Cum all over

I want to lick it…

I want to drink it…

I want it so deep in my pussy it will be dripping out for days…

I want it all over my perky little breasts…

I want it all over my lower back…

I want it deep in my ass…

Please Cum all over me.


Sleepy Saturday morning

Cum and wake me up, with a nice hard cock sliding between my thighs. Let me wake you up with soft kisses down your chest, until i find that morning wood. Let me relieve it for you. Just give me a call <3


Almost time to get off…

It’s almost time to get off work, I want to hear you get off in another way too, please call, and help me join you in getting off.. <3 Wither you are my Daddy, Brother, or just you I can’t wait to hear…


I can hear her begging…

I told Madison to keep playing with that sweet tight little pussy until someone gives us a call… Anyone want to either help that little pussy shine or maybe even e4d her a bit more? I want to hear your thoughts… Call us.


Oh! Miss Laura!!

I am so happy Miss Laura is here!! I was starting to think only Perci would get to use me today! Any one want to help with 2 girl conundrum?


C A L L I N G Me!!!

C A L L I N G now, You’re calling me
Calling me now
C A L L I N G now, You’re calling me
Calling me now

Ooo, ooo, ooo, oh

Why don’t you pick up the phone?
All my love is running down the line
I will whisper sweet words
Operator, all you have to do
Is connect me
I am waiting for it
Help me, I am waiting to be…..

Aqua – Calling You


Such a sweet sound…

I can hear Zivia and Madison, the sounds of their juicy wet cunts sliding along each other, is one naughty sound… Mmmmh, i think i may have to join in… anyone else want to find out what a four way would feel like?


All quiet in the house…

The only reason it is so quiet, is I have a nice cock gag in Madison’s mouth. She is screaming around it while I take her from behind… She feels so amazing, anyone want to join us?



I can hear Madison spanking Zivia all they way outside!! They are having one hell of a time! I so want to be on in on that! Any men want to take her place? Or maybe be bent over while the three of us smack that begging ass!?


Damn! That girl can SPANK!!

I have a few red marks on my ass!! Perci YOU are amazing with that flogger!!! Call us boys, I will scream if you want me to! You have to hear how well she slaps with those amazing hands, or flogger!!!