hot n bothered in the garden :)

Fall is coming and the leaves are turning orange, it’s so beautiful!
I love rolling around in big piles of them, my dark hair whipping around
my jovial laughter echoing in the crisp air
stems lightly teasing my nipples, hard in the cool breeze
there’s beautiful blue skies here in the garden
makes me tingle when I think about playing beneath them :)

It’s starting to get chilly out, wanna heat things up? tie you to the fence with my scarf?

Drip hot wax on your goose-bumped body? Fill your mouth with my sweet hot honey?

Bury myself in leaves then you can bury your cock in me?

let’s find out ;)


Here and ready to play!

Hi all, I’m Layla! Being new to YourDesires is an exciting and titillating experience that I can’t wait to explore with you!
There’s not much I love more than wild, hot fun.
Putting boys in their place and whipping them into submission? My pleasure!
What can we come up with? What deep fantasies and hungers do you have roaring in your sex?
Let’s find out :)

find me on Trillian under longingforlayla or send me an e-mail at !!