mistress celine is going on vacation

hello my darling slaves,

i’m packing my bags full of all my instruments of torture and best black dresses and heading to france with my beloved girlfriend. this will be my last couple of days here at your desires for a while, so you better call and tell me how much you will miss me and get some last minute doses of my sadism before i go…

we’ll be spending time with some of my dearest and most twisted friends in paris, and i can’t say if i will ever be convinced to leave there…

x’s, o’s & bright red bottoms,

mistress celine


sex with me

sex with me by rihanna is my new anthem. any of my callers can tell you it’s true. i want to hear you tell me why you think sex with me is so amazing. tell me what it is about me drives you crazy….



my nails are nice and long

let me scratch your back… as hard as you can take it. i love seeing my handiwork striped all over your back for days. <3


can you top my wild weekend??

last night i got tied up to a chair and fucked with a nice big reindeer hunting knife. sometimes dommes need to be tied up too… what did you get up to this weekend??


feeling knotty

i’ve been learning all kinds of new ties to keep my subs bound and vulnerable for me. one of my favorite playthings has long beautiful hair and i love tying it to her wrists so she can’t move any way without pulling her own hair… what’s your favorite way to get tied up??


my boots need polishing

my boots are filthy and need a good cleaning from a devoted slave. wouldn’t you love to kneel before such a perfect goddess and lick and polish my boots with your pathetic little tongue? my scent would permeate your nose and you debase yourself for me and i can just see how excited you are already…


ass workout with violet this morning

violet and i spent the morning working out at the gym together, doing weight lifting. we’re trying to get even stronger so we can start bench pressing you wimps. i’ve been working on my biceps and forearms so i can throw my bullwhip even faster and harder. but mostly we have been working on making our asses bigger and more powerful to crush you with when we’re riding your face or make you eat our perfect assholes all day long… yum! i so love working out with other dommes. <3


my gravestone…

will read, “horny as fuck in this cavern of doom.” what will yours say?!?!?! <3


fun leather-filled weekend

i took one of my pets to a puppy/master meet up this weekend at an infamous leather bar and we had such a lovely time. i had my boots polished by so many willing puppy tongues and we even got to take home another mistress and her puppy to our dungeon… what filth!


tease and denial

i’ve been learning some fun new tease and denial games that’ll get your cock throbbing for me, completely under my control and perhaps a little bit of pure chance. think you can handle it? call me and see. i’m getting so turned on just thinking about the power i could have over you…