Greetings, minions

Yes, it is I, Mistress Perci, here on a wet, gray Saturday. Why don’t you call and I’ll warm both of us up with some hot naughty fun?


Welcome to my dungeon

Welcome, one and all, to my dungeon. This is a friendly place, if “covered in whips and chains” can be described as friendly.

The furniture is comfortable, well-padded and built to support a wide variety of bodies, in all shapes and sizes.

Won’t you come in and rest a spell?


Greetings, minions!

The queen of hell is back and more sadistic than ever! I’m here until 9pm Pacific time, so call me and I’ll put you into the proper amount of misery.


They ask me…

They ask me what I’m good at, on my hot xxx phone sex calls. Everything, really. I sub,  I domme, it all varies on what you want.

But what I deeply, incredibly adore is getting a hot guy all naked on the phone, tying him up, and then making him scream in pleasure while I torment him!

To get this yourself, just give me a call!


Whips and chains

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But chains and whips excite me

You know she’s got it down. I’ve got whips, I’ve got chains… and I’ve got me. Will I have you too? Someone to throw a flogger on, or practice the singletail with? Will I get to chain you up (or down) and do all sorts of evil things with you?

Call me for some epic sex on the phone and I’ll make it well worth your while.


Happy Happy Friday!

And Friday means fucking! Come join me in my epic lovefest with the other girls and the ones in our imagination, and we’ll have an orgy to remember.

Call me now for some XXX hot phone sex and that orgy will be in your mind for weeks!


Come trance with me

Sitting here listening to some lovely trance music and I realized… I’m in the mood to throw someone in a trance and do nasty things to them. Come talk with me, I’ll take you down and then flog you, or tease you, deny you, take you to the highest ecstasy you’ve ever known…! Give me a call, we’ll go places you never knew existed.


Tanned and hot

That’s right, peons… I’m back from my trip! I had a lovely time, and now I’m tanned and ready to get back into the swing of things… literally and figuratively. The pattern of the days, the swing of my arm as I beat your ass… let’s get at it! I’m here until 6p Pacific Time, so call me now!


A temporary farewell

That’s right, a farewell. But not forever!

I’m going on a bachelorette road trip and will be back on the 11th of March. Be good until then, my lovely little subbies, and I will see you when I return!



It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you like to feel my lips around your cock, as you serve me? Pleasure me to my standards and you just might feel my mouth on your aching cock.

Wouldn’t you like to experience that? Call me and have the hottest phone sex you could imagine!