Last Slutty Weekend

It’s my last saturday here at YD,

My schedule has changed so now I will be hot and ready for you on:

tuesdays 10pm-10am

wednesdays:10 pm-10am

thursdays:10pm – 10am



Let’s have our last weekend playtime today!


Little Slut Maria

For the month and a half that I’ve been at YD I hadn’t had a lot of two girl calls until this week…And I guess you can say I’m addicted to fucking these sluts.

They are definitely breaking me in, letting me know and treating me like the whore that I am.

There’s nothing like feeling a tongue on my clit while listening to you jack off. Or feeling your throbbing cock in my ass while I’m eating someone out. Mmmm…. I would love to continue to get to know these ladies better….Maybe you can help me out?


I’ve been a bad girl…

I’ve been  breaking boys just because I can….


Maybe I need to be punished,

or maybe I should just keep being bad.


Let’s find out who’s the master,

and who needs a good spanking.



Show me the ropes!

Hi there!

I’m the new girl! I’m excited and anticipating your call.

Maybe you have something to teach me? or maybe I can teach you a couple things.

I’ll be wet and waiting for your cock!


xo Maria