a sexxxy little slut... every woman needs to lose control now and then. At times I enjoy playing the hungry little whore... Wet, wanton pussy ready to be fucked, tight ass ready to be violated, stretched, used. It doesn't happen often, but when it does... watch out! I love using My toys to get off with you.. Dildoes, vibrators, buttplugs.... I enjoy them all. There's nothing better than hot mutual masturbation and cumming together!!!

I am naughty by nature, sinful by design, and I like to play as hard as I cum. A Mistress of Fantasy, I enjoy spinning a tale of forbidden pleasure. Nothing is too taboo. I will take you into the land of fantasy, but be forewarned.. you may not want to return. I appreciate all that is pain and pleasure and worship all that is erotic. I ask that you do the same. Do you dare to enter the sensuous realm of Mz. Asia?

Call Me and let our imaginations take control. 360.412.8204 is the direct number to my bedroom.

You can get my weekly schedule by emailing or find Me on AIM or Yahoo at Asia4YourDesires. Hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. I do sell My panties to those who appreciate a woman's aroma and wetness. I promise that the connoisseur will not be disappointed. I also have plenty of used toys and other items that I would love for you to have for our next call.. just ask and one of them could be yours.. for a price, of course. Rest assured lover, My scent is worth every penny.

P.P.S I like to post hot moments and calls on my page. If you'd like to email me your thoughts about our call, or fantasies for another call I'd love to hear from you. Let me know if it's ok to post (names are never included in my posts). Only you and I will know who the story is about and we can get hot all over again with our little secret!!
Kisses, Lixxx, & Whips,