Asia’s Thoughts

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Asia’s Thoughts

I just got done doing a session with My favorite foot slave. I feel so
relaxed and at peace. He goes into sub space, I go into Domme space.
With all of the control I have over him (both mentally and physically) I
let go of the control I have over myself. With every command My stress
melts away. With every flick of the crop My muscles relax. As the
tension builds between my legs, the tension of the world washes away with
the wonderful waves of my orgasm.
Some nights I just can’t sleep… My mind and my body just won’t let me.
Until I bring myself to an explosive orgasm that is. With my hands
between my legs, my fingers deep in my cunt, thoughts of the last bitch I
fucked running through my head… until finally my body explodes into
little bitty pieces.. leaving me satiated and happy.. off to dreamland I
I can’t wait for My favorite sissy slave to come over tonight. I told her
to wear the sexxxiest outfit she could find, and I’m betting she won’t
dissapoint Me. (she’d better not!) I have all of My favorite toys,
including My big 9 inch black leather strap-on, waiting for her in My
dungeon. I’m wet just thinking about all of the deliciously naughty
things I’m going to do to her tonight!
Last night I decided to play a little game with My newest slave… a game
of chance. Whether the odds are in his favor or not is yet to be seen. I
started the night by having him lay naked beneath My feet while I read a
couple of chapters in My book and had My nightly glass of wine. He was
blindfolded, hands tied above his head, legs spread wide, nutt stretcher
in place. Using his body as My foot rest is so relaxing for Me, but oddly
enough, everytime I rub and massage My feet all over him he tends to get
so wound up! After an hour or so I was done relaxing and was
ready to get My game started.

I wrapped My feet around his cock and slowly started teasing him…
working him into quite a state of arousal. I told him that a Mistress
friend of Mine was in need of some new ideas to effectively discipline Her
submissive and I thought who better to ask than My very own. As he
started spouting off ideas I couldn’t help but grin. The more excited he
got, the more devious he thoughts became. Since he was blindfolded, he
couldn’t see me jotting down everything he said. Once I felt I had enough
“ammo” for the game I explained to him that we were going to be doing a
few things differently for awhile. He froze for a moment, I kept on
stroking his cock with My feet. I could tell he was getting close so I
slowed My strokes as I elaborated.

I told him how we were making a punishment box and laughed as I thanked
him kindly for supplying Me with all of the punishments it would hold. I
felt him tremble. I smiled as I let it be known that anytime I felt he
was out of line or needed to be reminded of his place he would be choosing
a card from the box ( And in a twisted way he would now be punishing
himself). I read off a few of the ‘ideas’ he had come up with. I saw his
cock twitch. I untied his hands and told him to stroke his own cock as I
explained that this was only the first part of this game. I decided it
was time, so I had him pull his knees to his chest, slid a large plug into
his ass and ordered him to cum. I can’t wait to see how this game plays
There’s nothing more satisfying than playing with a sub you’ve trained for
years…. I can feel his wants and needs as easily as I can hear him
breathe. I know how to push his limits infinitely in fantasy and frame
them to fit his reality. And in the end, his reality is to pleasure Me.
What a beautiful cycle!
We’d gone on a few dates, but tonight was the first night I planned to let
him stay over. After my bath, I meticulously rubbed every inch of my body
with lotion before dabbing perfume behind my ears, on my neck, wrists and
behind each knee. I then slid on each silky stocky hooking them to my
garter belt before I slid on my silky, black thong panties. I finished
the look with my favorite black corset and slipped on my 5 inch stiletto
heels. While standing in my closet deciding what to wear I couldn’t help
fantasizing about what I was going to do with him once I got him home…
I was running a mental check list through my mind to make sure I had out
everything I might need or want. Leather restraints, check. Blindfold,
check. Feather, calf skin flogger, crop, cat-o-nine tails, check. Lube,
butt plug, strap-on, check, check, check. Fuck, my panties were already
soaked and I hadn’t even gotten dressed yet. Shoving my fingers in my hot
hole, I couldn’t wait to turn that boys world upside down. And that’s
just what I did.
He’d waited all evening, kneeling face down in my pump, ass high in the
air… waiting to hear the sound of my keys in the door and the click of
My heels on the hardwood floor. As I entered the house I could feel his
anticipation, smell his desire, and it sent an electrical charge right to
my clit.

He was just as I’d left him. Without saying a word I leaned over, raking
my long nails over his ass cheeks before wrapping my hand tightly around
his balls and squeezing. As I pulled his balls harder, letting my nails
dig into his sack, I leaned in and whispered into his ear “Aren’t you
glad I’m home honey?”

And as My atomicsub readied himself to please his Mistress, I readied
Myself to put him through his paces, and in doing so please us both!
I know I’m only here one day a week.. but that one day of talking to My boy’s keeps Me hot and wet all week long!! I would be so bored at my banking job if I wasn’t thinking of that last call I did, My pussy sliding up and down his huge, hard cock while My butt plug was sealed up in his tight little ass. During My day job I often find Myself looking at the man cashing his check across the counter from Me… wondering how he would like having Me pound his ass? Or looking at the hot guy next in line and wishing he was pounding Mine!!! All these naughty thoughts get bottled up inside Me until My cunt is bursting and I can’t wait to cum back to YourDesires and let it all out. Will you be the ONE to get Me through the upcummng week?

I clicked on to view his web cam. There he was, naked and waiting for My instructions. I could see his cock was hard with anticipation… he didn’t have to wait long before he felt what I had in store for him .

My little slut was finally in chastity like he belonged. Gay porn was all he was allowed to view. Now it was a needed aid for him to become turned on. I knew what he was all along, what he needed to be, what he has become.

He started with his mouth upon my foot, moving his way up my calf.. my the apex of my legs. He brought me to a thunderous orgasm before slamming his hard 8 inch cock into my wet, welcoming cunt. I wanted him, needed him. He turned me onto my hands and knees, grabbing my long hair and using it like a handle, fucked me until I came again, begging him for more.

One of my favorite jack-off boys called today, and we had a blast. It’s always fun to cum up with new ways to get off! I enjoyed a hot steamy bath using my favorite purple dildo. Who ever said bath time can’t be fun?!

Thinking of being on the phone with you, makes my tight little pussy all wet with desire.